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February 2022 World News Diary.

Beijing 2022 World Winter Olympics

Winter Olympic photo of one of the ceremony in Beijing. I believe that the Olympic games were used in the past, to satisfy man need to compete. So, instead of deadly combat,  people challenged themselves, who was the best at doing other things.

Winter Olympic photo of one of the ceremony in Beijing. I believe that the Olympic games were used in the past, to satisfy man need to compete. So, instead of deadly combat, people challenged themselves, who was the best at doing other things.

The 2022 Winter Olympics report, my diary.

Welcome to our February 2022 world news diary. (a121)

Dear readers, this month of February 2022, there are several things going on, so, it is hard to know where to start, it is just like other times, there is still a lot of COVID19 to talk about, and many other things to worry about, but we want to forget about our worries for a moment. So, let us first look at the Winter Olympiad in Beijing China, then we will talk about the rest of the world, and many problems around us. Anyhow, hereunder is a list of events and links taken from the internet about the winter Olympics at starting time. (And I quote)

Five ice events will be held at the Olympic Green, the Capital Indoor Stadium and the Beijing Wukesong Sports Center, which were some of the main venues of the 2008 Summer Olympics.[citation needed] The Big Air snowboarding and freestyle skiing events will be held in a former industrial area in Shijingshan District, at Western Hills area.[16] Since the end of 2009, the Beijing Olympic Village apartments on the Olympic Green have been transformed into a residential area. Therefore, there was a need to build another Olympic Village on a smaller scale for the Winter Olympics. These new buildings are located in the southern area of Olympic Green on the neighbour area of the National Olympic Sports Center.[17]

(End of first quote). Hereunder we will continue our comments and the medal tally to see how most countries went overall. We want to keep this record for ourselves for later.

Now let us look at the medal tally

First. Norway, 16 gold, 8 silver, 13 bronze = 37, first overall.

Second. Germany 12 gold, 10 silver, 5 bronze =27, third overall.

Third. P. R. China 9 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze =15, eleventh overall.

Fourth. U S A. 8 gold, 10 silver, 7 bronze =25, fifth overall.

Fifth. Sweden 8 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze =18, sixth overall.

Sixth. Netherlands 8 gold, 5 silver, 4 bronze =17, ninth overall.

Seventh. Austria 7 gold, 7 silver, 4 bronze =18, sixth overall.

Eighth. Switzerland 7 gold, 2 silver, 5 bronze =14, twelfth overall.

Nineth. ROC 6 gold, 12 silver 14 bronze =32, second overall.

Tenth. France 5 gold, 7silver, 2 bronze =14, twelfth overall.

11th. Canada 4 gold, 8 silver, 14 bronze =26, thirteenth overall.

12th. Japan 3 gold, 6 silver, 9 bronze =18 fourteenth overall.

13th. Italy 2 gold, 7 silver, 8 bronze =17 nineth overall.

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14th. R. Korea 2 gold, 5 silver, 2 bronze =9, fourteenth overall.

15th. Slovenia 2gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze =7, sixteenth overall.

16th. Finland 2 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze =8, fifteenth overall.

17th. NZ 2 gold, 1 silver, nil bronze, =3, eighteenth overall.

18th Australia 1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze =4 seventeenth overall.

19th. G. Britain 1 gold 1 silver, nil bronze =2 twentieth overall.


This is the list of medals that interests me most, now we can go back to talk about Covid19 and the rest of the world trouble.

Now let us talk about the COVID19

In the entire world including Australia, is having problems with the covid19, because it mutates and change name, but it is still the same old thing, it makes people sick and some of them die, the people in charge do what they can to advise us what to do, it helps, but it does not solve the problem entirely, so, we are all waiting to see what is going to happen next.

Anyhow, I believe that the entire world wishes that this disease disappears, so, we are all praying and hoping we can go back to a normal life during this year.

Anyhow, in Queensland at the end of February 2022 we have 560,000 positive, and 530 deaths.

In Australia we have 3,190,000 positive and 5,160 deaths.

In the world we have 432 million positive and 5,929,000 deaths.

The authorities are talking to us, saying that people that are vaccinated are less likely to die, so, they are saying get vaccinated, but not everybody does.

Anyhow, I believe that it is up to the individual to get vaccinated, and this freedom should be coming our way.

Now let us look at what other important things that are happening in the world, that may worry the entire world.


