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Energy Companies Should Be Nationalised

It's clear that privatisation of travel and utilities has completely failed in the UK. There are huge water leaks which the water companies can't be bothered to clear up, buses in the UK are a complete mess and trains are also gastronomically expensive and unreliable.

Advocates of privatisation are constantly talking about the benefits, it's apparently better for the economy and better for competition, but what about it being better for people?

They would argue that a stronger economy is better for people, but those economic benefits pale in insignificance compared to the hardship people are facing from high bills and social isolation from poor transport. We effectively have a failed nation state with failing bus services, expensive energy bills and avoidable water shortages.

Imagine if energy was privatised, you could probably cut your energy bills in half. Imagine if transport was privatised, or even free, buses would be cheaper and more reliable, and as for trains, imagine if the price of trains was cut in half or even 1/3.

By keeping everything private and expensive all you seem to do is deliver expensive (and poorly run) services which put people off using them. No one is using the buses. Lots of people can't afford trains. So the prices stay high and people stay away.

The sad thing is it will never happen. Liz Truss doesn't even want to impose a temporary windfall tax on energy companies, which would have no long-term implications. I also have no faith that Labour would privatise anything either, as they are trying to rebrand themselves as the centrist party. They figure they can only get elected if they did what Tony Blair did and appealed to the middleground. Get the newspapers onside by not being too 'left wing'. Some people think Labour may renationalise buses but I don't think it'll ever happen. The party that introduced privatised tuition fees and took the country to the war in Iraq. You can't trust any of them.

Unfortunately the only parties that would do it (such as the Green party) will never get elected. Not in my lifetime anyway. And as for the liberal democrats, we all know what they did when they supported increasing tuition fees to £9000 a year.

What a sad state of affairs. Four-year political cycles which exacerbate climate change and allow politicians and big business to get richer whilst everyone else suffers.

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I don't know what the answer is. Until the British media stop having a clamp over the Bristish politicians, we don't have much hope. Big business uses the media as a noose around the necks of anyone that challenges the establishment. A few months ago they were attacking King Charles for criticising government policy. Anyone that challenges the status quo is fervently shut down.

But you know what guys, let's all be positive. Let's be really positive about Brexit (depsite it being a total disaster for everything good in the UK) and let's be positive about all the exciting things the Tories can do for us.

I'll get excited when the tories close offshore tax loopholes for their closest friends, legally stop non-dom status and actually do something other than think about themselves. Because being positive at a messed up political system and disastrous public services and utilities is exactly what they want. Then they can carry on making record profits whilst everyone struggles just to heat their homes.

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