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Exposing the false statements made by Ryan Kester who is an ex supporter for Darlie Routier.

For years rumors have swirled around Nancy Grace regarding false statements she was accused of making in her programs and interviews.

I have decided to write an article exposing what I believe are false  statements made by Ryan Kester regarding Darlie Routier's case.

I have decided to write an article exposing what I believe are false statements made by Ryan Kester regarding Darlie Routier's case.

Seeing Ryan Kester standing next to Nancy Grace spoke volumes to me about who Ryan Kester is.

Nancy Grace was a household name but she was also known for reporting cases by manipulating evidence and facts.

Ryan publicly slandered the support groups by claiming false information were posted in order to trick and manipulate people. That is the furthest from the truth.

Ryan quoted from the justice for Devon and Damon group and claimed those members had shown him the truth.

Ryan went on to say how joined the justice for Devon and Damon group and through those members he was able to learn the truth.

I found it pathetic and sickening that this group would claim their intention was to get justice for boys.

I joined that group and for years I read the horrific slandering remarks against Darlie. This group isn't about justice, and if it were they wouldn't be posting false information in order to manipulate the public. They wouldn't be personally slandering Darlie's character.

Darlie still has one living son and this justice group did not even take into consideration how their hatred and lies have effected Darlie's son Drake.

Drake had cancer at one time and I have no doubt stress played a huge roll in his illness.

I don't believe for a second Devon and Damon would have respected or encouraged anyone to post hate messages that this group has posted.

This is a breakdown of the interview where I will be exposing statements made by Ryan Kester that I believe to be completely false.

Ryan Kester was 12 I believe when he first started to look into Darlie's case. At the time he believed she could have been innocent. Ryan did interviews and got involved in her case by going before the courts with an application to view all the evidence in her case.

I was sure he would have come across the truth about her case but it completely back fired.

Apparently he joined a group run by Pam Collin Lakes, justice for Devon and Damon.

He went on further in this interview accusing the Darlie supporters of posting false information in order to try and manipulate him into believing she was innocent. He publicly accused every supporter of lying.

I have viewed that group called justice for Devon and Damon and that group and it does not live up to its title. That group is all about slandering Darlie. They don't use facts and evidence to try and prove her guilt. They attack her personally begging for her execution date to be set.

Darlie is still the mother of a living son and this group has bashed his mother for years with false information and abuse.

I won't be a crude as Ryan was calling him out as a liar as he has done to the supporters. I am going to explain in detail how he manipulated the facts and evidence to make his theory fit.

If a person is going to get involved in a high profile case like this they should at the very least post the facts and truth. Leaking out false information could damage Darlie's case to the point where it would be almost impossible for her to prove her innocence.

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I say shame on Ryan and that so called justice for Devon and Damon group. This is nothing short of evil.

This is the breakdown of his interview.

Ryan starts out by bragging about his privileged life and how he went to college at 16. So this say Ryan was not your average child who was digging into a death row case.

He knew exactly what he was doing when he turned on Darlie and began posting his research publicly.

He spends a great deal of time bragging himself up but I was able to jump past most of the nonsense to get to the core of his statements about the case.

Ryan did his own documentary and reviewed the evidence in case. At some point he went from being a strong supporter to now claiming he believes she is guilty.

4:41 The wine rack and his theory on how the wine glass broke.

There is no possible way Ryan can say one way or the other how that glass ended up broken on the floor. Just because his theory proved that the stem of the glass would have stayed on the rack had someone bumped it can not proven. Not exactly sure how it fits this evidence into proving to guilt?

It made more sense that the glass was broken to either destroy evidence or possibly slow Darlie down when she was following the man.

It was Darin's theory that the glass was in the rack and the intruder bumped the rack. Darlie never stated how that glass was broken because she wasn't there when the glass broke.

If Darlie was staging why not tip the entire rack. Ryan then goes on to make another ridiculous statement claiming Darlie did this to get Darin's attention to come downstairs?

So we are expected to believe that Darin didn't a sound of the attack of three family members? He didn't hear Darlie calling out to Darin when she first woke? He didn't hear her calling out over and over again while in the kitchen? He didn't hear her go back to the hall and call out to Devon to get a response? He didn't hear her screaming out prior to getting the phone, but he claims she broke this glass to wake Darin? This is just laughable.

