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Fascism vs. Neo-Liberalism in the United States

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The Reality of American Democracy

Who would have thought that America's "ideal democracy" would be doomed like this? US President Trump not only refused to accept the election results, but also infuriated his fascist fanatics by attacking Capitol Hill (Parliament) at a time when a joint session of Congress chaired by the Vice President was approving the results of the presidential election. The rioters destroyed both houses, making it difficult for US elected representatives to seek refuge. The Capitol Police arrived just as the riots were raging. President-elect Biden rightly recalled that the peaceful Black Lives Meter procession had been treated horribly, but that violent and rebellious white racist protesters were allowed to attack parliament. If anyone has the responsibility to shed blood at night in a democracy, he is still the President of the Republic. Now it is feared that the fanatical Trump will not press the nuclear button or order an attack on Iran or any other country. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called on the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to stop such an adventure, but even if the military does, Trump is still the commander-in-chief whose order cannot be violated unless the order is illegal. Be with ten days to go before the end of Trump's presidency, everyone is worried about what hurricane he will create that will be difficult for the next administration to handle. If the constitutional way is left, then under Article 25, if the Vice President deprives the President of his powers with the approval of the Cabinet, or the Congress brings an impeachment motion which will take several weeks to pass by a two-thirds majority, there is no time left. However, Congress can disqualify Trump for the future. Trump could not overturn the election results or break the constitution, so why did he take the path of anti-democracy? Trump's politics are based on hatred, racism and white-skinned nationalism, and he can only survive politically if he continues to fan the flames of American society. Its "success" lies in keeping the United States terribly divided. Although he has been forced to back down for fear of impeachment, there is a possibility of criminal charges and impeachment against him. His Republican Party is badly disgraced and divided, but it still enjoys the support of three-quarters of the Conservative Party. Although his personal and presidential social media accounts have been censored, he is planning to make a splash in the media China shop.

The Trump Way (Trumpism)

The Trump Way (Trumpism)

The Transfer of Power

From the US election to the results and the transfer of power, US politics and the state have been hit hard. Trump himself was elected in 2016 by the US establishment New Liberal Washington Consensus, US global military alignment, global organizations, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, United Nations, even the Paris Agreement on Environmental Protection and He adopted the path of economic protectionism under the slogan "America First" which was part of his nationalist agenda. In that sense, it may seem like a "big revolutionary", but it actually represents the worst regional, fascist and monopolistic trend that is the white supremacist or the nationalist fascist ideology of white supremacy. Not only did it destroy the dominant neoliberal world order in the United States and the world, but instead it continued to impose a fascist world order. The United States is now deeply divided between adherents of the "democratic" ideology of fascism and its racist tendencies and neoliberalism. President-elect Biden and his party, the Democratic Party, will seek to restore the old neoliberal order, with the United States in power.

Political Crisis in the States

Political Crisis in the States

Current Political Crisis in the States

The current political crisis in the United States is in fact its terrible capitalism, environmental catastrophe, biological and genetic crisis and epidemic. The world's richest country has failed to protect the health and lives of its people. Even in times of economic turmoil, the wealth of its billionaires has increased by trillions of dollars, while the richest 1% own nearly two-thirds of America's wealth and millions of needy and unemployed, in a crisis when the market economy stalls. Then the state had to fill the bellies of big financial and industrial corporations by printing dollars and giving social welfare funds to the people so that they could maintain the demand for goods. On the contrary, even if a social trend emerged in the case of Bernie Sanders, it was stifled by the ruling Democratic Party, which has interests in the big corporations. It will now be difficult for Biden to maintain his neo-liberal agenda, the free market economy. He will need the help of the left to fight Trumpism and he will be forced to seemingly appease the democratic agenda at the global level and the aspirations of the people at the national level. Although Biden wants to continue the trade war that Trump started against China, China has already blocked it by signing trade agreements with ASEAN and the European Union. The world will return to globalization, but this will be a major challenge to US monopolies on global corporations. The world map is changing after the global and local inequitable distribution of wealth, the growing class gap and the modern scientific, technological and media revolution. It will now be difficult to maintain the old monopoly capitalist world system in the old, imperialist ways, which will give rise to various extremist, fascist and global democratic socialist movements. Fascist and neoliberal divisions will increase in the United States, and a new version of the social-democratic movement will emerge from it. Similarly, there will be a new upheaval around the world, especially in developing countries. It seems that 2021 will be marked by new dramatic changes, some catastrophes and new mass movements.

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