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The Truth About Shadow People and Meth Demons- Am I Going Crazy?

Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons have a connection and Team Wiseman has exposed and revealed this Truth in their Articles. A Must Read!!

Shadow People


The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons on Youtube!

Shadow People and Demons a product of Fallen Angels mating with humanity?

Giant Skeleton Proves existence of Giants

Giant Skeleton Proves existence of Giants


Demon Scratches. Scary Video

Crystal Meth Demons


What are Shadow Men/People? Are Shadow People Demons?

Exposing the Shadow People/Men and Demons True Mission and Purpose

Shadow Men are real, not in your head. Shadow people are really there and the shadow man seems to appear in the corner of your eye through a small spiritual opening, a peek into the evil spiritual realm, if you will, while using crystal meth.

Shadow people are fused demons; man's spirit intertwined with demons of old. Genesis 6 says "Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose."... And they reproduced offspring!

The thing about Shadow People/Men is that they are men mixed with demon. There are demons written about in the Bible that are Fallen Angels who chose the path of unrighteousness to follow Satan. These demons have been locked up in the abyss, but not before they spread their evil by marrying and producing seed creating the demon-man. The children of the original demons then were born, lived and ultimately died trapping their soul to earth. Shadow people are called "Demon Men" or sometimes called "Devils with no horns" and when they would die, their demon entwined souls, (not of God), were left to roam the Earth and serve their Demon fathers will (Fallen Angels) which is also the will of Satan, the 'Original' demons leader. The "Shadows of Death" are forever cursed to roam the world seeking and gathering souls. Many of these half demon, half man spirit beings were born through the Giants of old or the original demon or fallen angel. We have grown to call these beings, you guessed it... Shadow People.

This is why the shadow appears to be a silhouette of a man. Shadow men, or demons, are truly dead people who have basically made a deal with the devil of some sort and pledged allegiance to evil. The shadow people/demons overcome and deceive the individual and the person eventually dies and the evil spirits of the children of fallen angels take control of their property, and that property is your soul and body! If you are using crystal meth then you know that demons exist and that scratches appear on your body with no explanation. These individuals who have been overcome by demons usually are known by the Mysterious Scratches that appear on their body while alive. Demon scratches on the body is a sign of being attacked and claimed by these demon people or shadow men. spying on you from behind, always lurking, and these Shadow Men have been seen by crystal meth users and non-drug users alike. Some people are naturally sensitive to the spiritual realm so when that person uses crystal meth, the evil realm explodes into their life.

On crystal meth, your soul and spirit are closer to the jaws of demons. You can see them more clearly, and you're more susceptible to giving into their wishes. "Shadow Men" or "Shadow People" are without a doubt glimpses of demons lurking about. REPEAT: You are not crazy!

Shadow People are being caught on tape around the World!

Exposing Shadow People, "Am I going crazy?"

If you have ever seen shadow people and you would like to share your experience, then please do so by leaving a comment describing your own experience with shadow people or shadow men. Demons and shadow people have a goal to separate you from everything by deceiving you into believing the lies that using crystal meth causes you to believe. Demons and shadow people cause you to doubt your own sanity, DON'T FALL FOR THAT TRICK!! Anytime you see shadow people it is usually never a good thing. People usually only seen them when living in some sort of sinful lifestyle or amidst troubles in the public or within the family so shadow people seem to be either attracted or the cause of terror or fearful times. We are here writing this article to say that these sightings, while using crystal meth, of demons and shadow people are Real, Shadow men and demons do exist and you may ask yourself..."Am I Crazy?"


Demons and shadow people are making me appear crazy to others

You're not crazy, just under attack from demons!!

You're not crazy, just under attack from demons!!

Exposing the Truth about Crystal Meth, Demons and Shadow people!

Note: The following comments may have some misspelling due to the fact that the comments were written in a time when the people were simply sharing their experiences with crystal meth, demons and shadow people and were not concerned with their spelling, nor are we, but we should mention that ALL comments have been copied and placed here in this article just as the comments were initially provided to us from the article, 'The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons', in order to give the respect and authenticity to the commenters.

