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Faith Over Fear; Freedom Over Servitude


The Power of Positivity/The Power of Prayer

I, as so many other Americans and fans from all around the world, have been watching the NFL wildcard and playoff games over the past couple of weeks. This past weekend, disappointed with the fact that the last and final Florida team was eliminated and would be packing up and heading home, I took note of one major, powerful and encouraging, highlight -

It was the image of Damar Hamlin, larger than life…precious life, which had left his body while on the field of play, only to have it miraculously restored, present and accounted for!

There he was in the flesh, in the stands, standing and cheering his team on and sharing a heart with a supportive Nation and world, which has prayed, fervently and earnestly, as we‘ve followed his plight.

My mind immediately began to compare this beautiful scene to the ugly, divisive scenes of just a short time back, when many NFL players were taking a knee, during the performance of our National Anthem; all while, the NFL stood for it!

Of all times, in all places, on the sidelines, in their uniforms, during the time which represents all that we have overcome as a Nation, to get to this place in time, together.

It will take time to get those particular images out of our heads, but the image of Damar Hamlin alive and well and smiling, replaces such negativity and works to restore the many ties which bind!

The fact that prayer was not only invoked, it was accepted and shared, as it spread like a wildfire across this land; our prayers were plentiful, our prayers were specific, our prayers were heard and our prayers, were answered.

Coming Together, In Prayer


Promoting the Right Message

Sadly, for Damar and for Buffalo Bills fans, the Bills didn't advance, they are done for the season.

And so it goes in the post season, the teams we've cheered on all season; yelling, screaming, going hoarse a time or two for, will not advance, they’ll not go to the Big Show…not this year!

So, the words, wait until next year, have replaced, Go Team, De-fense, First Down and Touchdown...

Us, whether, in the stands, watching from home, playing in the game, in a prayer circle on the field, in a church building, on our knees beside our bed, are so much better, together.

Conducting our selves in an unbecoming manner, following like sheep down destructive paths, getting behind the wrong cause, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, does not do us nor anyone else, any favors.

Elected leaders who attempt to place wedges between us and discourage us from dawn to dusk, do not do us nor anyone else, any favors.

Any person, whether on television, in a uniform or in Washington D.C. discouraging us in any form or fashion, isn't worth our time or acknowledgement.

Any person promoting doing harm to any one person or group, in order to benefit another person or group, is working for their benefit alone and it is high time we begin to recognize this!

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If, we, all of us, having equal opportunities to fail or prosper, to fall short or succeed, to get up and try again when and if we do stumble, isn’t the message being promoted, then it’s the wrong message.

Anyone claiming to have all the answers, to have us look to them; not within, not to our Heavenly Father, have ulterior motives and usually only have their self interest in mind.

Us Together

I get political often, no argument from me, and my objective is to keep this a positive message, but, I feel as if I must add this:

When the Government we’ve been dealt, seeks to become all things to some people and unavailable and elusive to others. When they seek to replace God, our Independence, our self-sustaining nature, our inherent instincts which assist us in our pursuits…when they seek to come between us and our unalienable rights, they aren’t with us, they’re against us

We need to be wiser with every vote we make and better understand which candidates will stay out of our way in our pursuits and which will continually block our every path, every avenue…

That’s it for politics for me, for today, now, the most pressing matter at hand, figuring out who I will be pulling for as we make our way toward Super Bowl Sunday.

All of my teams have fizzled out and I am not a big fan of any of the teams left standing.

Perhaps, I’ll tune in for the commercials and partake in too much junk food!

In the meantime, let us keep Damar Hamlin in our prayers, he still has some medical issues which require attention and the road to his recovery has a few twists and turns to go.

I’m sure that the thought of playing ball again, sustains him, along with his Faith, and keeps him going. Not sure if that can happen or what the future may hold for him.

If it’s not on the field, he may have the opportunity to join the ever growing list of former players, now announcing and/or offering their insight in play-by-play analysis.

Whatever it is, whatever he does, I’m sure he’ll never forget when America came together and lifted up his name, his family, his teammates, in prayer, in those critical moments in time.

I wish you all the best Damar Hamlin!

Go Teams, that are not my teams, but whatever, I’ll ask around.

God please Continue to Bless, these United States of America!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2023 Angie B Williams

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