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Eighteen-Year-Old Women Are Not Little Girls

I'm an aspiring writer, but overall, I am an American who seeks a better United States of America. Come join me in my journey of truth.

*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on September 13, 2020.

This picture is from the clipart of the Microsoft Word 2000 application.

This picture is from the clipart of the Microsoft Word 2000 application.

Once my two nieces bragged to me that their paternal grandmother (my sister’s late mother-in-law) had gotten married when she was only 17 years old. If you have read my other articles on HubPages and on the HubPages Network Sites, you will immediately realize that I have nothing against teenage marriage. In fact, I want it to remain legal in all 50 state jurisdictions and in the extended jurisdictions of the United States of America, if there is a way for it to do so. Anyhow, one disagreement that I had with my sister was whether or not my niece’s paternal grandfather was close in age difference to their paternal grandmother.

When my two nieces’ paternal grandfather was still alive, I found that he looked at least 20 years older than his wife. My sister, on the other hand, insisted that he was only 2 years older than his wife. My mother explained to me that perhaps he seemed to be significantly older than his wife, because he had severe health problems that made him age quicker than normal. However, I believed that he really was in his mid-to-late thirties when he married his wife, who was 17 years old at the time that they had wedded, and I believed that the reason that he and his wife were covering up this fact was because of the stigma that they feared would be attached to their marriage by virtue of their age difference and the fact that one of them was a minor at the outset of their matrimony.

Both of my two nieces’ paternal grandparents are now deceased. In any event, considering how more and more rhetoric gets spewed around to the public at large regarding teenage girls marrying significantly older men as years roll, I guess I could not rightfully blame my two nieces’ paternal grandparents for lying about their respective ages.

1. Eighteen-Year-Old Social-Media Influencer Tori Assise Slandered A Man Whom She Accused Of Invading Her Space Out In Public

Tori Assise is a financially successful YouTube star. She recently posted a video on YouTube regarding an incident in which she claimed that “an old man” had been taking pictures of her in a store without her consent. Because she is a public figure in the social-media world, one can only understand why she would be worried about her safety.

At the same time, she is bound to run into journalists who are trying to get close-up pictures of her and possibly an interview with her, and such a situation can be easily misinterpreted. After all, she now lives in the spotlight of fame that comes with being a successful YouTuber like Jaclyn Glenn and Bhad Bhabie.

YouTuber Tori Assise Describes Her Ordeal With A Stranger In Public

Now, I can fully understand why Ms. Assise became petrified when this one older man appeared to be snapping pictures of her without her permission. It was very brave of her boyfriend to confront the man in the manner that he did. The problem of dangerous men accosting and even preying upon both women her age and adolescent girls younger than her is something that has been going on for decades now. One only has to view the 1967 film titled The Born Losers to realize that it has not been a safe world for youngsters her age in a long time.

When I first moved to New York City shortly after I had graduated from high school, I had encountered similar experiences as that of Ms. Assise on more than enough occasions. Therefore, I completely understand how she must have felt, and I am glad that she was able to deal with the situation without getting harmed. After I had lived in New York City for four years, I would never recommend that anyone moves there right after they graduate from high school inasmuch as it is a dangerous place for young people who have barely left the home nest.

Nevertheless, where Ms. Assise went completely off base in her video was when she insisted that this same older man was a pedophile. I do not condone what this older man did, and I am not defending him either; and I would not have blamed Ms. Assise if she had gotten the authorities involved in the situation. However, because criminals have their legal rights too, Ms. Assise is opening herself up to a defamation lawsuit against her each and every time that she accuses the above-described man of being something that he is not. If it happened to Elon Musk, it could just as easily happen to her.

Ms. Assise is 18 years old. She is legally old enough to make decisions for herself, and she is old enough to live on her own and even enlist in the military. Moreover, she is legally capable of consenting to an intimate relationship with a man of any age in every state jurisdiction of our nation. She is well beyond the crayons-and-playground phase of her life, and it has been some time now since she lost all of her baby teeth. Therefore, pedophilia has absolutely nothing to do with what she encountered.

The number “18” is every pedophile’s nemesis. Also, if this older man had really been a pedophile, he would not have been stalking or taking pictures of an 18-year-old woman or of any woman over the legal age of majority. Instead, he would have been hanging around a playground, waiting for the right moment to kidnap a 3-year-old toddler to commit his unspeakable acts upon him or her.

Even if Ms. Assise were able to prove that this older man had mistaken her to be only 16, 15 or even 14 years old, she would then find herself being absorbed into a vortex of controversy over it inasmuch as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (“DSM-5”) specifies that pedophiles are exclusively or primarily attracted to prepubescent children rather than teenagers.