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There has been a high level of comments on the article so just a very small fraction of those comments will be shown in this hub. Another reason for this particular hub is to allow some of these amazing comments to have a second chance to be heard since the number of comments in the original article, The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons, could possibly drown out some of these truly shocking stories of experience with crystal meth and demons. We find it a privilege and honor to possess and be able to share with you the comments of real people sharing real stories of their life while under the hammer of crystal meth, demons and shadow people. We hope you enjoy and are encouraged from reading their uncensored stories.

Shadow men are Demons!

I was so scared I fell to the ground and they pounced on me, growling loudly in my face and ears. They scratched me, hit me, beat me and kicked me for about 2 minutes... '"I am a Christian, and the reason they attack me is because I believe in God. They hate me because of that."' People who don't have Jesus in their hearts don't see them. And quite frankly think you are crazy for saying that you do. The reason the demons do not bother them is because they don't have to, they already have them.

— Matt H.

As crazy as this sounds it seems very true. Ive watched meth bring down very close friends of mine. Friends that were like my family an now we ride the streets looking to kill one another. Its amazing how it happened cuz of meth. One ex friend actually is now a member of a satanic drug cartel. An the other friend I still ride with speaks about the demons inside him. An the more I do this stuff I start to hear the whispers all around me. I need to lay off this meth so the demons don't grip me too

— J 14

Crystal Meth, Shadow People and Demons

Shadow People or Shadow Men

Author of Fear!!

God will never give you fear, something else is making you feel that, the only way to be rid I your fear is to confess with your mouth and believe in you're Jesus Christ is your lord AND savior. That's all you have to do. God is so great he made it that easy. A lot of people only know John 3:16 but read on through to verse 21 and you'll understand more of what I'm talking about.

— Jennifer

  • HELP Me! Prayers For My Family
    You will find Prayers for your family in this article. Families are being attacked by demons and shadow people but the Word of God can give you strength to keep your family because the devil wants to separate from your family!

Crystal Meth, Demons and Shadow People

...that's why their (Shadow Men or Demons) not burning in the abyss(hell) just yet, lucifer has promised them free roam...and... you didn't even know your soul was gone yet until it seems too late and as you march away reaching and grasping for faith to find,.. there is nothing there but a voice that used to be the holy spirit guiding you, but now is a well experienced simple or demon pulling you along whispering in your ear and it says.. "its too late"

— Angel, the Demon Sniper

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Bill cap on October 06, 2020:

How can I join the community in clyde?

bri nunn on June 13, 2020:

William yule if you see this please get ahold of me its urgent about your Pic on here I need ur help

lorelei on April 05, 2020:

so I am not crazy... I AM NOT CRAZY!!!!!!

Michelle Morgan on January 13, 2020:

Ive had major things happen will using. Evrryone one the home using. But got to me more than ever. Moved but it followed

William Yule on October 01, 2019:

Wow, as I spent the last 4 hours searching the web looking for a picture or story of one particular demon that seems too torment m life, I stumbled across this article and I am shocked. I thought I was losing my mind along with all my friends and family. I have proof of demon in a photo I took a few months ago. It’s as clear as day, I first took the selfie with colored lights on alone in my room. I then used another app to turn it into a sketch and sure enough, there was a creature sitting beside me as clear as day. You want to see it ? Click the link.

As I said before, it was a selfie and then saw something in the photo and somehow was brought to an app to change it into a sketch. That’s it, no joke, no BS , the demon is real and I believe that it wanted me too expose itself. I am not crazy, I am not making this up, I don’t even know how to alter a picture if I wanted too. It’s time I asked God for Help and allow Jesus into my life again. I will not play victim to this hell anymore.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on June 30, 2019:

Any prolonged drug use and abuse reduces the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical barriers people naturally have to ward off evil. But I think these shadow things pray on innocence as well. I saw them as a child, but calling on the name of Jesus caused them to flee in great haste. Although I haven't seen these things as an adult, I know what my fortress is. I have never used meth or been a substance abuser, but I've worked with individuals who have battled many types of addictions. Quite a few mentioned seeing things that didn't make sense when high, such as demons, ghosts, and shadow people. Your article was well written and gave good advice on how seeing these things can be related to extensive use of meth. Thank you.

