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Finland, Sweden Apply to Join Nato and Sign Their Death Warrant

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The author is a senior Air Warrior and military and political analyst as well as being a graduate of the DSSC war college.



Momentous developments have taken place and to my mind, it appears that we are moving closer and closer to the third world war. it's looking ominous. I do recollect that Europe was the playground of two world wars in the last century and it appears the epicenter of WW3 will again be Europe.

As it stands the Russian leader Vladimir Putin is cornered and his reactions could be irrational.. I do recollect reading a statement by the French president Macron where he had cautioned the western powers not to humiliate Putin because that could unleash dangerous consequences. But that's precisely what's happening. nobody seems to really understand that Russia is a nuclear power and Putin is not going to lose. he can't show face to the world if Russia loses; he's got to win at least show, that he's gained something. That is the case, what next? but the next is being decided by the western powers The Anglo-Saxons sitting at the back and manuplating.

We have the news that Finland and Sweden want to join NATO. This is a dangerous development. A look back in history to1992, when the Soviet Union broke up, an assurance was given by the Americans that NATO will not expand eastwards. It was accepted that the security of Russia would be respected but nothing was given in writing. The Americans are very clever; they don't write anything and just within seven years in 1998, Bill Clinton started expanding NATO eastwards. Why? they wanted to make Russia the enemy and create a raisin d'etre for the alliance(NATO).

The Russians were worried but they were not a power to reckon with at that time. The coming of Putin started the buildup of Russian power. He wanted a security guarantee but the Americans are not ready to give anything in writing. On the contrary, they wanted Ukraine in NATO. Now Finland which has been neutral for decades wants to join NATO and the same thing goes for Sweden. Both these countries are very small countries, and the world is not really bothered about Finland or even Sweden. Most people in SE Asia relate Sweden only to the Swedish actress Bo Derek

I don't think anybody is interested in Sweden in Southeast Asia but the world is interested when these countries do certain acts that may lead to a world war.

NATO- road to Destruction

Finland and Sweden are aware that once they join NATO, they will antagonize the Russian bear. Russia is the biggest nuclear power in the world. It's got a bigger nuclear arsenal than the Americans with state of art bombs, missiles, and the latest weaponry. I am sure that if Putin is pushed to the wall, he will use them. I don't think this simple home truth is going into the brains of the western leaders. I recently had a letter from a friend in Switzerland and she wrote to me that people are perturbed by the actions of their leaders who are leading them to destruction.

The leaders of Finland and Sweden do not know they are playing with fire that could lead to the destruction of the Western civilization. I feel sad if the Western civilization is destroyed, a civilization that traces its heritage to the Greek and the Roman empires and even the British who colonized the world.

If you want to sustain anything, you've got to live and let live. You have to accept the Russians, as these nations cannot finish Russia, as it is a nuclear power and the biggest country in Europe and it has the backing of China

Joe Biden and his sidekick Boris Johnson are very short-sighted. They think they'll be able to pressurize Russia by economic sanctions but it's not going to work. The Russian economy is resilient and they've already survived, the Rouble has bounced back. The Russians have got their economic advisers; they know how to deal with the western world which has to accept payment in Rouble for the gas and the oil they were buying.

The two countries in Europe that are desperate are Poland and Bulgaria. Their gas has been stopped and they are in any case of no consequence. They don't realize that they had never been great powers in the world earlier and even now just becoming a member of NATO is not going to help them. American soldiers are not going to come and fight for them. Even Taiwan knows Americans, other than their aircraft carriers moving here and there are not going to win any war.

You need the infantry soldier on the ground, the man to hold the field, and no less a man than Field Marshal Montgomery, deputy commander of the Allies in the Second World War had said you can't win a battle without the infantry. How do you win? you need the soldier to take control of the land and that is the biggest flaw in the western military thinking.

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Recently NATO held an exercise in Norway; a lot of fanfare, tanks, this thing that thing but to what use? the manpower is so limited and if you're going to use nuclear weapons the western world is going to be wiped out.

England just five nuclear bombs, Finland four nuclear bombs- thermonuclear bombs and all will be over. France is playing its cards very adroitly, Macron is a wise man, he knows the danger of antagonizing Putin. The smaller countries of Europe are what I'm worried about Belgium, Bulgaria, and Romania because they don't know that the end is in sight, if they continue on this path.

Last word

Most of these small nations think that the Americans are going to come and help them. This is not going to happen; they tried economic sanctions on Russia but these haven't worked. India has not accepted them and is buying oil from Russia, and coal from Russia. India is having trade with Russia and buying weapons as well. China is doing something similar but on a greater scale.

It means half of humanity is almost on the side of the Russians. If someone thinks that small countries of Europe are going to dominate the world, all I can say is,' no way'.

The Americans and Scandinavians need to be realistic and not live in a dream world. The colonial age is over; it doesn't exist now like the time the British could send a gun boat to Zanzibar and win a battle inside three minutes.

It's all over, it doesn't exist now. The British have been reduced from Great Britain to Little Britain and I'm talking only of England which is the mother country of Great Britain. England is going to be wiped out because Johnson is playing with fire. The same goes for the Scandinavian nations who will simply cease to exist on the world map.

The leaders of Finland and Sweden don't know what they are doing. They're thinking NATO is going to send ground troops and fight for them and once they join NATO the Russians will give up and throw the towel.. Nothing like this is going to happen.

Russia has its security problems and they want them solved. Russia is a very big country and the western powers must realize hat it's better to live and let live. I remember the James Bond movie with the theme live and let die. Unfortunately, it will be the Swedes and Finns who will die.

The application of Finland and Sweden to join NATO is like signing their death warrant. I don't know whether the prime minister and the leaders understand.

Zelensky has already destroyed the country. He's thinking he's a great hero but he's not. There's such a lot of misery in Ukraine, 5 million refugees, the granary of Europe finished, so many dead and they lost 20- 25 of their territory. Major cities have been occupied. What's the use? what have they gained? the situation is very grim and I'm pretty sure we are coming to the last page. If there is some semblance of reason in the leadership of the anglo-Saxons, they will not accept the applications of Finland and Sweden to join NATO, nor ever admit Ukraine.

Lastly, Finland and Sweden must beware, as well as the small countries of Europe that the United States is not going to send troops to hold the ground against Russians. It will never happen and they will just use the small countries as Cannon fodder. I hope sanity prevails because that is something that is lacking in the Anglo-Saxon powers who are heading towards the destruction of a very ancient civilization.

© 2022 MG Singh

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