The people of Kyiv Ukraine in subway stations

Today this war is terrible, these things should not happen anymore, why they do not talk it over. We in the western world, wonder why Putin wants to occupy Ukraine, and what is the reason, because we do not see any valid reason to occupy it.

Today this war is terrible, these things should not happen anymore, why they do not talk it over. We in the western world, wonder why Putin wants to occupy Ukraine, and what is the reason, because we do not see any valid reason to occupy it.

What is going on in Ukraine now.

This is February 2022, and they are talking about war between Russia and Ukraine, again. Now, this issue has been going on for a while, and we hope that it does not happen, because in today’s wars there are no winners. Anyhow, a few days ago seemed that the French president Macron had talked to Putin, and all was going to be well, but today it is still going on.

As Russia continues to move troops and equipment to the border, many Ukrainians have started to prepare for the worst.

Some are taking up arms and joining territorial defence forces, others are packing emergency bags, and a few have started to familiarise themselves with the city's bomb shelters.

The Kyiv City Council recently updated a map showing people where to find their nearest shelters in the event of an assault. (End of this quote).

Anyhow, Putin has ordered his troops to move into these two regions of Ukraine, saying that they are there to keep peace, but the entire world wonders what else is Putin up to, so, we are all waiting to see what happens next, which very likely is going to expand and occupy the entire nation of Ukraine, and what will happen then, nobody knows.

Anyhow, just as we thought, Putin is going to invade Ukraine, this is the report on the Internet, (And I quote)

Russian President Vladimir Putin authorised what he called a special military operation in the Donbas region but within minutes bombing was heard in the capital Kyiv.

At least four other cities have come under heavy shelling including the city of Kharkiv in the northeast, Mariupol in the southeast and in Odessa.

Russia’s defence ministry also claims the assault “neutralised” Ukraine's airbases and air defences, destroying 74 military ground facilities, including 11 airfields.

Dozens of people have been killed and hospitals are among the locations being targeted. (End of quote)

This happened a few days ago, so, after moving in these two regions easily, because there were a lot of pro-Russian people in them, since then Putin forces are trying to occupy Ukraine starting with Kyiv. But the people in Kyiv do not like the Russians, so, there is a lot of resistance, So, we must wait and see what happens next. But whatever happens it is going to be easy for both sides, you see wars are a disaster whichever way you see them, and Putin could have avoided this war, since I do not even know why Putin wants to occupy Ukraine, when he is not wanted. So, if the outcome of this war, makes Putin a less liked leader than he was before, that is what he deserves, because that war is a mistake, today the will of the people should be respected.

What the wars do to humanity.

What wars bring about is only disaster, to the people of the region where the war happens, and to the soldiers that are forced to fight the war. It is a well-known fact that most soldiers are affected adversely for the rest of their lives, some of them even commit suicide. Now let us see what is happening to one of the supposed to be best solders, Ben Roberts Smith.

The gravest question lying at the heart of the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial is whether the once universally lauded former soldier committed or enabled war crimes during his service in Afghanistan.

That question loomed ever larger over the hearings this week as a third military witness, Person 16, entered the witness box on Friday morning to join two previous SAS witnesses, Person 41 and Person 14, in levelling damning accusations at the Victoria-Cross recipient.


Now, looking at what is happening to Ben Robert Smith, we must admit that wars are the worst thing that humanity can ever do, there are no winners, people will get killed during the war, and those that survive must live with what has been done. All this makes me think that nobody should ever want to be a soldier, because it is the hardest thing one can ever do, soldiers risk their lives, so, when they are under stress, they can make mistakes. Now, to understand what I want to convey here. Humanity must learn how to avoid wars, because wars do not bring benefit to anyone, they only bring death and despair to whoever takes part in them, as you can see from what we have written above, that even the best soldiers will suffer one way or another. So, they must be avoided, may God help humanity to achieve that. This is all I can say now.

Talking about the weather

Today is the 27th of February 2022, I start wondering what has happened to the weather, in Brisbane it has been raining for a very long time, in fact for the last four days and three nights it has been raining no stop. In Queensland 6 people have lost their lives in the floods so far, it is very sad, it almost makes me cry, when they tell you that this lady volunteers to help other people, but somehow, she fell into the water and was carried away from the current and died. Today of TV some channels are continually talking about the flood, there is a lot of damage everywhere.

What we can ask here, is the weather changing because of the global warming? So, in a way we are causing these extreme weather events. If that is the case, then we must start thinking how that can be fixed.

Anyhow this diary article is becoming too long, so I better stop writing it. See you soon.

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