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Empty Shelves and Isolating Workers.

Empty Shelves.


With more people being pinged and isolating, there seems to be, significant disruption to the economy. Walk into any major shop, you are bound to see empty shelves. With delivery workers isolating and shop staff isolating, there are no drivers available to deliver goods and no shop workers, to put them out on the shop floor.

Obviously, this is a bad situation and Boris has stated, that he will not alter the app and make it, less sensitive. Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary has been addressing these issues. Mr. Kwarteng has told Sky News, that the government, is monitoring the situation. Later on, Mr. Kwarteng said the government, will release a list of exempt workers who will be able to ignore the ping and presumably, stay at work. The government is apparently, "very concerned, about the numbers of people being pinged by the NHS app", Mr. Kwarteng said.

Business leaders, of course, are really concerned about this. There is a fear too, that those with the NHS app will delete it, so they do not get pinged.

500,000 were pinged in the run-up, to July 7. Shoppers have provided evidence, that indeed, there are empty shelves in certain stores, up and down the nation. Shortages of essential goods are becoming a real possibility and are happening now, no doubt.

Sir Keir Starmer, (currently isolating, along with Boris and Wishy-Washy Rishi), is right to point out that this summer, will be one of "chaos and confusion". For example, the government seems confused, about its own NHS app. One Minister said isolation is just a guideline, instead of it being, mandatory. Another statement appeared to say, something else, coming from Downing Street.

If this situation, is not corrected somehow, we will see Sir Keir's prophecy of a "summer of chaos and confusion", coming true. In fact, what we are seeing now, this prophecy by Sir Keir is happening now.

Hearing and seeing shortages reminds one, of empty shelves in Communist countries. For example, when the Soviet Union was around, people would queue for hours only to find, empty shelves. North Korea, today, is a living example of those Soviet days, long ago. Who would have thought in the 21st Century, we would see empty shelves? What next, are we going to see rationing? We know, Boris thinks he is Winston Churchill, (with presumably, COVID being the Nazis?), but little did we expect to see, WWII things like lack of certain goods, coming back!

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COVID is the biggest challenge, not just to the UK but the world, since WWII. Thousands have died and been infected, around the world. Yes, vaccines have made a difference and are making a difference. The UK should be rightly proud of the roll-out and success of the vaccine. That said, the vaccine is not perfect and the virus will eventually, find a way around it. This is why scientists, must be on top of this and respond, with stronger vaccines as the virus variants evolve.

COVID attacks human society because we all live and work, on top of each other. Until we change the way we live, (if we can), fewer of us around, living within and respecting the confines of nature, living a less capitalistic life, living a less materialistic life, the net results of this are viruses like COVID.

While people like Branson, Bezos, and Musk, dream of living on Mars, the poor of the world must put up with COVID. The workers at the industries owned by the above 3 billionaires and goods bought by their consumers, provide these men with their lavish lifestyles. These men are the embodiment, of materialism and capitalism. And while capitalism and materialism, do have benefits, is it right that these men should be riding around in spacecraft, while the rest of us, scratch a living. Are they just joyriding in space, because they can? Will there be benefits, out of this, for the rest of us? While space exploration has brought many benefits, to mankind, spacecraft and other flying vehicles, do not help with climate change.

Finally, it seems we are at a crux in our history, COVID has given us an opportunity. We can go in a different direction, where our planet matters, other species matter, and ultimately, the health and welfare of humans matter. Or, we can go back to the capitalistic, materialistic, consumer-lead society, that has got us in this mess in the first place, (as Benjamin Zephaniah observed). It's common sense, at the end of the day. Why would you keep going back to something that leads to destructive outcomes? If you do, you are both foolish and in denial of the reality staring you, in the face. So this is where we are at, we can either choose the road leading to a better, more sustainable, alternative future. Or, we can return to the way we have been living, where wealth rules the roost. If the old way is the option, then human society asks for what it gets.

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