Darin did not show up in that hall until Darlie left the hallway to go to the kitchen and get the phone. Darin stated he was there before she dialed 911 but if Ryan had properly looked over the transcripts and evidence he would have realized that Darin admitted to Greg Davis Darlie was not at the foot of the stairs when he first came down. He admitted she was down the hall by the island near the kitchen and phone when he first saw her. We know for a fact Darin did not show up until after she dialed 911. He isn't heard on the 911 call for the first 15 seconds and when he is heard she is telling him to hurry, proving he was already there doing cpr on Devon before she dialed 911.

Of course Ryan doesn't bring any details that might point to Darlie being innocent.

11:21 Ryan calls Darlie support groups cults. He goes on further to say that everyone believes Darlie is 100 percent guilty?

So do I call Ryan out as a liar here? The support groups do not believe she is 100 percent innocent. Many believe that Darlie lied to protect Darin by giving him a false alibi. A fact that was proven before the trial. They believe she is only guilty of withholding in order to protect Darin. The evidence does not prove her guilt. At least two different jurors have spoken up and said they may have made a mistake. Had they seen all the evidence they wouldn't have been able to find her guilty.

The fact is none of the evidence that the original lawyers found against Darin was never shown to the jury. The jury did not know that Darin had motive and opportunity to commit the crime.

The jury was left with two different theories, either Darlie did it or an intruder did it and Doug Mulder did not even try to prove to the jury that an intruder could have killed the boys. He only had her case for a couple of months and never knew a thing about it. Instead investigating her case he went on vacation.

Doug Mulder didn't even take a statement from Darin. He did not ask any questions when he met with the experts who were hired by the court appointed lawyers. He had no knowledge of the mounds of evidence that pointed to Darlie's husband and even if he did know he knew he couldn't implicate Darin for fear of being criminally charged and or losing his license.

11:33 Ryan goes into detail bragging himself up claiming to have done his investigation into the case?

If this were even remotely close to the truth he would have found the documents where Darin admitted they gave him a false alibi. He would have known Darin was seen outside of that house right after Waddell got there. He would have known Darin did cpr on Devon for a couple of seconds before exiting the house through the back sliding doors where he was seen by officer Walling.

11:51 He goes further to slander the support groups by claiming they twisted facts and evidence?

He goes on to say how the support groups didn't understand the legal aspect of her case and therefore confused innocence with facts? He claims that Darlie got a fair trial?

It is known fact she didn't get a fair trial. The court reporter on her case was fired for various reasons. She was not allowed or asked to attend the hearings after Doug Mulder took over her case. The judge was sick at the time and heavily medicated causing him to fall asleep during the trial. The prosecution allowed officer Mayne to slip up and bring up the pot that was found in the living room with Darlie. There was no mention of the cocaine found in Darin's room. We know now for a fact that Darin did make that agreement with Doug Mulder not to implicate him in the crime. It was impossible for Doug Mulder to represent Darlie properly because he was restricted to not exposing or implicating Darin in the crime. Witness lied on the stand and new evidence has come to light that should have been exposed at trial. He claims the police department wasn't negligent? They not only moved and lost evidence but they left there used coffee cups right there one counter?

12:51 Ryan goes on to say how the evidence that they have today just proves her guilt?

He doesn't get into details of what that evidence was or is. He doesn't bring up the fact that several witnesses lied on the stand. He doesn't bring up the fact that evidence was moved and missing. He doesn't bring up the affidavit Darin signed proving he lied under oath several times. He doesn't mention the bloody jeans belonging to Darin that were found hidden in the utility room. He doesn't mention the fact that the police and prosecutors knew Darin planted the sock in the alley.

He goes on further to say the support groups hid or manipulated evidence to try and convince him of her guilt?

He goes on about the finger print 85-j comes back proving Darlie was the one who left the print? She already said she was at the doorway of the utility room. I notice he doesn't mention a word about Darin's hair being found on that knife,

This guy actually claims fingerprinting isn't a real science? So know this kid is an expert in every field? He is an expert on what is real evidence, he is an expert on how someone should act under stress? This guy claims to be an expert in every every field?

They couldn't rule her out regarding the person who left the bloody print. He doesn't mention they failed to investigate or question Barbara Jovell properly.

16:48 He gives his opinion on the silly string tape. Now he is an expert and human behaviors?

Ryan claims that they attacked Darlie's character but that didn't effect her case or the outcome of the trial?

He goes on about Darlie's behavior and how it pointed to her guilt because she was so composed during the silly string tape. He never mentions she was heavily medicated at the time. He doesn't mention that she was there with other children and tried her best to keep her emotions locked away. Experts say it is impossible to judge someone based on behavior because everyone grieves differently. Not Ryan, he is once again an expert on human behavior.