Sanxuary on March 26, 2017:

I find this interesting because reports of demon possesion go back since the begining of time. I always found it incredibly odd that many people do not believe in God. Visit any prison or severe mental institution and you will find no lack of those who believe in the devil. The fact that drug abuse would introduce you to the darkness is no surprise but not reported much. If you want to escape the demons then you must find God. You do not have to be crazy to see demons and the sense of such presence can be detected sometimes even when you are right with God. A direct demonic attack is a very bad thing. In the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost make all evil be gone. Try that sometimes because it has never failed me. The truth is they will not go away until you change who you our. Its less about drugs but everything about good and evil. If you recognize the two and do good then you will force them to leave. Make your sanctuary and remove all evil from it. If you do not change your life before you die then you have already got a glimpse of what hell will soon be like. Never lie and you will find the truth. I am less about church but everything about learning on your own what your relationship with God is. Remember those untested often see religion they seldom practice. Those who our tested learn a very different faith and practice more and never call it religion. A good example is when I was a young believer I constantly wondered why I had evil thoughts about things I would never do in a million years. Then one day I realized I had no such thoughts in years. It takes time and practice. The difference between faith and religion. Faith is knowing that what you practice today is who you will be in heaven. Religion is the belief that your life here decides your belief in God. We live in purgatory within the realm of free will and its pretty close to being hell. God does not care about money, does not care about death because God controls such things, and God will not prevent the free will and foolishness of people who only exist in this World to destroy their lives and the lives of others. This life is temporary and an illusion where we remaim immature spiritually or we choose to grow up. Seeing demons is a bad blessing and a very big warning of where you our headed. Its the other world and a sighn that God no longer protects you. They will not go away until you fight them to exhaustion. You can not beat them only God can. I hope you all get rid of your demons and stop living for this World and start living for the next World. Like a near death expearience the devil can only show you the things of this World. People keep saying a zombie apocalypse is going to happen and I keep telling them its already going on. I see people wasting their lives and souls in the pursuit of bad decisions and evil. The Devil usually leaves those decieved alone. He attacks those he is still trying to defeat. The idea is you will give up your life and never try to escape.

emily boswell on March 20, 2017:

yes I seen evil dark shadow people it's all coming true meth people and satan's people

Dp on January 06, 2017:

I was using meth at the time but not on this day. I awoke in the middle of the night being choked by a shadow man with a brim hat. He was on top of me and both my knees were bent with my feet underneath my butt and my upper body hanging off the bed. I felt paralyzed and with the worst sense of dread and evil ive ever felt. But i was awake 100%. As i lay there unable to move and trying to breathe i heard a very demonic voice mumbling then a very calming woman voice arguing with him. She said " you cannot have him" then i heard him growling and mumbling back in that very demonic type voice, it was obvious they were fighting over me. I moved around and got my legs straightened out still struggling and trying to breathe. They were still talking back and forth when suddenly i felt my left leg get pulled real hard and it actually was in the air about a foot above the bed. It was then i screamed out"get off of me!" and squirmed off the bed and fell on the floor. I ran down the hallway and collapsed on the couch where my girlfriend was sleeping and woke her up to tell her what i just went through.

unknow ONE. on June 06, 2016:

i read this and i dont , know what to think about this but to me it dont sound like anything i been told about ghosts or demons , i know we been called demons for a long time by white ppl , u c im a native person and we r still getting hurt by white , i just think that white ppl just want to try and rule the world still but they r losing theres more new ppl coming in to this world , and if u r a believer in god even just a little bit he still loveS u he dont give up on u , u dont get judge when u r alive on earth .. god loves everyone on earth AMEN..

"Ashamed" on May 09, 2016:

I have ways been a closet meth user. I have been tomented by sending demons who follow me making me think that people are laughing at me talking about me and calling me by my sin. I I have I have luster issues with sex and pornography. D on method there is nothing stopping me from watching porn I'm not gay but I even watch that kind of porn knowing it's sick and about gains what God wills . I give into this nasty practice like it's programed into my head . I am ashamed but God loves my soul and I'm praying for release from the bond age of pornography and drugs.

