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False Flag at the Capitol

The siege of the capitol was a false flag operation. I don't mean that it didn't happen or that all those people were feds or actors. I mean that it was planned and allowed to happen, because the real intent was to use the public shock as a means to do nefarious nonsense that the people in power already wanted, but didn't have enough public support to do.

Even people who don't have time for politics, understand on a fundamental level that both parties work together to screw the people on behalf of the corporation. Politicians debate and gesticulate, while cable news talking-heads alternately own and destroy the other. But it's all political theater. They agree on the big things: war is awesome, capitalism was bestowed from the heavens, universal healthcare is evil socialism, and if we are to save them, we must cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, etc.

Establishment Democrats and Republicans (and their corporate media arms) agree on basically everything, and they work in tandem to frame anything and anyone outside those narrow parameters as fringe and dangerous and an effort to destroy America from within. Because that's what their mutual donors want. Their job is to play fight and perform musical chairs every few years, unite as one to shout down the fringes, and keep the money machine humming along, as is.

Then Trump came along and called DC a swamp and said that politicians work for their donors and that's why they did NAFTA which let corporations outsource our jobs and disappear the middle class. He said the invasion of Iraq was based on lies. Being unsophisticated, he also said we should have just stolen their oil (the corporation got it).

Being a corrupt businessman and supposed billionaire, Trump is the establishment. He donated to both parties, because they do whatever corrupt businessmen pay them to. Their differences are not of policy substance, and are purely performative. But politics in America is theater, and Trump ineptly fumbles the mask which shields the hidden ugliness.

While there are a number of elected Trumpers, establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney despise Trump. Just as establishment Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer despise Bernie Sanders and the left. As such, whenever the establishment unite against the right, the left must take notice.

People like Trump and Alex Jones are always used as bait, so that establishment Democrats can utilize liberals' visceral reaction to the Bad Men. Or public shock. The primary modern example being 9/11. Joe Biden wrote the original Patriot Act after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1994. He said we had to invade Iraq because that was the only way the weapons inspectors could find the WMDs that were surely there - in 1998! The public shock of 9/11 gave people like Bush and Biden the cover to make their worst dreams a reality.

As was the case with Russiagate. Liberals were shocked at their deranged notion that Trump and Putin colluded to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. They were told by corporate liberal media that Russia had duped both MAGA and Bernie Bros alike. Everyone but good liberals were either agents of the Kremlin or useful idiots, and anyone who thought that anything was wrong in America or with establishment Democrats, was just being duped by "Russian disinformation." Hunter Biden's emails were labelled Russian disinformation, simply by virtue of being inconvenient to the swift removal of Trump. Kamala Harris even fixed her face to try and tell Charlamagne Tha God that no one was upset with Colin Kaepernick over "bend the knee" - until "Russia" convinced Blue Lives Matter to up and create a whole neo-Confederate flag.

That was a problem and liberals wanted a solution. And so, facebook hired people like the war-mongering Atlantic Council to do their fact-checking. Organizations with deep ties to the Democratic Party establishment and the intelligence community, such as New Knowledge (Yonder) and CrowdStrike, have been relied upon to label and blame "fringe" ideas of regular American on Russia, and censor and de-platform Wrong Think from the internet.

The internet is where we find the truth which exposes the lies behind our forever wars. It's were we see and learn what policing in America is really like and for. It's were we come to understand the depths to which our elections are utterly fraudulent (from the electoral college and gerrymandering, to partisan corporations providing vote machines and tabulation apps, to party elite sure-safes of super-delegates, unbound delegates, and faithless electors).

The government wants to reign in the internet. And their corporate media parrots, view the internet as competition for advertising budgets. So they team and portray any idea outside a narrow frame as dangerous, and the internet is where people find those scary ideas, so they want people to think that we should probably do something about it.

Trump conceded that Biden would be president, time and again. He told his crowd to be peaceful when they marched to the capitol. He condemned the violence afterward. He did so in his Trumpian way, and said time and again that he'd never concede that he legitimately lost (neither has Hillary).

The media could have framed things completely differently. Instead, they wish to inflame tensions. Granted, five people died and that's terrible. And the scenes were shocking. But we have to keep composure. We already have laws for inciting violence. We already have laws for libel and slander. We already have judicial processes for working these things out.

People who stormed the capitol are being arrested and they will be locked away for decades, using the same laws which have turned Black liberation and environmental activists into political prisoners. It is a problem that the FBI has only in the past few years begun to investigate white supremacist militia groups. Congress should investigate white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement. They must investigate how far up the chain of command of the military and police were involved in the planned storming of the capitol.

What we do not need, is any new laws to further empower the permanent security state. We do not need any new government agencies for a domestic war on terror. We cannot use the actions of a few, to label entire protests or groups as illegal or terrorist. We do not need politicians forcing more responsibility of censorship on tech oligarchs who are not our friends. We cannot have online Ministries of Truth.

The people who planned J6 probably used their phones, too, but no one is calling for Google (Alphabet) or Verizon to be banned for allowing it like Parlor, or to ban people from having a phone number for saying bad things on a phone - because that's now how any of this should work.

But just as liberals laughingly called Russiagate an act of war and a Pearl Harbor-level attack on America, they want to hype J6 as much as possible, in order to convince the public to gladly afford the authorities more tools and greater ability to trample our rights.

In addition to basic principle, we must understand that the authorities don't care about racism. In fact, the people running this country and world, love racism and use it as a tool to keep their workers too busy fighting one another, to unite against the ruling class.

Racism is only a bother when it hurts their profits. Trump's brand hurts profits. The MAGA brand hurts profits. And the left really hurts their profits.