These are the reasons why Darlie should have gotten a new trial and the jury should have seen all the evidence against Darin.

I would like to run a quick list of evidence that pointed to Darin. Evidence the jury never saw because Darin was never investigated and he hired a lawyer under the condition he is not implicated in the crime?

Darin went behind Darlie's back to change her life insurance policy.

He Planning on robbing his own house and he staged a black car to stalk the house weeks before the murders.

He had no alibi.

He failed three poly tests.

He admitted to being outside of the house before police got there

He admitted he lied and gave a false alibi and that being the reason he was never investigated

We know Darin was not inside the house doing cpr on Devon for the whole time till the second officer came in.

We know Darin was the one who had the opportunity to plant the sock.

We know Darin lied when he said he fixed the fence.

We know he lied about going to bed naked and getting up to immediately run downstairs.

We know Darin lied about his financial situation.

We know Darin was accused and confronted by Darlie about an affair between Darin and her sister.

We know they found cocaine in Darin's room and it appeared to have been used after he went upstairs at 1am.

We know that Darin lied about staying with Devon for the entire 4 minutes doing cpr.

We know Darin lied about Damon having no pulse before the police arrived and that being the reason he never tried to help Damon at all.

We know Darin lied when he said Damon was not moving or looking around the room

We know Darin lied about going to the van to check on Damon.

We know Darin lied several times when and why he went to Karen Neals

We know Darin lied about being upstairs asleep during the attack and being woken by light glass breaking.

We know Darin asked Darlie not to tell the police about the fight they had hours before the murders.

We know Darin lied about meeting officer Waddell outside.

We know Darin had enough cpr training to know you don't start cpr on a victim then stop before help arrives.

We know Darin lied about the table falling on top of Devon

We know Darin lied about not knowing Darlie and Damon were hurt.

We know it was Darin who brought up Darlie's missing panties. Darin denied bringing this up.

We know Darin called Dana before Darlie and Damon were taken to hospital.

We know that it was Darin's bloody jeans found in the utility room. We know they had to hidden right after Damon was stabbed.

We know Darin had a criminal past because he signed an affidavit admitting to this.

18:35 Ryan says the evidence pointed to Darin being involved but only after the murders?

There was at least two minutes that passed after the attack where Darin was not there to help. He only showed up after Darlie left the hall to go and call 911.

The only reason Darin was not investigated was because they both gave a false alibi. We know through Darin's own admissions that Darlie was not at the foot of the stairs to see him come down.

20:20 We are 20 minutes into this interview and we have not heard one single detail of evidence that points to Darlie's guilt. He continues to slander her pers

Ryan has suddenly become an expert on human behavior. He is saying Darlie should have acted a certain way after the murders?

Ryan excuses Darin's sickening behavior and comments to be strange? They go on to say that Darlie is a liar because she admitted to being strange and that not being a reason a person is guilty? He says she is a liar for saying they were a normal family? What might seem normal to some people may not be normal to others

I don't find it normal for Ryan to boosting up his ego because his family appears to be above average financially. It doesn't seem normal that this kid starting at the ago of 12 gets involved with a brutal murder case where as two children were murdered?

He goes on to say Darlie was a liar because she wouldn't embrace the fact that they had money problems. The truth is Darlie had no idea how far in debt they really were.

Darin told her business picked up and that being the reason he hired Dana. He convinced Darlie to hire a woman to help her in the house just so he could spend alone time with Dana. He completely ignores the fact that Darin admitted he wouldn't get up until the mail came after 10 am that morning. He was sure to get to the mail before Darlie did. He is just assuming that Darlie knew all the details of their financial problems.

22:33 Ryan goes on further to slander the support groups by claiming Darlie didn't have time to plant the sock in the alley?

It wasn't about her having time that caused the support groups to made statements about the sock and her not having the time to run the sock down the alley.

The fact is Darin was seen outside of that house by the second responding officer. They officers I spoke to knew and believed Darin planted the sock but they felt they couldn't prove he planted it.

Darin admitted before the trial that he was in fact outside when the second officer arrived. Walling pulled up on the side of the house close to the alley, He saw a man running from or to the Routier home.

The group had issues with how the prosecutions theory was nothing short of joke.

Greg Davis knew for a fact Darin had exited that house right after he did that 2 second cpr on Devon.

Instead of telling the jury the truth he made up this story how Darlie stabbed the boys, ran down the alley to plant the sock, comes back and stabs Damon again?

She leaves her son alive while she leaves the house to run the 75ft down the alley never worrying Darin might wake up.