Also, this older man could have very well been an amateur journalist attempting to get as many pictures of her as he could so that he could do a story on her for whatever news agency he works for or even operates on his own. Nowadays just about anyone can become a news reporter or an online gossip columnist if they have some place on the Internet to publish their articles and stories.

Of course, even if that were the case, Ms. Assise and her boyfriend still would have had good reason to confront the man inasmuch as he did not ask permission to take any pictures of her. At the same time, it would prove that Ms. Assise’s pedophile-panic paranoia was completely unfounded, especially because she is way too old even to be concerned about such people preying upon her.

Pexels is the author of this photograph.

Pexels is the author of this photograph.

2. YouTuber Tori Assise Turned Her Video Into A Sensationalistic And Ageist Hate Campaign Against All Old Men

I don’t know exactly what Ms. Assise’s definition of an “old man” is. The late rock-and-roll artist Ric Ocasek of The Cars married an 18-year-old woman back when he was in his forties, and the American court of public opinion did not seem to have any problem with it at the time that it happened. In any event, upon watching Ms. Assise’s video, it appears that the “old man” she describes was somewhere in the 65-to-70-year-old age range; and if that is the case, he does not necessarily meet my criteria of what an old man is.

Nowadays it seems that whenever a man even as young as his early thirties gets one gray hair on his head, Generation-Z-ers are all so quick to accuse him of being ready for the old folks home. I’ve known people who started getting gray in their hair when they were as young as 15 years old, and these people are still far off from being old enough to appear in a television advertisement for Colonial Penn Life Insurance.

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My criteria of what an old man is entails two prongs. First, a man has to be at least 65 years of age, which is the minimum age to collect social security benefits and be identified as a senior citizen under most circumstances here in our nation. Second, his father has to be deceased. If a man fails to satisfy either one of those same two prongs, then he is likely not an old man as far as I am concerned. For example, if he is in his seventies and his father is deceased, then I would have to say that he is likely an old man. If he is 66 years old and his father is still alive, then I would not define him as being an old man.

There are some men in their seventies who still look like middle-aged men rather than elderly men, and they may even have their natural hair color. Many cultural norms factor into the mix as well. For example, according to Oprah Winfrey, someone is still considered to be a kid in Japan until they are at least 52 years of age. Then again, longevity appears to be an ethnic attribute of the Japanese people. On the other hand, men in the Irish Travelers appear to have a short lifespan.

Upon reading the comments section to Ms. Assise’s above-described video, I found a whole myriad of ageist remarks expressing hate against old men from women her age and from girls younger than her. The irony of it all is that teenage boys commit the majority of crimes against teenage girls, because they come into the most contact with them on a regular basis.

I realize that some of you out there may find it inappropriate for a man even to flirt with an 18-year-old woman after he gets beyond a certain age. However, it seems like a double standard to me that older men get chastised for doing so when nobody ever seems to question an aging woman for acting the same way with a young man barely over the legal age of majority.

Many women seemed to have found it entertaining when Joy Behar flirted with Levi Johnston on her short-lived television interview show, even though she was in her sixties and he was only 19 years old at the time. Then again, Mr. Johnston has never been the most wholesome individual in the world, to say the least about him.

Now, do the posts that appeared in the comments section of Ms. Assise’s video represent how the majority of women her age feel about men that are significantly older than them? Do they represent how the majority of school-aged girls in their formative years feel about “old men”? It may appear that way, because the females who hold those same adverse opinions about “old men” seem to be the only ones to have posted anything in that comments section. However, because that is the type of audience that Ms. Assise has attracted with her video, then we cannot expect to see anything but one side of the opinion therein.

An online article titled “Do Teenage Girls Really Find Older Men Repulsive?” gives a thorough description on what the truth about this issue is. Fortunately, most girls and young women in our nation do not hate older men or find them repulsive. However, way too many girls and young women still hate older men and find them to be creepy if they are outside their kin because of the misinformation that social media and the likes are feeding to them, and that is a disturbing revelation.

Nevertheless, if Ms. Assise had presented her above-described video as merely a warning to other young women about the dangers that exist outside their front door, I would have commended her for posting a valuable piece of information on her YouTube channel. However, she takes her narrative and turns it into a sensationalistic and ageist hate campaign against all men whom she and others her age may view to be “old,” which causes more harm than good to our nation.

After having watched Ms. Assise’s above-described video and reading all of the posts in the comments section of it, it greatly bewilders me how the late Charles Manson managed to brainwash so many women her age and younger into committing the kinds of crimes that they did. He died in prison three years ago when he was 83 years old, and he was still receiving letters from teenage girls offering to have his baby according to what I had heard. Of course, that is another article for another time. Nowadays it appears as though there is a war going on between the generations in the manner that I witnessed in both Ms. Assise’s video and the comments section to it.