Anonymous on December 27, 2015:

Reading through several postings I have had similar experiences and also friends with similar experiences. Growing up as a Christian but not living like one and about 8 years ago I was into doing meth occasionally but also smoking crack. So, smoking crack one day and watching some very evil porn which I later found was made by a confessed Satanist (Rob Black from Extreme Associates) and I heard hail Satan three times seeming to be coming from outside. Even being super paranoid and high I thought for sure someone could see in my place and was messing with me. From then on, I never was able to get high again without voices mostly trying to make me nervous and yelling the cops are coming and so on. I could write a lot about it but it would be too long. I tried to just ignore the voices after I figured they were not real people but when you smoke crack or do meth it makes you too edgy and I would also get paranoid. I will leave out most of details as except I only one time saw something which was a bright light in my bedroom and I still have no explanations as it was not a helicopter or person and I live higher on the second story than anyone near me. Continuing to get high I heard a nice voice one time and I thought it said Matthew 7:13. I actually had a Bible somewhere and opened and read the verse regarding narrow is the way onto life, broad is the way onto destruction. So, that freaked me out a little. Anyways, I stopped getting high although I did a couple times afterwards but the voices never really completely stopped and I still live with them 8 year later although no where near as bad as they were. I couple of times they have told me things that came true and I thought no way possible which is a big reason I am sure they are spirits and not just me losing my mind. I get mad at God for letting them mess with me although it temporarily helps to pray sometimes. I know it is my fault and sometimes still sin especially in my anger which usually makes it worse. At the same time, I don't get why Satan would reveal any kind of proof of his existence as it often turns people like me back to Jesus and going to church. I suppose I will know someday and could speculate but not really the point right now. Partly the reason why I am writing this as I don't tell hardly anyone about this since most would think I am bipolar or something mentally wrong but I am writing this as a warning and also it is the probably last thing Satan would want and he and his demons are real assholes. I'm not exactly big on God and Jesus either right now but still trying and believe God is the winning side in the end and ultimately wants good for everyone.

One of my friends is a meth user and has seen a shadow person, another saw a soldier and he freaked out so bad he stuck a knife through his wrist and has forever lost his ability of using that hand then same as the nerves were cut. Another friend was up for a few days and saw balls of light everywhere and following him around. Just saying, when I see a lot of people with the same type of experiences you can start to rule out these as hallucinations. Not everyone ends up hearing voices and seeing spirits. I did a lot of meth, up for days and was just fine except for the horrible come down. I really have always seen myself as somewhat conservative and sensible person and this is that last thing that would happen to me. Just wanted to share my experience.

Besarien from South Florida on December 23, 2015:

I'm a mom. I know what all your mothers would say. "Stop doing crystal meth." Don't give drugs power over you.

joe on November 01, 2015:

On meth i saw veitnam soldiers coming out of holes on santa monica blvd in a couched position. Later i learned they used to tunnel under thr ground in the wat

Tamara from U.S.A. on September 19, 2015:

The reason I do not believe they're a mix is because I was dealing with a demon messing with me for almost three months after my good friend committed suicide. I heard communication from what I believed was God and the devil but I couldn't decipher them. I think in hindsight it was the devil confusing me but I knew little about God then. I was told for at least two weeks by the one I thought was God to kill myself to show my loyalty to God like Abraham only it was kill myself not my son. I gave in after two weeks. I was never found (I carefully planned it). I took an overdose of medicine that shuts your body down. Mind you I did NOT want to do this. I only did because I thought it was God. Anyway God's peace was with me because I had no fear and the place I went to with the bridge...I knew I was supposed to be afraid. The shadow people shared the same essence as the one/s messing with me when I was alive. I actually shared the experience with friends and those who believed me got to see firsthand what I was going through. One time I asked it who it was, in front of friends, and it said the devil so my friends could hear it. Mind you I was not on drugs nor were they. This is why I believe they are demons and not a mix.

Tamara from U.S.A. on September 19, 2015:

I had a friend who did meth that believed he was Christ and Satan combined. He became obsessed with letter to number associations. He was clearly out there but he was nice.

