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Fighting Putin from the Sidelines in Ukraine

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Russian troops landing from the Black Sea

Russian troops landing from the Black Sea

In English, the sign roughly is, "go Eff yourself"

In English, the sign roughly is, "go Eff yourself"

The Russian advance after 5 days

The Russian advance after 5 days

The turning point is fast approaching for the West, specifically, NATO and the USA. It will test the will and strength of them to save Ukraine from destruction. As President Zelensky has said, show Ukraine you are willing to take some dangerous action of your own to deter Putin. All the words and inaction are safe and cheap when what is needed are guts. A willingness to risk to save a country that has been invaded while NATO sits on the border watching.

The worst thing President Biden has done was to promise to Putin NOT to use American assets within Ukraine. How stupid can POTUS be? That is the one Ace he has to keep Putin in check with the unknown. Biden basically handed over Ukraine because to that moment Biden promised that, Putin was not sure how America would react. Biden gave Putin the green light.

After five days of watching Russia stumble around against valiant Ukrainian resistance that even shocked Putin, Russia is now getting ready to literally crush those in Kiev and Kharkov. There is nothing preventing the slaughter and destruction of these cities.

America, NATO, how can you just sit and watch from the sidelines? This IS the Popeye moment.

What is the Popeye Moment?

Many of us recall the most popular cartoon, Popeye. As a kid, it was my favorite. Popeye's nemesis was always Brutus, who was always causing problems. Cartoons are usually fun affairs because the audience are kids but in one famous episode, Brutus and Popeye were fighting and the latter, my hero, was literally getting pounded by Brutus. Popeye tried to pull out his magic strength, a can of spinach, but Brutus prevented him from consuming it. Popeye tried another can while be choked, but Brutus stopped him. As a kid in the theater, this was very emotional. I was so angry at Brutus. It was then, the most memorable cartoon moment happened. As Popeye was getting beaten, he looked into camera and audience and pleaded in a dire situation:

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"Is there anyone in the house with a can of spinach"!? "Anyone!?"

This was extremely emotional. In the cartoon, there was a kid off screen who yelled back, "Popeye, I have a can a spinach"! That can of spinach appeared landing in Popeye's hand, he quickly broke the can open and guzzled it. Suddenly, his muscles grew, and Brutus felt the wrath of Popeye.

THIS IS UKRAINE'S POPEYE MOMENT. They are pleading with the West. They are asking one last time for REAL help, their spinach in some form of a no-fly zone or some type of intervention before the demise.

Biden's Response

Biden created the dilemma he now faces by stating NATO or American military will not enter Ukraine. His sanctions are still too weak:

  • Only 5 out of the 300 Russian banks have been cut off SWIFT!
  • America still is buying 500,000 barrels of oil from Russia!
  • The sanctions imposed have not been directed at Russia's most important industry- their oil and natural gas production!

What is Biden thinking? At least, cut off all Russian banks from SWIFT. And why is America still buying oil from them? We have plenty of oil and natural gas to export. The sanctions will only be impactful in several weeks when the impact on the war needs to be now, not later. By the time weeks have passed, Putin will have crushed Ukraine and it will be Biden's disaster, even worse than Afghanistan.

While all the Stingers and Javelins are helpful from NATO, it is a little too late. Only a trickle of them will get through the on the ground from Poland, Hungary. They cannot be airlifted in, but maybe airdropped, if the West is bold enough. Even the ground approach will soon be cut off by Russian forces (5000 men) who will descend from Belarus to Lviv, the only city not yet hit by many rockets and close to the Polish border. Is NATO simply going to allow the Russians to cutoff Lviv and watch its destruction 20 miles away?

When is NATO or the USA going to not play it safe and risk their reputations to halt Russia in Ukraine? This IS their fight! It is time to risk! Some kind of bold, risky, move needs to come in some form of intervention, however, small and symbolic. Why is NATO and the USA so timid with Russia?

It is time for a face-off, otherwise, Putin will try the same in the Baltics and maybe even Poland.

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