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Every State is Best at Something: What’s Your State Known For?


Yesterday I posted an article here on HubPages about how every state in the nation ranks worst at something. But why be negative? A blog called Political Language did a post about what each state ranks highest for or is best at. Here are the results:

1.     Alabama: Most Church-going People. It’s arguable about whether or not this is a good thing but apparently it’s a fact.

2.     Alaska: Most Equal in Income. There isn’t a lot of income disparity between the various people who live in this state.

3.     Arizona: Where the Sun Shines. Yes, Florida, we’re sorry but my home state of Arizona is the sunniest of all.

4.     Arkansas: Helping to Save People from Fire. Arkansas has the most bromine production in the nation. Bromine is used in flame retardants.

5.     California: Least Likely to Die at Work. This state has the lowest occupational fatality rate in the nation. That’s good, isn’t it?

6.     Colorado: Least Obese State. I can’t help but cynically wonder if this has to do with the fact that it ranks highest in cocaine use. That said, low obesity rates generally indicate better health.

7.     Connecticut: Fewest Carbon Dioxide Emissions. That’s healthy.

8.     Delaware: Best State To Incorporate Your Business. Ever wondered why so many of your credit card companies are based in Delaware? There you go.

9.     Florida: Where College is Affordable. This state has the lowest college tuition rates for residents.

10.  Georgia: Home of the Busiest Airport. That’s something to be proud of.

11.  Hawaii: Most Likely to Live. Hawaii has the highest cost of living but it also has the highest life expectancy. Maybe you’re paying for a higher quality of life!

12.  Idaho: Where Computers are Made. This state has the highest per capita rate for computer manufacturing.

13.  Illinois: Where Normal People Live. This state is considered the “most average” of all states in the nation. Some people like just being average.

14.  Indiana: A Place Where Vice-Presidents are Born. Apparently more vice-presidents have come out of Indiana than any other state.

15.  Iowa: Least Likely to Call In Sick. People in Iowa have the lowest rate of sick days. This either means they are healthy or they like their jobs, both of which are good.

16.  Kansas: Home of Wheat. This state has the highest wheat production in the nation.

17.  Kentucky: Where You Can Easily Own a Gun. If you’re a huge fan of the second amendment then you might like Kentucky, the state with the highest rate of gun ownership.

18.  Louisiana: Most Likely to Have Ships Come In. This state is home to the busiest port in the nation.

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19.  Maine: Where You Are Safe from Violent Crime. Maine may have pros and cons but one great thing to note is its low violent crime rate compared to the rest of the country.

20. Maryland: Where Average People Live Well. This state has the highest median household income in the nation.

21. Massachusetts: Where People Graduate from College. This state has the most college graduates in the country.

22. Michigan: Best Access to Freshwater. This state has the worst unemployment in the nation but at least those unemployed folks can easily spend their time near freshwater.

23. Minnesota: Healthiest Hearts. Minnesota has fewer cardiovascular deaths than any other state in the country.

24. Mississippi: Where It’s Easy to Find a Church. More people may go to church in Alabama but it’s easier to find a church in Mississippi because it has more churches than any other state. Probably needs to be that way considering that they rank dead last in a lot of other areas.

25. Missouri: Most Likely to Vote In a President. This state almost always votes for the person who ends up being the president of the United States.

26. Montana: Where Native Americans Have a Voice. The legislature of this state has the best representation of American Indians in the nation.

27. Nebraska: Where People Can Be Trusted. This Midwest state has the lowest rate of public corruption in the nation.

28.  Nevada: Where Hookers Aren’t Penalized. If you support decriminalization of prostitution then this state is a good one to live in.

29. New Hampshire: Where People Have Money. This New England state has the lowest poverty rate in the country. Poor people apparently just don’t live here.

30. New Jersey: Most Likely to Choose to Live. The lowest suicide rate in the country is in New Jersey.

31. New Mexico: Where the World's First Purpose-Built Commercial Spaceport Is. Enough said.

32. New York: Where People Ride Public Transportation. This state may have the longest commute in the nation but it also has the most number of people using public transportation. That’s good for the planet. Yay New York.

33. North Carolina: Where It’s Affordable To Go To College. Florida has the best college tuition rates for in-state residents. However, North Carolina offers the best total value for its public colleges.

34. North Dakota: Where People Work. This state has the lowest rate of unemployment.

35. Ohio: Most Likely to Visit a Library. This was actually listed as a “worst” thing in the original article although I had no idea why it would be a bad thing. I’m glad to see that it’s now considered the best thing about the state instead.

36. Oklahoma: Most Likely to Have a Great License Plate. There’s actually an annual award given for this and Oklahoma is the winner.

