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Embedded Racism-How Ethnical Intolerance Manifests Itself

Disclaimer-The Following experience does not reflect the experience and/or attitudes of all white people but it reflects the thoughts, feelings and mannerisms that infests many families within my white culture.

I grew up doing the post civil rights era of the 1980s where I was subjected to many ethnical idioms and traditions which led me to become mentally intolerant to other races. As much as it saddens me; as much as infuriates me, I would like to share with you my experience with ethnical intoleranc.

The term Ethnical Intolerance simply refers to cultural mistrust and/or hate based on skin color. This hate is a psychological, spiritual and cultural sin that manifests itself through decades of front porch gatherings and derives from the following base ideology.

☞ “GOD is white and HE created the white race to rule and all other races are inferior… African American, Asians, Latinos etc.

From this belief derived all kinds of bigoted idioms such as Black people are not human, they come from monkeys; they are stupid, dirty and demeaning; I could continue with all the junk I have heard but you get the point or at least I hope you do; if not, let me further share with you my “firsthand” battle with Racism.

My personal experience with ethnical intolerance began in highschool; I was standing in school hallway when two new students enter the school building; both were African American (Brother and Sister); in today’s world, this would not be strange but this was in the early 1980s and my community was predominately white; when I saw them, my immediate thoughts were to avoid them because they were not like me; in fact it was difficult to say hello because no “real” southerner, would be caught dead fraternizing with a black person because socializing with anyone out side southern heritage was considered unethical.

Deep down, I knew I was wrong but I wanted to please my “White Confederate Christian Family” by continuing their southern theology but something inside of me (I now know it was GOD) compelled me to examine my thoughts and as time went forth I began to see how corrupt, vicious and dumb my thoughts were but those thoughts “that once existed” in my heart where not unique; in fact they were and still are common in white households but why do they exist? Why Does ETHNICAL RACISM haunt our nation and how does it begin and will it ever end? I don’t have all the answers; I have only my experience and observation to lean on but here is how I see things.

How Racism sprung up in my life is not unique; it is a common tradition in southern white households; especially those households where the Civil War is still seen as some great historical moment to be praised and worshipped; the Civil war occurred 152 years ago but many people still embrace the southern cause; many families tell their children to avoid the black person next door and hangout with the white children at school; many bearded military men still wave the Confederate Flag and shout racial slurs while praising Jesus on Sunday morning.

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As I Finish this article, I am thinking how sad it was growing amidst all the racial tones of my community but I am even further sadden to see those same old and undesirable ideas still flowing in my country today; even our political leaders and our ambassadors of faith use such phrases as Yankee Aggressor, Un-American and Black Liberator to bolster their opposition against Barack Obama; in fact the news, twitter,facebook and other media outlets constantly prove that Racism is alive and well in America.

Will Ethnic Racism ever truly be gone? Maybe it will when the majority of people realize that GOD did not create a white man or a black man but he created mankind. Perhaps we have forgotten this; perhaps we have allowed the political and cultural doctrines of our ancestors to control our hearts far to long and maybe we need to take a long look at our traditions and take responsibility for our own vicious ideas.

This responsibility goes both ways; it is up to the African communities to instill in their children first and foremost the love of GOD but at the secular level, African American parents and guardians need to teach that while Racism exists, it does not exist in every white person's heart nor is it present in every situation.

. In whatever way racism exists, whether by ignorance or by arrogance it is still immoral and if I had to say one thing, I say this…We should stand up and say enough is enough to ourselves, to our families, to our friends and to our political leaders; for to long we have allowed the influence of racial bigotry and reverse racism to dictate how we feel about other people; it is time for all races to embrace each other as brothers and sisters and perhaps together we can shatter the embedded racism of our souls.

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