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Full Circle: A Cult Survivor Relives the Horrors of Oppression in Biden's America

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Author of "I AM JEZEBEL: A Jehovah's Witness Breaks Her Silence"

I am Jezebel


JW Cult

My Catholic immigrant parents converted to Jehovah’s Witnesses two years after the cult’s failed Doomsday prophecy of 1975. A great exodus of disillusioned members had already abandoned the faith. Those who had remained within the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society (known today as JW ORG), doubled down on their zeal and constantly preached Armageddon’s imminent arrival.

Only six at the time, my indoctrination began immediately. Nightmares and bedwetting followed soon afterward. For the next twenty years of my life, JW ORG controlled everything I thought, did, said, read, watched, wore and ate. Throughout those two decades, I suffered from severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression, night terrors, bouts of guilt and self-loathing, gastritis, and bulimia.

I escaped in 1997, and found myself alone in a world I had been raised to despise and distrust. Despite being shamed and shunned by my former JW peers, I prided myself on being a survivor rather than a victim. In the autumn of that year, I enrolled in college (which had been forbidden in the religion) and delved into the topic of mind-altering, destructive cults. My research led to an academic paper being published anonymously in our annual university magazine.

Years of therapy have helped me to function somewhat normally in society, but the dire consequences of having been raised in an oppressive cult are still prevalent. I live with post-cult trauma (a form of PTSD) and suffer bouts of anxiety and depression. In an attempt to raise awareness and comfort those in a similar plight, I self-published a book on Amazon in 2015 under the pen name of Jezebel titled “I AM JEZEBEL: A Jehovah’s Witness Breaks Her Silence.”

Covid Cult

My “cult radar” has been on high alert since March 2020. Watching the Covid Cult unfold has been like reliving my horrible childhood. At one point, my anxiety was so high I developed auditory shingles. I don’t deny that Covid is a real virus that can prove fatal to the elderly and those with comorbidities, but how this pandemic has been handled is nothing short of tyrannical and cult-like, especially when science was (and still is) repeatedly ignored in favor of radical ideology.

The masses do not lose their common sense overnight. Aggressive, repetitive fearmongering is exactly how cults coerce people into submission. In my case, the constant threat of Armageddon and being shunned prompted me to self-censor and follow the rules rigorously. The mainstream media employed the same tactic during the pandemic. Psychological terrorism results in compliance.

Cult Mentality


Mind Control, CRT, and Childhood Indoctrination

Guilt and fear have been used by tyrants for centuries in order to manipulate the masses, which brings me to my next topic: MIND CONTROL. Jehovah’s Witnesses use special words and terms within the cult. Acolytes hear and read them over and over again, until they are ingrained into their own vocabulary. Controlling language and creating new definitions is crucial for cults to push their narrative.

I’m extremely concerned about CRT being pushed in public schools. Having sat through a federal government CRT training seminar, I’m appalled that such hateful, unscientific, racist propaganda would be taught to vulnerable children. Dangerous political rhetoric is being shoved down their throats much the same way JW dogma was shoved down mine. Constructing a world of “us vs. them” is imperative to maintain the relevance of a radical ideology. Villainizing “the other” is an old yet effective tactic still used by cults.

The consequences to children are dire, and I speak from personal experience. Time has mellowed the pain of my abused childhood, but it will never be fully eradicated. I accept the fact that I’m permanently broken and now I know why: a recent study reveals that children exposed to guilt and fear develop abnormal brains. This abnormality predisposes them to several mental health disorders including chronic depression.

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I urge parents to read this medical study in order for them to better understand how to protect their children. No one deserves to grow up feeling guilty, fearful, or develop self-loathing simply for the color of their skin or their gender.

Medical Directives

Speaking of scientific studies, I want to address MEDICAL DIRECTIVES. During my adolescence, I was handed a NO BLOOD CARD. Signed by my father and an Elder as witnesses, I was forced to carry this legally binding document with me everywhere. In the event of an accident, the medical directive expressed my refusal of life-saving blood transfusions and released hospitals of any liability. I was terrified of something happening to me and dying, but I didn’t dare express this sentiment. The choice over my body had been made by my religion, my parents, and the Elders- NOT me. I was pressured into compliance under penalty of being shamed, labeled an apostate, and shunned.

Flash forward to 2021. Political tyrants around the globe are forcing vaccines and experimental gene therapy drugs on millions of unwilling people on pain of losing their livelihood, steep fines, and even prison. There is no legal recourse for those who lost family members to vaccine related deaths or those suffering serious side-effects. This is obscene, for whenever there is risk there must be choice.

I was diagnosed with Covid in July 2021 and my doctor informed me that I don’t need a vaccine since I have natural immunity. I have always taken responsibility for my good health, and I am pro-choice when it comes to any medical treatment. Despite being in excellent health and a threat to no one, I am experiencing discrimination and oppression from “virtuous” people who complied with the mandates. I’ve been labeled “anti-vax” even though I’m not against vaccines.

Interestingly, many of those who received “the jab” are obese, heavy smokers, drug users, and heavy drinkers but none of that is taken into account. In fact, maintaining a healthy immune system is never mentioned as a primary deterrent for this virus with absurdly low mortality rate.

My Body My Choice!!!



Whenever I post fact-based evidence on social media that challenges the Covid Cult narrative, I experience something I’m well-acquainted with: CENSORSHIP. Self-censoring was common in JW ORG. Questions and doubts were not encouraged, and healthy debate was viewed as dubious “apostate” behavior by Elders. Ex-Jehovah’s Witness were viewed as the worst of all sinners because they were traitors. I remember the apostates protesting in front of assembly halls when we went to regional and district conventions. Some would hand out what Elders referred to as “apostate literature” exposing the JW ORG as fraudulent.

When I left the religion in 1997, one of the first books I read was by Raymond Franz, an ex-governing body member. Mr. Franz was wronged by JW ORG and wrote a book about his experience titled CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE. It contained photocopied documents, dates, and quotes proving his case. Apostates are feared and regularly badmouthed because they pose serious risks to the credibility of a cult. These rebels are fighting for freedom and independent thought, for the right of the individual vs. collectivism.

Does this sound familiar? Think of how many doctors and scientists NOT funded by Big Pharma or paid for by politicians have been ignored since last year! I’ve read countless articles and watched many videos from credible health experts who have nothing to gain or lose by exposing the truth. Yet these brave individuals challenging the elitist billionaires are routinely shut down. Isn’t sunlight the best disinfectant? Science is about challenging perceived truths, so let’s have an honest open debate!

Challenging the Neo-Marxists at the helm of the Democratic Socialists of America or questioning Big Pharma leads to public shaming and bullying tactics. As someone who spent two decades of life within the mental and physical confines of a cult, I often ask: what are they afraid of? It’s rhetorical, of course, because I already known the answer. They are afraid of rebels like me who can see through their shabbily constructed farce. People who have come full circle, and are facing the same unfair, inhumane, unconstitutional challenges they may have faced before in their lives. Immigrants from Communist countries and Holocaust survivors are speaking out too, but they are drowned out by greedy career bureaucrats.

This is why I encourage people to QUESTION EVERYTHING and consider sources. Think independently and critically, and be assured that knowledge is power when dealing with tyrannical scaremongers. Trust me, you have nothing to fear except the loss of your liberty

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