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Fear Is The Tactic of the Powerless

Caston George is a 10-year veteran political professional and former politician, accomplished writer, researcher, author, and archivist.


"I shall go down to their hell, unaffrightened, and shall impose my will for a law upon them.'


Fear is a terrible bane.

In Scripture Divine and Holy, fear is in the very blood that runs through the veins of the tyrant of Hell.

This fear is not the Holy Fear of God, which we might better describe as Reverence.

Far from Reverence, this Fear is inherently antagonistic.

In some branches of Esotericism, it is thought of as an offspring of Evil, as its father, and the Abyss, which is its mother.

In other spiritualities and praxes, it is capable of becoming an entity in and of itself, birthed from the fears of men and other creatures; intelligent, suspicious, and can wreak damage incorporeally or corporeally; incarnate or disincarnate; in the several realms spiritual, as well as in the ethereal, astral, mental, infernal and material.

I do not believe in racism as the root of the issue which currently confronts; nor is the issue’s true perpetrators racists; and certainly not any race of men under God upon this earth are inherently racist by their nature.

Even the greed and antipathy that saw slavery in the American south has its parentage not in racism, but in a more vast and terrible evil.

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What I understand them to suffer under is the tyranny of fear.


Whether it is fear of that which is not understood, or the equally disturbing fear of that which in fact is understood, fear is a powerful force.

Fear can reverberate and resonate loudly and across eras, generations, and knows no limitation of distance.

Fear is an attractive tool, or weapon, on the part of the wicked, or the not-so-wicked; even the well-intentioned man can be tempted to use fear to divide, exploit, or gain, or accomplish to achieve what he believes are ends that are good enough that they justify the use of fear as the means to attain them.

As for Power, in a greater sense, in truth, the most important sense of the word: Fear is the equivalent of a quick and cheap method to achieve potent results fast, whether you’re speaking about political power or private power, personal power or public power, supernatural power or common mental power.

All fear relates to Power, but, not all fear is Power itself; and certainly not all Power is fear.

But make no mistake about it, it is not the sight or presence of any race of man that makes police officers shoot them unarmed in the street, it is fear.

It is fear that increases the heart rate, itches the finger that quivers as it rests upon the as-yet-unpulled trigger.

It is fear that causes mobs of lynchers; and it is fear that causes mobs of protestors in the wake of those lynchings.

Fear often marries itself to anger; and anger, which can at times be righteous, is susceptible to provocation and amplification from its new unvirtuous spouse.

And then Anger becomes Wrath; and soon whatever righteousness that that anger had previously had is then purged, and the darkness of Fear infects it beyond its ability to pull itself back from, and before you can say Bob’s your uncle, it is plunged off of the precipice into the abyss.

And that is where racism is born; whether it is open and flagrant or closeted, maybe even subconsciously planted from whatever nurturing or experience planted it there, racism is the offspring of Fear.

It is that fear which births the racism of white persons like this man, who uses the ugliest word in the English language; a word that I was taught was not a word that should be said by any man of nobility or even mere common decency, because it makes the speaker of it ugly in appearance and in soul for having spoken it; it has never been part of my vocabulary.

It is that fear which causes people to walk on eggshells, no matter what race they happen to be in the skin of, interacting with another person who, whether in a skin of that race or another, takes or may take offence to even benign commentary, though nothing racial was intended.

And as we have said that Wrath is the evolution of fear married with righteous anger, it is that person’s Wrath that often reacts to the initial speaker, and seeks to punish him for his trespass, regardless of his intent.

Soon he loses his job or his livelihood for the crime of a misunderstanding, whether on his own part, or the part of the offended party, because the latter allows that Wrath to seize their good senses.

It is that fear which causes police officers to “switch an internal toggle,” as a friend of mine, and a Latino-American of Mexican lineage, and social worker who works with at-risk and homeless LGBT youth, said to me in casual conversation two nights previous to this writing; “it’s conditioning,” and a conditioned response, he said, “that comes from an institutionalized culture” of racism — “it is not the military or private security,” where this culture is found, “and it is not from the state police [in the United States] or the national guard, it is from local police departments."

He told me, saying that, “they’re taught unofficially by other officers language, stories [which may or may not be true when told], and by their example, that they are more likely to be in danger of being fired upon by darker people than whiter people,” and that “that makes them quicker to reach for a trigger,” when they deal and interact with people of one race more than they do people of another race.

He added that, coupled with the Fear instilled in these officers’ subconscious minds from family or from less than culturally tolerant friends or other influencing factors in their pasts, “that fear attains a latency, and that latency becomes an underthought, and that underthought influences unconscious and instinctual reactions,” —  ergo, fear underlies the impulsivity that causes a trigger to be pulled before the higher thoughts and conscious deliberative processes have completed assessing a situation, stimulated by, you guessed it, fear.

