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Evil Lurks in a Socialist Dress.

Living in small cities across America, I learned to enjoy and appreciate the freedoms I had. What is attacking our freedoms now?



Socialism is like everything goes into a big pot, and thennnnn, -- use your imagination. . Some of it didn't go into the pot. It doesn't come out equally divided portions. Who owns the pot? Rats eat the same as the humans. The pot gets segregated. The pot is sent to war without any choice. The flavor of the product is decided for ya, but how can that be? If you thought independently, or saved anything, you're considered a criminal. Police are all over the pot. Did you notice when the pot started to boil? What? There are socialist leaders with privilege? Their kids get better schooling? What, my neighbors spying on me? Everyone lives in fear? Curfews? Machine guns everywhere? Social nationalist school curriculum? Mass medical/pandemic caused death? Restricted use of medication? Special passes to drive to work? Churches with only state allowed sermons? Political witch-hunts for dissidents? Assumed guilt based on accusation of crime? Any violence on any level is terrorism? Only Anti-Christian religion allowed? Vigilantes? Feels like you're in a foreign country, fear everywhere, afraid to look at anything or speak your opinion. Lastly, the thought police, and electronic monitoring of the public. There are police drones with camera's, robot snoop dogs, and electric fences everywhere. What did we say it is? Communism socialism? Arab Islam law? Third world dictator law? Or modern-western capitulation to WHO, and UN and world domination?

History Repeats Itself

Throughout time, many civilizations have been identified as socialists. Socialist in the sense that the majority of the people live under the rule and authority of a few elites and they generally pretend that its all equal. The main thing to point out is that socialism is a doctrine, and has guidelines. It can exist in Communist or free states.

Ancient civilizations show us that from inception, it was not long before a group of people or a tribe began to make laws and exercise regulations that were supposedly for the "good of all". But what inevitably happened along the way, was that the "strong" ended up ruling the "weak". and truly even until today, if your ability to make independent decisions is taken away, you become a victim of the powers of socialism. Oh, they will let you out on a short string, just so far, and a tell tale example is that you are forbidden by this socialist power to have meetings in groups, or to speak of anything that is out of line with the state. In our society today, in the western world, in fact in America, society's dictates separate family order, values and religious belief's in favor of state policy, (limited) individual rights, and social doctrine. We can see trends based on marriage statistics, single parenthood organizations, university staffing with curriculum of deviancy, and other methods of indoctrination. This is capped with the larger issue today of Human Rights Violations set by World Health Organization. Another is the all-powerful CDC office that seems to operate independently of the Constitutional government, supreme court and state government. Its like it has become the dictatorship of socialism and communism that is trying to spread through our country and break up our freedoms and bill of rights. A little bit of something is good, but a lot of bad policy is quite terrible, which we have just seen in the management 2020-2022 Covid-19 pandemic. It's as if it was preloaded with a desire to break up our nations individual rights and freedoms.

But across the world, weakened economies are now fighting back to try to regain a resemblance of stability. In the midst of this, unvetted, illegal immigration has been allowed to the point that we are having a different threat of unknown crime elements and possibly terrorists slipping into our country.

The thing to take away from this is that if Americans are left alone, they will thrive and produce a good economy. If we use our Christian heritage, we will regain good leadership and world standing. Otherwise we will slowly fall into the ditch of social disease rife with low productivity, fear, and failure.

© 2022 Oscar Jones

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