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Ending Dentures Vs. Fossil-Fuel Production in a Biden Regime

I'm an aspiring writer, but overall, I am an American who seeks a better United States of America. Come join me in my journey of truth.

*Note - This article was initially published on March 11, 2021.

"Rgerber" is the photographer of this picture.

"Rgerber" is the photographer of this picture.

1. Introduction

The fire of anger and rage burns on as many Americans continue to question the legitimacy of Joe Biden's election to the Oval Office or rather the lack thereof. Mr. Biden has recently killed thousands upon thousands of good-paying union jobs through his outlandish executive orders to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline and to ban fracking on Federal land. He has a pipedream about turning our nation into one that runs purely on green, renewable energy, even though our energy-related technology has not evolved to the point that he would need it to have done so to make his pipedream come true.

Meanwhile, the United States of America attempts to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Unemployment is higher than it has ever been, and Mr. Biden made it worse. A group of attorney generals throughout our nation have threatened to sue Mr. Biden if he does not reverse his decision regarding the fossil-fuel industry. Even though his intentions may have been well-meaning in launching his assault upon the fossil-fuel industry, even Biden supporters who depended on the jobs that the Keystone XL Pipeline and the fracking on Federal land brought them are wishing that they had never voted for him in our last presidential election.

It can be no secret that droves of Americans are already fed up with Mr. Biden's incompetency in the highest office of our government. However, herein I would like to elaborate on what it would be like if Mr. Biden decided to undo his executive orders that have crippled the fossil-fuel industry and he decided to put the ax to the dental prosthetics industry instead. In other words, let's pretend that Mr. Biden decided to reissue the permits for the Keystone XL Pipeline to continue and to remove his ban from fracking on Federal land, and let's say that he chose to ban dentures, false teeth, dental prosthetic implants, dental bridges, and the likes. Of course, in this alternate reality, he would still allow for the production of crowns and fillings.

As you probably already realize, herein I am doing a comparative analogy to show what a wise decision a president can make with his or her executive authority as opposed to an unpopular and detrimental decision with it. After you have read my three articles that are titled "Biden Supporters Are Beginning To Have Regrets," "The Keystone XL Pipeline: Cutting Through All The Biden Baloney," and "Joe Biden Is Bankrupting The American People," you will find a whole host of reasons that the United States of America would have been better off if Mr. Biden had never run for president.

If Mr. Biden wanted to transform our nation from a fossil-fuel one into a green, renewable one, it would have been wiser on his part to allow for the Keystone XL Pipeline and fracking operations to continue to thrive at least until after he had completed the construction of green, renewable energy facilities throughout our nation and ensured that only Keystone XL Pipeline employees as well as workers from fracking companies on Federal land would be hired to staff them until nobody from those employers were left without a salary. Instead, he stripped those people of their livelihood altogether.

On the other hand, if Mr. Biden had decided instead to ban all dentures, false teeth, prosthetic implants, and the likes from ever being used again here in our nation, he likely would not have received very much pushback, if any. As far as I'm concerned, the dental prosthetics industry has continued to exist on borrowed time. Dr. Jeremy Mao has perfected tooth regeneration to the point that the only legal hurdle standing in the way of it becoming publicly available is that it has not been experimented on humans. If you don't know who Dr. Mao is, you can find out by reading my article titled "Tooth Regeneration Must Prevail!"

If Mr. Biden used his executive authority to put the ax to the entire dental prosthetics industry and eliminated all of the regulatory barriers to tooth regeneration, we all would find ourselves in a much better place than we currently are as far as our dentistry was concerned. Companies that sell cleaning products for dentures would probably not be happy. The people who sell the materials to the dental prosthetics industry for their products would not likely be happy either. Moreover, the lower-level employees in the dental prosthetics industry itself would probably take exception to it also.

Dental prosthetics companies would likely go overseas to continue with their operations if Mr. Biden banned their production in our nation. It would cause jobs with those companies to be outsourced. However, most of these individuals have to know already that their jobs may become obsolete in the not-so-distant future because of the impending public availability of tooth regeneration.

Most people find dentures, false teeth, prosthetic dental implants, and the likes to be way below them. Therefore, not too many Americans would be complaining about the disappearance of the dental prosthetics industry from our nation. In fact, if Mr. Biden had plans on running for reelection in 2024, he might even pick up a few Republican votes from Americans here and there, especially from ones living in the Appalachian Mountains who would welcome the public availability of tooth regeneration the most because of the widespread problem with tooth decay in that region of our nation.

