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Election 2020: More of the Same Shame and Blame Game

Garry Reed combined a professional technical writing career and a passion for all things libertarian to become The Libertarian Opinionizer.


Commentary From Your Libertarian Opinionizer

Every four years America enters into a nauseating but time-honored nasty, negative, noxious Name-Calling Season in which Democrats and Republicans malign each other as “un-American.”

Or worse. This time around they’re calling one another fascists and Marxists. Meanwhile Libertarian Party partisans will simply call both packs of political reprobates “statists” because that’s what they both are.

But for all sorts of non-party libertarians both Democrats and Republicans are simply “authoritarians.” It makes no real difference whether they are politically left or politically right since all forms of authoritarianism are based on creating and maintaining criminal organizations called “government” that use coercion, intimidation and fraud to impose their will on their own citizens, and the world if possible, for the benefit of the elitist ruling class.

What does it matter, libertarians have long been asking, whether it’s a right jackboot or a left jackboot stomping your face into the ground?

The authors of two books of recent vintage have recognized this reality, and since both authors are libertarians they are able to stand offstage in this big political amphitheater and ponder deeply and impartially about both wings of un-American political gangsterism.

Un-American Authoritarianism

Panic Attack author Bobby Soave interview on

Panic Attack author Bobby Soave interview on

In the 2019 release of Panic Attack, Young Radicals in the Age of Trump libertarian journalist Robby Soave, an associate editor at Reason magazine, interviews the leaders behind the many deeply angry young leftwing hate groups. These include Antifa and the anti-Trump and anti-free speech movements; identity politics, cancel culture and Black Lives matter; Fourth Wave Feminism and #Me Too; Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialists, the Green Party and more.

Many of these activists overlap and intertwine with several causes at once. This is called intersectionalism, the theory that various social identities overlap and contribute to systemic oppression and discrimination experienced by an individual. Something like being discriminated against because you’re a gay black trans-gendered #MeToo fourth wave feminist.

This might also be called Multiple Identity Politics.

The New York Post’s long review of Soave’s book came with the scary (or wishful?) headline, “Why young, left-wing radicals could help re-elect President Trump.”

While Panic Attack devotes only a single chapter to Young rightwing radicals, “social media and the alt right,” another libertarian author dedicates an entire book to that side of America’s extremist authoritarian hate-groups.

Most Americans think “collectivism” refers only to leftwing oppressive ideologies like Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, socialism and communism, but in 2017 long-libertarian-pedigreed Jeffrey Tucker did everyone a great service when he released his Right-Wing Collectivism, The Other Threat to Liberty.


The book is a compilation of Tucker’s past articles for (Foundation for Economic Education) that not so much takes on and digs beneath the skin of today’s usual alt-right suspects but delves into the historical philosophical underpinnings of politically “right” authoritarianism itself.

He digs into the rise of classical fascism including, as one Goodreads reviewer summarizes it, “the Hegelian movement both left and right through Marx and Carlyle and the early American Progressives right up through today's Alt-Right and Antifa movements.

Another Goodreads reader simply calls the book “a great primer for the subject.”

Today’s rightwing collectivism, then, takes the form of populism, fascism, neo-Nazis, national socialism, alt-right, the new revanchists, white supremacy, the KKKlan and what Tucker calls the ideology of Trumpism. Rightwing collectivists are just as anti-libertarian, anti-individualist and anti-voluntaryist as leftwing collectivists.

What these two books taken together show us is that the familiar left versus right spectrum that purports to define political ideologies is irrelevant; this split isn’t intended to inform us but to divide us and play us off against one another.

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Un-Authoritarian Libertarianism

What libertarians need people to see is their far more realistic view of the world as individualism versus authoritarianism. And it’s those authoritarians that populate not opposite ends of a political spectrum but should properly be clumped together on the same end of it; they are all just varying versions of socialism.

The translation of Nazi is “National Socialist German Worker's Party even though Hitler said “Our adopted term ‘socialist’ has nothing to do with Marxian Socialism.”

The Russian communists who created their captive-state empire called their monster the USSR, or “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. So why did they call their nation-state socialist but their ruling party communist? According to Stalin, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

Conclusion: Politicians lie.