It is that fear which also births the racism of Marley K., the author of, ‘Yes, All White People Are Racist’: In it she opens her piece with this sentence is: “I need white people to understand that all white people are racist” — and in case you thought this might have been a clever anecdotal exercise in irony, she drives the non-ironic literalistic point yet further.

“[White people must] admit it, and let’s move onto the business of repairing and healing the country” — and dismissing even the notion that any white person to the contrary could exist Marley K’s myopic and obviously, definitionally racist viewpoint (that is to say, her viewpoint embodying the actual dictionary, textbook defintion of what would be considered to be a racist statement) it leaves one to wonder whether or not she is being ironic, not being ironic, or if her unintentionally-ironic non-irony is the real irony here, for alas, just in case you didn’t get her ironic non-ironic racist point to begin with she goes yet even further with a third repetition: “yes my dears, all White people are racists. All. Of. Them.”

And what a confession, what an admission!

Wherefrom does such an approach come?

And if her goal is to “heal” anything, as she claims it is, instead of demanding confessions of guilt from her readers first thing out of the gate, before nary a thought elsewise could even be thought, as would a Salem sheriff storming into a witch trial in 1693, with his finger pointed in determined judgement at the ̶a̶c̶c̶u̶s̶e̶d̶ guilty witch before he even knew what her name or even the nature of her accusation was.

Perhaps it might be prudent, and more productive to her stated goal, for the esteemed and honourable Marley K to re-examine her approach; suffice it to say, it, ah… strikes the wrong note and is counterproductive to her stated intention.

No, Madam, not all white people are racists — but you certainly are; tell me, why must I, as you demand, as a white man confess a sin I do not commit, for a sin of mind that I do not think, a sin of emotion that I do not feel?

Why must I admit guilt for positions I do not hold, nor opinions I have never, veritably, in my life ever felt?

Because I’m white?

Why must I confess to a crime I did not commit?

That you accuse me of before knowing me?

Before knowing my name, or anything about me, or my experiences, my life, my philosophy, my principles, my character, or the first thing about me?

Why must I confess to being a racist because I’m white? How have you found me guilty of racism?

Tell me, what have I done to offend you so, to the point that you judge an entire group of persons and paint them all with the same absurdly large brush, based on the colour of the skin they walk around in?

You see, I was always taught that that was something called racism. And I was always taught that racism is always wrong, across the board. Period.

How do I see the world, you ask?

Well, it is so that you, Marley K, as well as all of you dear readers, are beings of mother fucking Light walking around in rental cars of flesh and bone and blood.

There is a part of you that is Immortal and will live forever. However, it is the rental car of flesh and bone that you walk around in, whatever colour it may be, that is, at least for most of you, only temporary.

Because most of you will eventually find that your rental cars of flesh age, break down, and eventually die; remember, please that no one in their right mind gives that much of a rat’s — or anyone’s — ass about what colour the rental car they drive around in happens to be .

Because it’s not the rental car, but the driver that matters.

Moving swiftly on and back to the point.

It is fear, perhaps through her experiences with white persons, that is at the heart of Marley K’s pitiable racial prejudices, which reduces man to the simplest of creatures by the natural conclusion it draws when followed through, that man is the product of whatever arbitrarily pre-determined segment of civilisation he was born into, determined by a millimetre’s thickness of his dermis and epidermis; and man, lacking apparently any notion of self, self-consciousness, self-awareness, or self-determination, or the ability to reason, feel, or think for himself beyond or outside the parametres of the circumstances of his birth, or beyond the nurture of his environment, is more sheep than human, subject to indomitable groupthink from others (as is certainly Marley K herself) and only the sum of his parts, and that’s it — and that any man to the contrary of this is as mythical as a unicorn.

Allow me to introduce myself, Madam: For among the many, many things that I am, I am he who is, apparently, your unicorn.

I am more than your assessment allows for; outside the parametres of your thesis. I am more than the sum of my parts.

I appear to have been born into this skin with its albion hue after you were born in your skin with its hue of amber brown, but despite my youthful appearance, I’m a little older than I look, and I have come to learn from experiences both extraordinary and ordinary, uncommon and common, rare and run-of-the-mill, a few things worth sharing on this particular issue.

And I would ask you, if you are reading this, Madam, as I ask all readers, to consider my words as you would be they from one with such experiences, and perhaps not as you would from someone who you might dismiss outright because of your instinctual reaction upon reading them, prompted by whatever it is that my apparent physical age, physical skin colour, and physical gender might suggest.

Firstly: To both Police and Protestors; to both Black Lives Matter and whatever oppositional groups have formed as their antithesis, I say this unto you all:

The power to hurt, the power to destroy things that somebody treasures, to destroypeople someone loves, to inflict pain and grief is a kind of bargaining power, not easy to use but used often.

In the underworld of the most common men, it is the basis for blackmail, extortion, and kidnapping.

And in the commercial world, for boycotts, strikes, and lockouts.