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Liberals honestly think they are fighting racism. They think America was all ice cream and sunshine before Trump ruined everything. They think he brought racism back from being cancelled, and they equate MAGA with white supremacy. They think the storming of the capitol was a coup meant to usher in a neo-confederacy ruled by dictator king. And many of them want to return the favor. They saw how BLM was brutalized by cops. They saw how Black liberation and environmental activists have been thrown under prisons for decades on end. They saw how Trump labelled antifa as domestic terrorists. They heard constant MAGA crowd chants for the jailing of their political opponents, saw them beat a cop and kill another at the capitol, and think whatever happens to them is just desserts.

So the Pentagon and the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI and the police and the mayor all point fingers of blame. But whatever the machinations of their collusion, the reality is that the people in charge knew what was coming. The J6 event was planned online, not in secret. The size of the crowd was not a surprise. They would obviously be riled up when Trump inevitably repeated that the election was stolen and the electoral college vote that day was their last chance to stop the steal.

The authorities planned to not have enough man force to secure the perimeter of the capitol building, so they'd have to retreat inside and guard the lawmakers in the chambers, and we'd see the shocking images. Cops on the ground ushered people into the building. Numerous cops have been suspended and arrested after being identified by internet sleuths as among the crowd in plain clothes. Capitol stormers were allowed to gallivant about for a few hours, before lawmakers emerged with ready-made plans.

They want Trump impeached. They want to start a new, domestic war on terror. They want to further empower the Feds to spy and infiltrate and shut down political dissent: They want tech oligarchs to appoint fact-checkers who define truth as whatever the government says. They want to use this standard to silence their political opponents. They want the socials to ban accounts for questioning the government line on matters of war, policing in America, and the legitimacy of our fraudulent elections. They also want those views suppressed by content platforms and search engine algorithms. They varyingly want MAGA to be doxxed, fired, arrested, charged with conspiracy and felony murder along with terrorism and sedition, removed from social media, app stores, content platforms, search engines, and expelled from elected office.

While liberals think they're fighting Trump and racism, all they are doing is serving as useful idiots for capital. Capital wants to use MAGA as a means to defeat the left. Because it's the left who want to tax their wealth, use anti-trust to break apart their monopoly power, and make them pay their workers a living wage.

We are taught in school that the Cold War was a competition between capitalism and communism for the hearts and minds of the world. America had to prove that capitalism was superior, because communist Soviets were our primary business competition after Europe and Japan were levelled.

While that's certainly true, the larger context was that we were on the same team to defeat the Nazis, and there was no reason to be enemies, other than that politicians and defense contractors wanted to keep the hungry war machine fed. And the real motivation for the Cold War was to chase the left out of America.

There were a million card-carrying American communists before the war. They united with American socialists and trade unionists, organized thousands of protests and strikes across the country, and offered FDR support if he'd run on the New Deal.

FDR implemented Social Security, our first minimum wage, unemployment security, the GI Bill, the FHA, regulation which stopped banksters from gambling our deposits on Wall Street, initiated the WPA which hired millions of unemployed Americans to pave roads, electrify rural farms, and use soil conservation to end the Dust Bowl disaster.

Capitalists and their lackey politicians tried to use the courts to stop the New Deal, and FDR threatened to pack the courts until they relented. JP Morgan, Prescott Bush, the Dupont chemical family and others recruited our highest ranking marine, General Smedley Butler, for a capitalist Business Coup. But General Butler instead went to the press, and did all he could to inform the public that the US military serves as the security arm of Wall Street and US-based corporations.

Despite/because of the hatred of the political establishment and their capitalist sponsors, FDR served four terms as president and died in office. The establishment immediately united to implement term limits in order to dissuade future presidents from attempting anything resembling the New Deal as a source for popularity. And the Cold War was deployed to break apart the coalition of communists, socialists, and trade unionists who united and made it happen.

The Hearings on Un-American Activities were held. Leftists were dragged before congress, asked if they were communist, knew any communists, or had attended any meetings. Leftists were placed on employment blacklists and were jettisoned from unions.

With leftists successfully purged, unions were taken over by the mob and corporate-friendly shills. Our workers were told that we shouldn't strike anymore, because it'll hurt profits and besides we're on the same team as ownership; and we had no choice but to accept less, or else we'd lose our jobs to more desperate people in poorer countries. And wouldn't you know it - but the American Dream was dead.

That's the context. The people running this place are waging a constant class war, and the only people fighting back are the left. Whenever something shocking occurs, bad actors will always swoop in with the bad ideas they've had all along. And whatever explanation is given to the public, everything is to protect the profits of the capitalists who are exploiting our labor and resources and extracting our wealth.

Comments from upstate, NY on January 21, 2021:

What is J6, I haven't heard that term used before?

Justin Earick (author) from Tacoma, WA on January 20, 2021:

I wanted to keep it as short as I could, but I had to add a few paragraphs about 9/11, and how Russiagate and J6 are being used for the same, authoritarian agenda from upstate, NY on January 19, 2021:

I do agree with some of your points.

1)The storming of the Capital was a false flag event

2) Establishment Dem's and establishment Rep's have many similar interests and pretend to care about side issues as a bone to throw to their respective bases

3) Cops on the ground ushered people into the building. (True, I was there)

4) They want tech oligarchs to appoint fact-checkers who define truth as whatever the government says. They want to use this standard to silence their political opponents.

5) They want the socials to ban accounts for questioning the government line on matters of war, policing in America, and the legitimacy of our fraudulent elections. They also want those views suppressed by content platforms and search engine algorithms. They varyingly want MAGA to be doxxed, fired, arrested, charged with conspiracy and felony murder along with terrorism and sedition, removed from social media, app stores, content platforms, search engines, and expelled from elected office.

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