The truth is that dentures, false teeth, prosthetic dental implants, and the likes simply don't bring as much to the table for Americans as oil and gasoline do. Many Americans love their cars that run on gasoline, and they would never want to switch them out for electric cars. On the other hand, most everyone would prefer natural teeth over prosthetic ones regardless of what the impact of making it possible would do to our economy.

"Kalhh" is the creator of this image.

"Kalhh" is the creator of this image.

2. Bureaucratic Barriers

If Mr. Biden were to put the ax to the dental prosthetics industry, his constituents, of course, would expect for him to do everything possible to make tooth regeneration publicly available immediately upon the banning of dentures, false teeth, prosthetic dental implants, and the likes here in our nation. Because Federal bureaucrats have stood in the way of it, Mr. Biden would have to threaten all of them with termination of employment if they refused to provide the authorization needed for scientists to experiment with tooth regeneration on humans.

Because the fact that humans have not been used in experiments with tooth regeneration and government officials constantly stand in the way of it becoming legally possible, the President of the United States of America ("POTUS") would have to be the one to take that bull by the horns so that tooth regeneration could become a regular procedure at dental offices throughout the nation. The video below shows why human experimentation is necessary for our dental technology to take that one major leap in its evolution.

The American People's Pathway To A Denture-Free Society Is More Complicated Than It Appears

The ending of the video above that shows a goofy scene of a woman flossing as though she is enjoying every minute of it is a rude reminder of how offensively primitive of a form of oral hygiene that dental floss is. Dental floss has likely not changed at all from before the time that most of us were born.

Most of us hate to floss. Of course, I can imagine that the manufacturers of dental floss are becoming nervous over the possibility that tooth regeneration will cause consumers to feel less pressured into flossing every day inasmuch as they will know that losing a tooth will only mean having a new one grown back again to replace it. Moreover, the dental technology will also exist to eliminate cavities altogether and reverse the tooth decay process. Consumers may not be buying as much floss as before in that event.

We all wonder why our dental technology has remained as stagnant as it has for a very long time and when we will no longer have to worry about ever being toothless again or having any fake materials placed in our mouths to achieve a pearly, white smile. According to Pearl Cajoles's article titled "Tooth regeneration might one day be alternative to implants, dentures," bureaucratic red tape appears to be holding up the public availability of tooth regeneration for the most part.

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If government officials are actually standing in the way of Dr. Mao and others like him to have the opportunity to test tooth regeneration on humans, one always has to question if these government officials are receiving bribes from the higher-ups of dental prosthetic companies to throw roadblocks against Dr. Mao and others like him. The POTUS could do something about it.

President Donald J. Trump had the courage to stand up to government officials like them. Would Mr. Biden have the same courage to do so? Probably not. However, it would score him more popularity points with Americans than his putting the ax to a great portion of the fossil-fuel industry has done.

"Andibreit" is the photographer of this picture.

"Andibreit" is the photographer of this picture.

3. The Economic Advantages Of Tooth Regeneration

The word "implants" can be confusing in the field of dentistry. Automatically, one believes that someone is talking about prosthetic dental implants whenever they bring up the topic of "implants." However, the term "implant" can also be used to describe a natural, regenerated tooth, if you refer to it as a "stem-cell implant."

Mr. Biden's actions to end the Keystone XL Pipeline and fracking on Federal land were always a recipe for needless inflation here in our nation from the get-go. Our nation will be importing oil and gasoline as a result from countries that hate us, and it won't be as cheap as the fossil fuels that are produced here in the land of milk and honey. It will cost truck drivers more money than before to transport goods across the country, and they'll have to pass the costs of fueling their vehicles down to their customers.

Mr. Biden has clearly done more harm than good to our nation in taking the kinds of measures he has against the fossil-fuel industry. However, if he were to take those same kinds of actions against the dental prosthetics industries, our nation as a whole would benefit economically in the long run.

The costs of dentures, false teeth, prosthetic dental implants, and the likes cause dental insurance companies and even consumers themselves to have to reach deep into their pockets to pay for them. However, according to an article titled "Tooth Regeneration Now Possible with New Stem Cell Research," a stem-cell implant is expected to cost up to $1,500 less than what you would normally pay for a prosthetic dental implant. Moreover, stem-cell implants (tooth regeneration) would not normally require post-op care that is similar to that of tooth extractions.