However, it is a tainted and terrible power; it is a power of the weak of mind and heart and character, and it’s ownership is most usually in the hands of those who are wrong, trying to use brute force to make others agree that their falsehood is “true”.

But, of all the things that that particular power can do, change a lie into truth is not among even its most extreme abilities.

Truth needn’t use this power: because truth is unchangeable.

That which is true is true. That which is untrue is untrue. That is Absolute.

And despite the fear imposed by the powerless of the might imposed by the weak, the truth is the power of the strong, which is the heart of the old adage: Might does not make Right; a lie and another lie cannot turn into the truth.

But Right, on the other hand however, does create Might, because no matter how many lies try to hide it, the truth shall always and ever be the truth.

And the truth never stays hidden forever; usually, not even for very long.

Secondly: Fear is a Power exchange, and it is the tool used almost exclusively by the Power-less, not the truly Powerful.

All due respect to Machiavelli, not everyone needs fear as an adjunctory mechanism to find or have power.

Those who do are really powerless to start with. If someone seeks you to be afraid or seeks to cause you to be afraid, either directly or indirectly, it is because they have no power themselves, so they have to try and get you to give them your’s.

Fear is a power exchange between the fearful and the feared.

That which is feared may have had no power to start, but can gain it by trickery, leading you to fear them, or some abstract, or some what-if, and then, by controlling what you are afraid of, they control you and can dictate your actions, even your own thoughts, by the power of suggestion and by feeding that suggestion little by little.

However, the truly Powerful need not fear, because, alas, they have Power without it.

Through birthright or or bloodline destiny or merit or Grace, the Powerful are, to emphasise, without the need for fear, and thus, the need to swindle power from others.

The truly Powerful are made more Powerful by Grace and Courage and positive Virtues:

Not passivity to the point of doormattery, mind you, but active and assertive positivity.

Mighty as a Lion, but as gentle as a Dove.

Fear exists for one high purpose: To eventually be Vanquished and Conquered by the truly Powerful or the Powerful-to-be on their road to Power.

It turns out that Franklin Roosevelt was right when he said that the only thing have to fear is but fear itself.

And it is a Truth that even One who walks a Higher Road is, on his own, more powerful than all those who walk the lower road, combined; and this is why so many upon the lower road loathe those on the Higher.

Only crooks and cowards need to cause you to be fearful.

This is why God tells us to be not afraid in Holy Scripture more than he tells us to do anything else (in factful truth, it is more than 365 instances in the Bible that God and his emissaries tell us to “Be Not Afraid”, more than any commandment; even more than the commandment to love ourselves and one another appear these two: “Be Not Afraid,” and “Have Faith.”)

And here we have the difference between the Machiavelli’s fearmongering Prince and the Stuart and Henrician Divinely Righted King: The Machavellian Prince is weak; but the Stuart King is, literally, Divinely Strong.

Thirdly: A Spiritual PSA on Love, Fear, and Power.

You cannot bully the keepers of things that need be kept into giving them up.

Even if you got them to give up, you’d be unable to do anything with such an ill-gained and hollow victory.

And you’d be further from your goal than ever before.

Because you just made yourself THAT much more ineligible for it.

There is no room for fear in the Kingdom of God.

The fearful are not weak, they must learn to be strong.

It is those who use fear as a means to an end that will find that fear is truly the means to their end.

God’s judgement remains harsh upon those who use fear to divide or misdirect or confuse or accuse others falsely; or to divide his children against themselves; or to exploit the weak, or the unknowning; or as a means of advancement; as a road to power; as an avenue to profit.

You were given commandments to follow.

To fear or cause others to was not listed among them.

In fact, you were commanded to do the opposite.

The path of fear leads only to defeat.

The road of thievery shall rob all those who walk it.

And the way of the dollar leads only to death.

You were given the command to be kind, pure, and to harm none.

That command remains.

It cannot be circumvented; there are no loopholes to exploit to be unkind and find reward.

To cause one who has been ordained by God to stumble, directly or indirectly, or to trick him into such a folly, is Treason.

Those who do so set themselves against legitimate Authority.

The blame which you should have shouldered but have directed upon others shall be accurately weighted upon you, and the victim of your misdirection shall find his burdens that much lighter.

The goats you scape shall be shown the greatest of mercies.

But you, the scaper, would be lighter having a millstone tied around your neck and asked to weigh yourself in a balance against a feather; one for each person you burdened with the consequences you should have shouldered yourself.

You lower your positions even when you think you raise them through tricks and traps.

That which is Higher always overcomes the lower.

That which is Superior always overcomes the inferior.

The Supernal triumphs over the infernal.

Michael slays the hellion.

Good defeats evil.

Love overpowers fear.

Gentleness calms anger.

Zeus always slays and overthrows Kronos.

Jupiter always defeats Saturn.


It is the way of things.

Take heed to what has been fucking said unto you today, because, truly and honestly: This is a Law upon you all.

Do better, people.

By Caston Evans on June 23, 2020.

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