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Every Time Trump Opens His Mouth He Lies

I put nothing pass Trump to be elected. He had lived about everything else, why not lie about the virus.


Most of Trump Supporters Wore No Masks

The president of the United States stood before his supporters at a rally in North Carolina, not wearing his mask. Trump stared out into the audience making promises to his supporters, if elected I will make America a superpower For four years these same supporters have watched these president lie without justification or remorse. Trump doesn't care about anyone except himself, look what he said to the families who lost their loved ones to this deadly pandemic.

Trump had over six months to enforce rules and regulations against a deadly virus that has taken the lives of over 2hundred thousand plus lives and did nothing but down played the seriousness of this pandemic. Trump wasn't responsible for the Virus coming to America but ignored his medical experts when the predicted the outcome of this deadly pandemic. It was the duty of the president to warn the public, what they might be facing. There is no reason while president Trump shouldn't have this virus in control, Trump is telling Americans to just live with this deadly Virus. It's a few days before the 20/20 election and every American is obligated to vote for the candidate who will put our country and American first.

The coronavirus for months have taken the lives of thousands of people and the president has done nothing to help curb the virus. Trump was hospitalized for three days and was vagarious cured, it makes one wonder if Trump ever had the virus. It's time for Americans to stop thinking that their vote doesn't count, it really does to get this dangerous man out of the White house.

African Americans Trump lies and says he has done more for you than any other president, what have he done? Trump has disrespected strong Black and Brown women, Black athletics and the first Black president of the United States. Donald Trump is one of the most danger presidents in History and need to be voted out of office, along with his Republican friends . Vote him out.

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Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on October 26, 2020:

America was once one of the greatest counties in the world until Donald Trump entered the oval office as president of the United States . For four years Trump has caused nothing but mayhem, he has divided our nation, stirred up racist and down played a virus that have taken the lives 223plus lives

Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on October 24, 2020:

If Trump loose the election he will never leave the White House peaceful. He is Looking for the people who he refuse to denounce to come forward and protest. JMD.

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