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Flying Boats & Sea Planes

Boats that Fly

I suppose it was only natural that man would look to turning boat forms into machines that could fly and while this amazing engineering was going on there was produced some really awesome machines both for wartime and in peacetime, the flying boat was the real luxury way to go as regards expensive travel in the days before the mass transportation of passengers by jet plane.

Flying Boats


Flying Boat or Sea Plane

While a flying boat was just that a boat form that took off from water and landed back on water complete with the lower form of a ship or boat, a Sea Plane was in general a plane that could take off from water or land, equipped with floats in place of wheels, although some also had wheels retracted inside of the floats which is just very ingenious as far as I can make out.

A flying boat could not land on the land, and was only built to land and take off from water while the sea plan could be adapted for one or the other.

Sea Plane Development

The development of sea planes through the advent of the racing competition the Snyder Trophy was known and competed by the main participating country's and would also lead to one of the most famous and perhaps best design for a fighter aircraft ever achieved in the final shape of the Spitfire, which traced pedigree back through the self same designer, and what ended as the world speed champion sea plan was carried forward into the famous single seat fighter the Spitfire. Designed by R.J. Mitchell and build by the "supermarine" company.

SuperMarine S.5


Sunderland Flying Boat


Clipper Planes

The main plane builders all competed to grab a larger share of the Flying Boat market which was the fore-runner of the established airline routes that we know today, the only way for airlines to carry passengers at the beginning of the industry was by flying boat in what became known as Clipper Fleets of Flying Boats.

Tandem Flying Boats


Flying Boat with Sea Plane

This is a flying boat with a sea plane on top as a tandem connection which could enable the attached sea plan to reach far further than any one of the flying machines on its own.

Boeing Flying Boat


Marshall Mars Flying Boat


Large Flying Machines

Some of the Flying Boats were truly large and with the advent of World War Two they would become larger still and used by all side during the conflict.

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