I have seen shadow people in a very solid form (when I died but God pulled me back to life-never saw a doctor). They were solid black like the place I was at before. It being the deepest black I have ever known. They spoke telepathically to me as did I to them. They all had the same average build and were about an inch shorter than me. They were telling me to cross this bridge but my foot was being held. They pulled my hands and arms but I could not budge. I didn't know shadow people existed until this experience (I had never heard of them). I do not believe they are a mix of human and demon. I believe they are straight demon. Demons are not made the same as us. If they are strictly spiritual they could easily shift shape. The bible does say that Satan comes as an angel of light. I will warn people up front that Satan is not obvious in his deception. It could be something like coaxing you to agree with a thought like "white lies aren't bad they stop me from hurting other peoples' feelings". The thoughts can be 95% truth with 5% lies that can destroy your loyalty to God. Please be aware and alert to your thoughts and let the bible be a reference to what is true and right.

crisco1 on August 04, 2015:

Wow I cannot believe I actually found this site full of so many people who understand what I have gone through and have gone through it as well. I have spent many years being tormented by these shadow men and many other different shapes and forms of demons, including some that are very small even as small as bugs. I have been an intravenous drug user for years and have experienced this as well. Every time I would get high they would be all around and many of them and they would torment me and scare me with noises , physical contact and my dog always knew they were around as well. I am clean now and trying my best to walk with God again. I was raised a Christian but strayed for a long time. All these experiences have scared me back on track and I hope to stay strong and faithful. I love Jesus my Savior and Pray to God to have mercy on my soul and help me to stay on track.

A.Jäcklin on July 08, 2015:

This November I'll be sober for 4 yrs. from all drugs & alcohol. My addiction to Methamphetamine began 4 yrs. ago when my life took a turn on the Highway to Hell. About 1 year into my Methamphetamine addiction I began to use it intravenously. The "Shadows" were everywhere to be seen by not just myself, but from my friend who was using with me. My dog would literally chase these shadows, which always threw me into a dither. In my house there is a 3 by 5 skylight window where these dark shadows seemed to haunt me the most. I believed that they were on top of the roof of the house, so I made a pair of tree trimmers and hacked all of the branches off that were anywhere near the roof. There was also this portion of the fence that was bent and damaged where someone was repeatedly jumping the fence. My dog had led me to that portion of the fence several times on an uproar barking as if there were an intruder. Although smoking & snorting Methamphetamine is a negative proposition it does not compare to the realms which become visible after injecting that poison into one's veins. The memories are certainly clear and vivid, which will never be forgotten.

Ronald Stephanie WISEMAN (author) on January 23, 2015:

Faith Reaper, you have added Life and Truth to this hub with your comment. Thank you very much.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on January 22, 2015:

Wow, this is interesting. I know that demons are real and that they and the angels are battling over us each day in the unseen realm. I do not know of "Shadow men" but when one is in spiritual warfare, the real deal warfare, speaking forth truth, which is the Word of God and casting out demons in the name of Jesus' when we know one of our family members is under attack. The enemy, satan, comes to steal, kill and destroy, and he will use any means to do such. I do not capitalize his name for I do not want to give him any glory. If one opens a door to allow evil to come into one's life, then evil will surely come right on in no doubt about it.

The mind is the main battlefield for satan, as he loves to whispers false imaginations into one's ears in an attempt to get us to believe his lies. He has had thousands of years to practice what he does best, and that is deception and lies.

The best thing to do each day is to put on the full armor of God, which is the belt of truth, the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God, which can cut through those lies of the enemy. If you know you or anyone is under spiritual attack, it is most likely because you are dangerous to satan by spreading the truth, God's Word (which is living and active, and never comes back void). You know you are doing something right then because you have ticked off the enemy by sharing God's truth with those who are lost, and when one does that, one will surely come under attack. But the One who is in us, is greater than the one who is in this world. All one needs to do is call out the name of Jesus and tell the demons to leave and go as far as the east is from the west, and be dropped where no man dwells in Jesus' name. They must leave. If your faith is strong and you believe, they know they have no power of you in this life. Satan knows he has already lost the battle, but he is on a rampage to take as many with him.

Those who are on drugs such as you have described, their mind and body is under attack, and satan is working really hard to kill them, which is his ultimate goal, before they are saved by the grace of the Lord God.

One can anoint with oil all of the entrances into one's home, and they will not enter. They cannot enter.

Up interesting and useful

God bless you and keep you. In His Love, Faith Reaper

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