The doctor gave Damon up to 9 minutes to live with his injuries. Had Damon been dead before the police arrived I could see him having this theory, but the fact that Damon lived for almost 10 minutes after she dialed 911 proved without doubt his theory was a joke.

Ryan goes on to say how it would have taken 50 seconds to run the sock down the alley, but the truth is Darin did it in 25 seconds. Again the time wasn't the concern for the supporters, it was the fact that the prosecution deliberately withheld evidence and information in order to make their theory fit. Greg Davis and Mulder should have told the jury the truth about Darin being outside when the second officer arrived.

Darin didn't go to get help when he left the house right after Waddell got there, in fact he left that house through the back sliding doors leading to the back yard opposite direction of where Karen Neal lived.

Ryan claims it took him a minute or a minute and a half to make that trip down the alley. He is completely ignoring the fact that Darin did it in 25 seconds. He is twisting facts to fit his theory.

23:13 Ryan is now an expert on how long a victim could live with certain injuries?

Ryan dismisses the doctors statements where they put a timeline on how long Damon could have lived?

The sock did put a specific timeline as to when the sock could have been planted. It could only have been planted after Damon was attacked because Damon's blood was on that sock. The estimate the doctors gave for how long Damon could have lived was spot on. The only person seen in that alley having the opportunity to plant that sock was Darin.

He goes on to say that Darlie had at least 5 minutes to stage the crime scene there for having plenty of time? The issue was about her having the time, it was about the fact that Darin was seen outside after Waddell arrived.

23:29 This next statement Ryan makes just proves that he did not research the case what so ever. He relied on information from the hate group to do his leg wo

First of all it was proven the table was not knocked over. The table was askew just as Darlie claimed. The flower arrangement was very delicate and would have been damaged had it fallen to the floor as Darin claimed.

Ryan didn't bother to read testimony where the first two responding officers testified when they went into the kitchen to check the garage neither of them saw the vacuum cleaner turned over. Proving without doubt she did not stage that vacuum cleaner.

Ryan is deliberately leaving out facts in this case to make his theory work.

There is no evidence what so ever to prove Darlie staged anything let alone the sock in the alley

24:10 Ryan talks about the cut screen but leaves out the fact that Darin was the last person to be near that cut screen.

Darlie said she saw the intruder go into the utility room then into the garage closing the door behind them.

Ryan fails to mention the fact that both officers who went into the garage said the garage door was open when they first saw it? This proves whoever went into the garage also came back into the house before the police arrived leaving the door open behind them. The only other person who could have done this was Darin.

Ryan says the powder used test the screen was done before they tested the knife in the kitchen proving without any doubt there was transfer because the same dust was used to test the screen and the knife.

29:20 The cut screen

That cut screen wasn't pointing to Darie's guilt. First of all Darin was the last person in that garage that night. He gave two completely different stories regarding that screen and he was under oath both times.

Darlie never spoke of that cut screen but Darin never stopped talking about.

This evidence does not point to Darlie, it points to Darin.

33:15 Ryan now believes he is an expert on criminal behavior? Who does he think he is?

It is clear and very obvious this was an interrupted crime. Darlie said she took off her jewelry and set it on the stand next to the couch. I have no doubt Darin was the one who brought her jewelry down stairs when he went upstairs just before the police arrived.

35:00 Ryan talks about her injuries and just happens to leave out injuries that would have proven she has been restrained at one point.

Talking about manipulating evidence and facts. Darlie had injuries to the insides of her arms consistent with being held down with her hands over her head.

The prosecution claimed that the bruises to the backs of her hand were also self inflicted. If that were the case why wasn't there scratches on those bruises? No scratches because the back of her hand was pressed up on a hard surface.

43:04 The bloody knife outline on the carpet next to Damon.

This tells me the order in which the stabbings took place. We know Devon was dead before Darlie died 911.

We know Darlie would have been stabbed before Damon because of the outline of the knife in blood on the carpet only had Darlie's blood on it.

This means Damon would have been attacked last.

This is where I debunk the claims that Darlie stabbed the boys, then came back to stab herself? If Darlie had been the one to plant the sock it would have had to happen only after Damon was attacked. The evidence proves Darlie did not plant the sock because there was no blood trail from her leading to where the sock was.

49:50 Ryan out right accuses Darlie of faking her memory loss?

Darin was the one who told her the police had a suspect in custody and an arrest was about to happen? Darin flat out lied to Darlie. He told her those lies so she wouldn't be swayed by the lawyers to believe he was the one who killed the boys.

