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Jeffrey Epstein Speaks from the Grave

Conspiracies are sometimes proven but many times they linger for decades.

Pedophile, sex offender, Jeffery Epstein

Pedophile, sex offender, Jeffery Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein the grifter

Jeffrey Epstein was a very smart individual and he used those smarts to use people. He learned to play the piano at age 5 and was into music. He graduated from high school 2 years early and then he went off to college. In 1974, he dropped out of college without a degree and somehow managed to get hired as a teacher that same year; teaching physics and mathematics. He was fired from this job in 1976.

Through a connection made at his first job, he was hired on at Bear Stearns, but was asked to leave in 1981 for violating policy. He then started IAG (Intercontinental Assets Group Inc.). Floating around from companies, foundations, etc. and then began J.Epstein and Company.

Epstein convinced Leslie Wexner, owner of Victoria Secrets/LBrands to sign over power of attorney to him. With this he used Wexner's money like it was his own.

Jeffrey Epstein was a chameleon of sorts and was able to be who he needed to be to get what he wanted done. Epstein used the weak to get what he wanted.

Donald Trump called Jeffrey Epstein a "terrific guy" and "lots of fun to be with"

Donald Trump called Jeffrey Epstein a "terrific guy" and "lots of fun to be with"

Trump back-peddles about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Donald Trump once claimed that Jeffrey Epstein was "terrific guy" and how he was "a lot of fun to be with", he even mentioned that he "liked them younger" and then laughed.

Photographs of Trump and Epstein show up as early as 1992 and he can be seen in photographs with Trump and Meliana, whom Trump met in 1998. According to Mark Epstein, brother of Jeffrey Epstein; Trump and Jeffrey Epstein were really good friends and that Trump flew many times in Epstein's plane.

It was also revealed in Epstein's black book that he had 14 phone numbers for Donald Trump and members of his staff.

And the conspiracy begins:

The little black book and flight schedule

Why would Donald Trump the billionaire with his own planes need to hop a flight with Epstein?

Why so many phone numbers and why did Epstein need to get in touch with Donald Trump's staff if Trump wasn't a fan of Epstein?

Why did Epstein have Ivana and Ivanka contact information as well?

Why did he have Trump's brother Robert and his wife's contact information as well?

Donald Trump's attorney, Alan Garten has gone on record to say that Trump had no relationship with Mr. Epstein and had no knowledge of his conduct. Yet, there are videos, photographs and documents that prove differently.

Not to mention, the Trump family contact information on his phone. for someone that just knew him like everybody else knew him, it looks a lot more like they were closer than he leads on.

Looks like a big fan of Epstein

Donald Trump's disposable friends

One thing America has learned in the last 3 years is that Donald Trump expects loyalty, but he doesn't give it. His friends are only his friends as long as they agree with him and he needs them.

The story of his breakup with Epstein is one of a friend who was bidding on a property that Trump wanted.

Is that true or just another lie made up by Donald J. Trump to distance himself from Jeffrey Epstein and his activity?

What really happened between Trump and Bill Clinton?

The entire world knows that Bill Clinton was unfaithful to his wife and his marriage. Even Donald Trump went on national television saying how he felt sorry for Hillary. This coming from a man that cheated on both his wives. Was it that Hillary ran for President against him?

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Since Epstein's arrest in July of 2019, Donald Trump has been giddy, to the point of the cat that swallowed the canary about Clinton being caught up in this saga. And with the death of Jeffrey Epstein, Trump is now peddling a conspiracy theory of Clinton paying to have Epstein killed.

Why? What does he know and how involved was Trump?

Several of these girls have said that they were to get information from these powerful men they were with and give it Epstein.

The names that have been reported so far are mostly Democrats and Democratic donors and foreigners.

  • Bill Richardson, New Mexico
  • Glen Dublin
  • George Mitchel
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Marvin Minksy (deceased)
  • Prince Andrew
  • Jean -Luc Brunel (modeling agency owner)

One could understand the anger that his death has caused Trump and Barr. They had high profile Democrats possible going down once everything came out in court.

Then why did Republican Alexander Acosta cut him such a sweet deal?

Which Republicans was he protecting? And why haven't these women now mentioned anyone other than Democrats?

It would have ousted Dems, what better thing for a Republican in an election year?

If Jeffrey Epstein was into gathering information for leverage, it wouldn't matter what party affiliation they belonged to, information is information and information is power.

Former President Clinton and Donald Trump were golfing buddies

Former President Clinton and Donald Trump were golfing buddies

Debunked by Snopes. The photo was not taken in Epstein's plane, if this is Rachel Chandler, she would have been 19 years old during this photo. The photo was taken in 2006, Qanon Conspiracy theory pushed in 2017.

Debunked by Snopes. The photo was not taken in Epstein's plane, if this is Rachel Chandler, she would have been 19 years old during this photo. The photo was taken in 2006, Qanon Conspiracy theory pushed in 2017.

Interior of the "Lolita Express"

Interior of the "Lolita Express"

Jeffrey Epstein may not be silenced even in death

In 2008, Alex Acosta, now former Labor Secretary for the Trump administration gave him a sweet deal that would allow him 18 months of jail time, but he could leave for 12 hours a day to "work" and it would shield him from federal prosecution. This was in the state of Florida, where he was accused of having sex with minors, girls as young as 13 years old. Before he went to jail, he created a "foundation" that he ran out of his home and was able to go there for 12 hours a day.

Before stepping down from his position as Labor Secretary, he defended his deal with Epstein, he felt that having him listed a sex offender was a good thing, so good, he broke the law. He also stated that he was told Epstein was "above his pay grade" and to leave it alone.

After 13 months, he was released. He went back to the same lifestyle. July 6, 2019, as he returned to the United States, he was arrested in New York because he had a home there and the assault charge against him happened in New York.

Epstein's attorney tried to have him release on bail with a monitor, but after a raid at his home where they not only found cd's with photos and ages of these girls. They found the room that each of these girls had described and evidence of sex trafficking. They also found money, jewelry, an old passport with an assumed name, which had expired, but listed his home as Saudi Arabia. The stamps inside showed that he traveled to France, Spain, the UK and Saudi Arabia. He did not have that passport issued in the United States, it was issued in Austria.

Shortly after his denial of release because he was a flight risk, Epstein was found in the fetal position, supposedly had tried to hang himself and was put on suicide watch. Days later, Epstein is dead from what they quickly called a suicide. Yet, there were many questions yet to be answered.

It was released afterwards that Epstein had been removed from suicide watch, but records are still pending. There was no video footage and it opens up a whole lot more questions.

Where is the body? There has been no footage of him being taken out of the prison or going to the coroners office for autopsy.

For all we know, he could have walked out of there.

One thing is for sure, if he is dead, he will not be silenced. The FBI has confiscated many documents from his homes in New York, Florida and his Caribbean island. They will continue their case and the victims will now be able to continue their case against his estate.

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