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Evidence Of Accomplices and Other Shooters Omitted by the Las Vegas Police Report on the Mass Casualty Event


The following is a partial round-up of possible evidence of multiple shooters in the Las Vegas shooting, which contradicts the statement made by Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo on October 9, 2017 that "we have uncovered no evidence of a second shooter." The possible evidence also contradicts the conclusion of the official report released last January, the LVMPD Preliminary Investigative Report 1 October Mass Casualty Shooting (hence referred to as Preliminary Report) that the massacre was the work of a lone gunman, the deceased Stephen Paddock.

Law enforcement had concluded, long before the investigation was complete, and which is ongoing, that Paddock acted alone. Some of the evidence is nearly inexplicable any other way than to conclude multiple gunmen, at least one using a weapon with the precise rate of fire of a belt-fed M240 or similar machine gun, 600 rounds-per-minute.

This is intended to be a simple presentation of evidence which has not been addressed by law enforcement. For those who dismiss such questioning as promoting "conspiracy theories," it is well to remember that the present official conclusion on the JFK assassination is that JFK was murdered in a "conspiracy" involving more than one gunman. The bipartisan 1976 House Select Committee on Assassinations reversed the earlier Warren Commission's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and wrote: "The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy." In addition, RFK Junior, Bobby's son, once told Charlie Rosehe thought it may have been "rogue CIA" that was behind the murder of his uncle, but not the organization as a whole.

Overlooked Las Vegas Shooting Evidence

  • The Taxi Video. In this video, at time mark :43 seconds, a distant gun can be heard opening up firing three discrete bursts, forty seconds after the last earsplitting burst overhead. A sound event which is observed 40 seconds after a prior burst is not an echo. Moreover the distant bursts differ in number of rounds fired from the prior loud seven-round volley. Some speculate that the quieter bursts are fired from the room 32134, 20 feet distant from the main firing position in room 32135. Or that it was gunfire turned inward at Jesus Campos. But the video does not begin recording until about four minutes after the Preliminary Report determines that Paddock fired the shots at Campos, according to a synchronization of the gunfire shown from different angles, below. The Preliminary Report states that the shots were fired at Campos at 2206 hours, one minute after the few first shots fired into the crowd below, at 2205 hours.

Synchronization of gunfire from different camera angles in Las Vegas

  • Distant gunfire has a distinct sound signature which is lower in frequency due to the attenuation over distance of the higher frequencies in the report. This is the principle which allows one to determine that lightning is distant, because the thunder is lower pitch, a rumble before it becomes a loud crack when it is closer. Also illustrative is the sound coming from a car playing loud music as it approaches, at first only the bass range being discernible, then higher frequencies. Indeed, the taxi driver's ear, the most reliable as she was at the source, immediately identified the sound as distant. Military infantrymen are trained to estimate the distance of a machine gun judging from the sound.

Taxi driver video at :43 seconds

- The Rate of Fire. The rate of fire heard throughout most of the shooting can be measured to be 600 rounds per minute, the exact rate of fire of an M240 belt-fed machine gun. The rate of a bump-fired AR, which Paddock was alleged to be using, is 800 - 900 RPM.

- The Testimony of Multiple Witnesses. The testimony of one witness alone can be unreliable. However, testimony can corroborate and become convincing enough to be accepted in criminal courts of law. Below is a compilation of some of the better known witness evidence, as well as this Vietnam Veteran here. The compilation also discusses rate-of-fire.

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If there were no other discrepancies and oddities in the official story but these, it would justify calling the flawed investigation a cover-up. The omission of evidence is systematic in that the evidence omitted fits the pattern of supporting a theory of multiple shooters. The testimony inludes:

- Rick Ardito, appearing on the Jeff Rense Show on October 16th.

Ardito recounts:

"I'm a shooter, I belong to a private gun club...that sounded like these people were within maybe 150, 200 yards at most...this gun couldn't have been more than 200 yards away from us based on how loud it was from where we were."

- Kimberley Suchomel, now deceased, who also adamantly maintained there was more than one shooter, and also described shooting at ground level.

- Rocky Palermo, who was wounded interviewed by CNN about his injuries, in his oral history video.

Palermo maintained that his recollection was not isolated, and that:

"every other person that I've talked to, that unfortunately did get hit as well, have all said the same things."

The Las Vegas preliminary police report, released on January 18, 2018, makes no mention of any of these witnesses or evidence. It is possible that law enforcement is not aware of it. However, Rocky Palermo stated in his recollections that he had been interviewed by the FBI before being released from the hospital, and that he had "told them the same thing I'm telling you now," with no follow up calls.

  • The D James Analysis. It should also be of great interest to law enforcement that a citizen investigator has published a video analysis which shows a shiny object like a shard of glass, clearly visible but previously overlooked in a well-known camera angle, falling beneath the area of the Mandalay Bay where Paddock's rooms were located. The investigator argues that even the timeline of the Preliminary Report shows there must have been two men at work at the time the shooting started: one shooting, and one breaking out glass. It is possible with the correct tools to calculate the terminal velocity of the object, and thus determine the approximate height from which it was dropped.
Possible shard of glass dropping from Paddock's room, caught on video.

Possible shard of glass dropping from Paddock's room, caught on video.

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