Darlie said from the get go. She thought she remembered certain details of an attack. She said she thought she heard the boys cry as well. It was obvious Darlie was more than likely drugged before the attack. They did not test Darlie for GHB or any other rape drug for that matter. They never took Darin's computer to see if he had searched for a certain rape drug.

After Darin told Darlie an arrest was coming they stripped her of all communications. Her lawyer had to ask for permission to see Darlie.

Notice how Ryan just happens to leave out the fact that Darlie had serious issue with memory after she woke.

49:28 Now Ryan is an expert on amnesia and knowing if a person is faking or not?

Ryan so far has not proved Darlie is guilty. He has just further proved to me who really murdered those boys.

Ryan is claiming that Darlie suddenly knew it was Glenn Mize? Are you kidding me. She testified she didn't even know the man. She had no idea what he even looked like so how could Darlie accuse someone she never met? Because those were details Darin gave to her after she was in jail. It is so obvious what had happened here.

I just couldn't bring myself to listen to his voice anymore.

There was not one shred of evidence to prove Darlie's guilt. Ryan didn't research this case. He made statements that came from the hate groups.

Ryan did not look at that evidence and come to his own conclusion. What he did do was quote hateful bitter statements from the hate group.

I want to post a few facts about Darlie's case that Ryan Kester failed to expose while slandering Darlie Routier.

Ryan claimed he had researched this case in depths, yet he failed to post facts and evidence that pointed away from Darlie.

Had Ryan researched this case at all he would have known these facts I am about to post.


Darlie was not given a fair trial as Ryan claimed. In fact I spoke with officers who were on the scene and they realize there was a lot of evidence withheld in her case that would have supported her innocence.


Ryan talked about the sock and what that evidence proved. He did mention one word about the fact (yes fact) that Darin was seen in the area of the sock by officer Walling. Walling was the second responding officer on the scene and he stated he saw a man running from the Routier house when he arrived. Walling was parked on the side of the house closer to the alley. He never said the man was running in front of the house. He also stated at first he did not suspect Darin as being the man he saw outside of the house because he was told and believed Darin was in that house doing cpr the entire time after officer Waddell entered the house. Greg Davis knew for a fact the man Walling saw was Darin. He knew Darin had the motive and opportunity to plant that sock. If this wasn't enough court documents also proved that Greg Davis knew Darin was outside just before officer Walling entered the house through the open front door. Instead sharing this evidence with jury Greg Davis chose to keep it away from the jury and make up a ridiculous story of how Darlie planted the sock.


Ryan flat out explained and accused Darlie of tipping the table and vacuum cleaner over in order to stage the scene. Had Ryan remotely dug into this case he would have known neither the table or the vacuum were staged. Two officers on the stand testified they never saw the vacuum laying in the middle of the floor. The jury ignored their statements. Darlie never once said that table was tipped over let alone tipped onto Devon. She said the table was askew and the flowers were on the table laying on the side. The lie regarding the table did not come from Darlie, it came from Darin. Darlie's lawyer questioned Darin regarding the table and flowers and Darin stuck to his story even after Doug Mulder tried to coax him into changing his statement.


Ryan claimed that the nightshirt was a huge piece of evidence that proved her guilt. He claimed she took a knife and poked at the night shirt. Darlie was charged and arrested before the evidence was completed in the investigation. At first Greg Davis theory was Darlie cut her own night shirt but the cuts didn't match her wounds. He later learned that the shirt was cut off Darlie by the medics. Ryan failed to share this information.


Greg Davis was able to get Darin to admit under oath his alibi was a lie. Both Darlie and Darin said she was at the foot of the stairs when Darin came down, but we now know she was not by the stairs. She was down the hall near the island unable to see where Darin came from.


Ryan then made statements regarding her behavior. Saying innocent people act a certain way. He is no expert in human behavior and had no right to make that judgement against Darlie.


Ryan then states that the blood map evidence didn't fit her story. That is the furthest thing from the truth. The blood evidence did support her version of the story. She didn't say she walked through the kitchen on the side of the counter where the glass was broken, she said she took only a couple of steps on the side of the counter where the wine rack was. The blood evidence proved her statements to be true.


Ryan was fully aware that an affidavit was given by Darlie's mother and husband admitting that they knew Darin would not be implicated in the crime. The transcripts proved without doubt the jury never saw the evidence against Darin and he was never implicated in the crime. Ryan does not mention any facts or evidence that pointed to her guilt.

I fear for anyone who may come face to face with Ryan Kester in the future in a court of law.

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