So what about Fascism? Many present arguments that Fascism was born of National Socialism, i.e., Nazism, while others insist it’s the other way around, that National Socialism comes from Fascism.

According to the folks at The Freeman Online, “Fascism exists as a form of Socialism.”

But then, politicians lie.

“The best one party system is a two party system with the illusion of choice”—Anonymous

“The best one party system is a two party system with the illusion of choice”—Anonymous

Un-Democratic Socialism

Whatever the “correct” definition there’s little point in arguing over which form of which ideology belongs in which slot on the left-right measuring stick since there’s no argument that they are all tyrannical governing regimes, unabashedly using coercion, intimidation and fraud to rule over their citizens and suck them dry for the power, wealth and ego benefit of the elitist ruling masters.

Then of course today we have Bernie Sander’s “Democratic Socialism.” But in the real world the only thing “Democratic” socialism will do is allow people to vote for whichever politically-anointed authoritarian lapdog the socialist ruling class decides to let them vote for. The Soviet Union, after all, had elections—albeit mandatory—where comrades were required to pick from a single-party list of preapproved “candidates.”

Yet in spite of reality there will seemingly always be those myopic True Believers who insist that none of that socialism was “true socialism” or “real socialism” or that it just wasn’t done right, it didn’t have the right people running it, capitalism destroyed it, it needs to be a special kind of socialism like South America’s en vogue “Socialism for the Twenty-First Century” or Bernie Sanders en vogue “Democratic Socialism” or a starry-eyed mixture of unicorns and butterflies that will transport the world into “The Age of Hunky-Dory Socialism.”

Unfortunately the battle cry for Marxists has always been “Seize the means of production” while never uttering such principled words as “create the means of production.” That’s because socialism is totally dependent on the people they claim to hate, namely entrepreneurs, financiers, investors, industrialists, venture capitalists and other productive people.

Without them creating the means of production there will never be anything to seize.

(Note that during the summer of 2020 the bashing, burning, looting mobs throughout America’s cities didn’t bother with “seize the means of production,” they simply broke into stores and seized the products of production.)

The whole concept of socialism is deeply flawed because it claims that everyone can somehow live at the expense of everyone else, although of course socialists will never put it that honestly.

“The best one party system is a two party system with the illusion of choice”—Anonymous (confirming that politicians lie).


Un-American Americanism

But the original complaint was that the 2020 election year is all about the same old shame and blame game by Republicans and Democrats calling each other un-American. The truth is that for better or worse we are all Americans. It’s just that some Americans are freedom-lovers and proclaim it while others are freedom-haters but won’t claim it.

It ought to be pretty easy to pick sides in this year’s election for those who care about voting and that is to reject both the R-Pubs and D-Crats. As flawed as they may be it would be eminently appropriate to cast your one and only vote as a protest against both, grit your teeth and pull the lever for the Libertarian party.

A final note: all those left and right alt-authoritarian groups are against you; all libertarian groups are for you. That’s what Real Americanism should always be about.

Libertarians Are Not Alt-Right This article’s author shows how both the Right and libertarians have actually evolved farther away from each other. Libertarians are even more individualist while the right is still authoritarian.

Another Libertarian Rejects the Alt-Right Libertarians value individual liberty, property rights and non-interventionism while the alt-right is made up of white nationalists, “hyper authoritarian fascists” and “are not equivalent in the slightest.”

Libertarians Are Not Alt Left The author agrees with the left on government-corporate overreach but otherwise rejects a long list of anti-freedom dictates like speech codes, cancel culture, prudish sex-negative feminism and more from the alt-left.

No Such Thing As Alt-Libertarians Let’s be clear. Alt-Libertarianism is just an angry ultra-right militant extremist collectivist nationalist racist identity-based hate group that oxymoronically calls itself “alt-libertarian” to hide who they really are.

Authoritarians vs Libertarians


Garry Reed (author) from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas on September 10, 2020:

Guess not, it just gets louder and ludicrous-er this time of year.

Ken Burgess from Florida on September 10, 2020:

"Every four years America enters into a nauseating but time-honored nasty, negative, noxious Name-Calling Season in which Democrats and Republicans malign each other as “un-American.”

I must have missed something... did we take a break from that during the last four years?

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