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Exploring the Impact of Manipulation on Cultures and Personalities: How Developed Societies Use Opportunities as a Tool

Exploiting Thoughts

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

In the modern world, wars have taken on various forms. With the establishment of modern weapons, including nuclear weapons, war has evolved into a hypocritical form. The basic reason behind a war remains the same as it was before when nations use tanks or guns to destroy their opponents. Now, with the establishment of various modern weapons, the chances of physical war are comparatively less. Instead, other forms of war, such as economic war and manipulation, are considered broader forms of war in this modern era.

Manipulation in Today's World: How Control and Exploitation Impact Society's Personality and Culture

Cultures are always important for any civilized nation, but unfortunately, they are one of the greatest victims of today's war techniques. Cultures consist of the norms, moral values, and behavior of humans towards a particular thing while living in a social circle. Cultures are also linked with people's beliefs and thoughts, which they will not compromise at any cost.

Personality is associated with a person's qualities or habits that distinguish them from any other person, either of the same or different culture. Every society has famous personalities who are considered so because of their character or profession. For example, in most societies, cricket stars and film stars are considered above normal human beings because of their profession or role in their specific fields.

Manipulation is the behavior of dominating others for specific gains. According to psychology, manipulation is linked with exploitation and control. Control is the first step toward manipulation. The one who manipulates first controls or dominates the opponent's mind, and this control or dominance leads to exploitation or destruction at extreme levels.

Opportunity and Compromise

Opportunity is linked with chances, or, directly, an opportunity is a chance for a person with a specific character or personality to go ahead. Chances are required and desired by every human being, so it is quite natural that we will go towards opportunity as it is a fascination for human beings. This opportunity becomes more fascinating in societies where talent mostly goes to waste. When a young man is provided with the opportunity to utilize his natural talent on platforms that he could never dream of, this is where the cultural fight starts. When a young man who has suffered for many years, struggling to cash in on his talent or enjoy his dream life, is offered all the incentives for which he has been struggling for years, he usually makes up his mind about some compromise that he is going to make for the accomplishment of his dreams. These compromises are the main weakness of societies where human talent is never flourished or appreciated. These weaknesses are used by developed societies to manipulate developing societies.

Reasons Behind Manipulation Policy

The reasons behind the manipulation policy adopted by developed societies are as follows:

  • Developed societies want underdeveloped societies to remain dependent on them.
  • They don't want such societies to develop and be on the same level as them.
  • They just want to keep them oppressed so they can easily adjust to such societies according to their benefits.
  • Manipulation leads to a situation where the victim society starts fighting against each other, so such a situation will never allow such societies to work on character-building, education, and so on.
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Keeping Things Under Control

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

How Developed Societies Manipulate?

The main trick to manipulate is by providing opportunities and, in return, demanding that the individuals to whom opportunities are being provided, work against the values of their society or adopt their culture if they want to avail opportunities. As a result, modern societies force such persons to do acts that are not allowed in their cultural or moral values. For example, South East Asian culture is generally very concerned about women and considers them as precious thing that needs to be protected. In South East Asian culture, relationships between men and women are considered very private, and open relationships are not allowed or liked by people living in South East Asia. On the other hand, if we broadly look at western culture, they are less worried about relationships between men and women. They call themselves modernized nations and care less about things that are sensitive in South East Asian culture. Recently, an actor from a South East Asian country was called upon by the western film industry, stating that they wanted him to play a role in one of the Netflix seasons. Shortly after, he was selected and played his role. During his role, he was found doing an intimate scene that was against the culture to which he belongs. This surely will have a reaction from South East Asian people and the reaction was obvious. There was huge criticism of the actor's actions because local people don't want their famous personalities to get involved in values that are against their culture. So, after recalling the above scenario, we come to know that developed societies manipulate other underdeveloped societies by providing them with opportunities that are against their basic moral values. This trick also results in the loss of the reputation of talented young people in their society, which also benefits the developed societies in a way that no talented individuals will come out from underdeveloped societies and make their way toward developed societies. If such manipulation in the name of opportunity continues and completes several cycles, it will result in cultural dominance. This means that such things will become common in underdeveloped societies, and they will consider them as their own culture, resulting in the complete loss of culture. So, the individual existence of society will vanish, and it will result in following a specific culture that can't differentiate people on a cultural basis. Individual existence is an important factor as it allows a nation to have policies according to its basic beliefs. If this independent or individual existence gets out of way, then a single culture will dominate, resulting in exploitation and destruction everywhere. This dominance of culture needs to be addressed as early as possible. This is only possible if societies sacrifice their self-interest for the interest of mankind.

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