37. Oregon: Most Likely to be Breastfed as a Baby. This is good for the health of the baby. It is based on the fact that Oregon has the highest rate of babies being breastfed at the age of six months.

38. Pennsylvania: Where People Hunt. I personally don’t consider this a good thing but the state was ranked as the state with the most hunters.

39.  Rhode Island: Where Coal Use Is Low. This little state uses the least coal per capita.

40. South Carolina: Most Likely to Golf. This state has more golf holes than any other state in the nation. That’s holes, not courses. Interesting.

41. South Dakota: Where Mental Health is Good. People are least likely to take a mental health day off of work in this state. Either they have good mental health or they don’t want to take the time for themselves when they need it. The latter wouldn’t be a good thing.

42. Tennessee: Where People Get Their Shots. Tennessee has the highest immunization rates in the nation. This is a controversial topic lately because some parents don’t immunize and it can affect the health of other people’s children.

43. Texas: Where Wind Power is Being Born. This state has the most wind power right now, an important renewable energy resource that is on the cutting edge of development.

44. Utah: Most Likely to Be Happy. People self-report that they are happy and feel good about life more in this state than any other state. Interestingly this state has the highest rate of online porn subscriptions also. Correlation?

45. Vermont: Most Likely to be Healthy. This is the state that is ranked as overall the healthiest in the nation.

46.  Virginia: Where Presidents are Born. The most vice-presidents have come from Indiana but the most presidents are from Virginia.

47. Washington: Where Babies are Most Likely to Live. This state has the lowest infant mortality rate in the nation. It also has the highest SAT scores among states that actually use the SAT.

48. West Virginia: A Place where People Retire. I would’ve thought Florida or Arizona had the most retirees but the honor actually goes to West Virginia.

49. Wisconsin: Most Likely to Graduate From High School. That’s a good thing to be known for,

50. Wyoming: Cleanest Air. I live in the state with the dirtiest air (California) so I can appreciate that.

What do you think of your state now?!


Cynthia Hoover from Newton, West Virginia on March 11, 2015:

I have to admit since West Virginia gets a lot of bad things said about it in movies and on social media. I was not expecting it to be a state people choose to retire in. I love my state so it gave me some warm fuzzies! Thanks for the great article! Voted up!

Mmargie1966 from Gainesville, GA on March 03, 2012:

Great hub idea! Lots of fun...voted up!

I'm not so sure about the answers for two states I've lived in, though. Born and raised in FL, I would say it is a tropical elephant graveyard. Because of all the snow bird retirees.

I'm currently living in South Carolina, I would say it is hugely historical. It has a tremendous amount of Revolutionary War history, and, of course, the first battle of the Civil War was fought here.

Just my did a great job!

speedbird from Nairobi, Kenya on February 25, 2011:

Very interesting facts..keep up the good writing

Susan Mills from Indiana on February 09, 2011:

I saw this the other day and had decided to do a "best" and "worst" when I was finished with my "dumbest laws" series.

You beat me to it! Nicely done.

I think I'll go write about duct tape now..... :)

Hezekiah from Japan on February 09, 2011:

My home town Birmingham is famous for Indian Baltimore curries.

jaymelee23 from United States on February 09, 2011:

Here's the official site: I goofed and included the wrong link.

jaymelee23 from United States on February 09, 2011:

Pennsylvania is known for the birthplace of oil. Titusville, Pennsylvania to be more specific. Edwin Drake drilled the first successful well in 1859. They celebrated 150 Years in 2009. You should include that for Pennsylvania. =)

Kathryn Vercillo (author) from San Francisco on February 09, 2011:

@PetyonFarquhar ... The source is linked to at the top of the post. It's Political Blog.

50th.bday.ideas on February 09, 2011:

Being from Canada, this was very informative, especially since it spelled out all the states - which I don't know :) Some notes to take when I decide to travel for sure!! Next, someone should research Canada too!

jtevans70 from Pacific Northwest on February 09, 2011:

Brilliant hub idea. Hey, I'm from The Bay Area, California and have always been proud to be the state and city with thee original jeans, Levis are from.

P. Thorpe Christiansen from Pacific Northwest, USA on February 09, 2011:

very interesting

PeytonFarquhar from So Cal on February 09, 2011:

Source of these factoids please.

Brutus Orkney from AZ on January 28, 2011:

Go AZ!...I just wish we had a little more ocean here rather than so much desert.

2patricias from Sussex by the Sea on January 28, 2011:

What a good idea for a hub! This will do well. You can trust me on that - I was born in Nebraska.

Hello, hello, from London, UK on January 28, 2011:

Very interesting and informative.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 27, 2011:

I had no idea that Texas lead in wind power. That's a good thing!

Nan Mynatt from Illinois on January 27, 2011:

How did you do all this research, great job!

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