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Election Based Impeachment

Only a small timer in Politics.. although a long timer in observation.


Letter to the United States Senate;

M.O. Jones, Alabama

Dear Senators;

Please share with all:

I am opposed to the impeachment of the former president: in his defense, I hardly thought from any of his speeches that he intended, planned or incited physical violence; In fact, by supposing that he did, you/ we are discounting the few bad actors who really did incite the violence during an otherwise peaceful protest.. So much in fact that we would have to consider the intentions of those who encouraged rioters this past summer in many major cities to commit murder, looting and beatings of innocent Americans, those voices that proceeded from the vice president, Kamala and Congressman Pelosi and other's as treasonous and pre-meditated: I demand their impeachment as well.
Could it be that bad actors make their own decisions in the heat of protests , making them solely responsible for their actions?
Please consider this as my testimony in defense of now Ex-president Trump and please now exonerate him, at worst as we can accuse, a defeated by election. Is this not the intent of the impeachment proceedings to bury a man who dared question the results of a controversial election?
Dare I send to one, I send to all.

M. O. Jones
Resident and American Citizen of these United States.

© 2021 Oscar Jones

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