Tooth regeneration is a win-win situation, whereas dentures, false teeth, prosthetic dental implants, and the likes entail costly and risky procedures. Why should we Americans be trapped in a vortex of primitive dental technology when we can have natural teeth grown in our mouths to replace ones that we lose?

Greedy corporate moguls who own these dental prosthetics companies don't care about the health or the well-being of others. The POTUS has the power to stamp out their manipulation of our Federal system and send them on their merry way. If Mr. Biden were to put the ax to their industry, it may not be the first time that a Democrat would have ever put the royal shaft to selfish, rich people. However, it would be the first time that Mr. Biden would have actually ever done something constructive in his entire political career.

Economists are also optimistic about the immediate future of tooth regeneration. Favorable economic reports regarding tooth regeneration have been materializing since as recently as this year. My dentist expressed skepticism after I told him that I believed that tooth regeneration would become publicly available in our lifetime, but there appears to be more indications that it will be here within the next couple of years than there appear to be not so.

Tooth regeneration is not only about replacing a lost tooth with a natural one, but also it can involve a dentist pouring on some kind of liquid substance upon a cavity and reversing the decaying process of that tooth so that it goes back to normal. Nobody can tell American consumers that we are so much better off allowing for the dental prosthetics industry to have full rein over what developments do or don't take place in the field of dentistry.

"Designer-Obst" took this picture.

"Designer-Obst" took this picture.

4. My Final Thoughts Regarding This Topic

An American president has so much power and authority at his or her disposal when he or she signs an executive order. Therefore, it makes no sense that Mr. Biden misuses his executive authority to hurt the nation as he did so in cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline and banning fracking on Federal land.

The fossil-fuel industry is not our enemy. The higher-ups in companies that sell oil and gasoline here in our nation realize that there was not an infinite number of dinosaurs during prehistoric times. Therefore, they want to see our energy-related technology evolve just as much as we do. In fact, Exxon Mobile has taken an interest in green, renewable energy for years, even though their main products are oil and gasoline. Mr. Biden is not ingratiating himself with any of the fossil-fuel companies by cutting their feet out from underneath them, and they likely have more money than our Federal government does to speed up the evolution of our energy-related technology.

The Keystone XL Pipeline reduced fuel emissions here in the United States of America, because it replaced trains that transported barrels of oil and gasoline into our nation. Mr. Biden has made enemies with an industry that has our best interests at heart. His actions are a clear violation of the free-enterprise system upon which our nation has prided itself since the time that we won our independence from England.

On the other hand, the greedy corporate moguls who own and operate the dental prosthetics companies throughout our nation couldn't care less about the welfare of the American people. Their only interest is getting richer than they already are, even if it means trapping our dental technology in a twentieth-century time warp at the detriment of everyday consumers.

Electric cars sat in storage places for over two decades before they were released to the consumer market. We don't want for the same to happen to tooth regeneration. We need it now. Dentures, false teeth, prosthetic dental implants, and the likes are unhealthy and should no longer exist.

Mr. Biden could actually win over many Americans who voted against him in the last presidential election if he put the ax to the dental prosthetics industry and forced government officials to allow for Dr. Mao and others like him to experiment on humans with tooth regeneration. Then, of course, he subsequently would need to push through whatever proceedings that need to be executed so that each and every one of us would be able to go to our dentist to have a new, natural tooth implanted in our mouths in the near future.

Then again, I have to realize that I am describing Mr. Biden instead of President Trump. President Trump acted in the interest of the American people. Mr. Biden only acts in the interest of Mr. Biden himself.

Oh, well. You have to realize that I am only setting forth what would be a good idea. Unfortunately, Mr. Biden has no interest in good ideas. His cognitive decline makes him no better of a national leader either, to say the least about him. Anyhow, my good idea was just a thought.

In conclusion, it is not wrong for a president to take harsh action against corporate giants whenever they harm the public interest. However, when those corporate giants actually provide valuable jobs to Americans and feed our economy, a president should leave well enough alone. Unfortunately, Mr. Biden does not have the wherewithal to make those kinds of judgment calls. His presidency is a complete aberration.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Jason B Truth


Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on August 21, 2021:

Ladies and gentlemen? We Americans need inexpensive oil and gas. Green energy technology is not advanced enough to replace the two. We don't need dentures and false teeth. Dr. Jeremy Mao has already developed a way to regenerate natural teeth. Read my article above, and you will find the wisdom of the analogy I make therein.

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