It greatly concerns me that Ms. Assise may still think of herself as being a child, because back when I was 18 years old, most everyone my age, including me, viewed ourselves to be adults. I can sincerely say that there were more women that age back then who were running around with significantly older men because of hypergamy than there were women that young hating on significantly older men. Some of these significantly older men these young women pursued romantically were even married. I don’t know what has made the times change so drastically in this regard.

If Ms. Assise truly perceives herself to be a child rather than an adult and society actually takes her inclination to do so seriously, then it would not be the first time in history that a Western culture has allowed for youngsters to extend their childhood beyond their eighteenth birthday. Back in 1914, six young men assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Duchess Sophie, in Sarajevo. Five of those men were between 18 and 19 years old and were considered to be minors under the laws of Austria-Hungary, and nobody under 21 years of age could receive the death penalty for a capital offense in that nation back in those days. Therefore, those five assassins were spared the indignities of death row. One of them even lived until 1990.

Nevertheless, if a noticeable number of women Ms. Assise’s age insist upon infantilizing females in their own generation and they continue to buy into all the rhetoric that is floating around on the Internet in support of this same trend to perceive older men erroneously to be short-eyed freaks simply for invading their space, then it only stands to reason that dangerous individuals like Cassandra Levesque need to be removed from office. Ms. Levesque is only two years older than Ms. Assise, and she is currently an elected official.

Clker-Free-Vector-Images is the creator of this image.

Clker-Free-Vector-Images is the creator of this image.

3. New Hampshire State House Representative Cassandra Levesque Needs Either To Resign Or To Be Impeached From Office

If you don’t know who Cassandra Levesque is, she can be best described as a younger version of Jill Holtzman Vogel whom I describe in my articles titled “Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Wrong for Virginia,” “Jill Holtzman Vogel Is Ruining Virginia,” “Can Justin Fairfax Save Virginia From Jill Holtzman Vogel?,” “Jill Holtzman Vogel’s Defeat Was Virginia’s Victory,” and “It’s 2019! Jill Holtzman Vogel Must Go!

Like Virginia State Senator Vogel, Ms. Levesque went on a mission to push for a law that would ban all marriage before the age of eighteen in her state of New Hampshire. At the time that she initiated this mission of hers to get her marriage bill passed, the minimum marriageable age in her state jurisdiction, of course, was 18 years old. However, there were exceptions to that same marriage law that were in effect back then in which girls could wed as young as 13 years old and boys could do so as young as 14 years old provided that certain legal requirements were properly met. New Hampshire state legislators who were much more educated than Ms. Levesque and had researched the issue opposed her efforts to get her marriage bill passed and foresaw such a law only causing unnecessary problems in the future if it were ever to become a reality.

Nevertheless, Ms. Levesque was 17 years old at the time that she presented a bill to her state legislature back in 2017 that sought to eliminate any exceptions to the minimum marriageable age of 18 years old. She used research that she had gathered from the United Nations regarding the rights of “children,” which was an absolute joke inasmuch as that organization has been notorious for allowing their employees, mainly the peacekeepers, to commit unspeakable human-rights violations against kids on their watch. Moreover, there is a big difference between child marriage and teenage marriage, but dunces like Ms. Levesque don’t seem to be able to make that distinction.

Ms. Levesque did this same research as a project for the Girl Scouts of America, which is an organization that has been in a state of decline and decay for years. A gentlemen describes in a YouTube video below how the Girl Scouts of America has become so corrupted from the kind of politics that people like Ms. Levesque have brought to it that it is now dysfunctional.

YouTuber VikingPreparedness Explains How The Girl Scouts Of America Has Fallen Apart Through The Years

The first time round, Ms. Levesque’s marriage bill did not pass. Most unfortunately, Ms. Levesque prevailed, in part, the second time that she introduced a bill of this kind to her state legislature in 2018. The new marriage laws in New Hampshire still allowed for 16- and 17-year-old minors to get married in that state jurisdiction provided that certain legal requirements were met, but anyone under the age of 16 could no longer get married under any circumstances in that same state jurisdiction. Coincidentally, YouTuber VikingPreparedness posted his video above the same year that Ms. Levesque’s marriage bill was ratified.

The circus freak show did not end there. Ms. Levesque was actually elected as a state house representative for New Hampshire during that same year. She was 19 years old at the time, and she was still in college. Hmm. I thought that state legislators were supposed to have college degrees before being able to run for office anywhere here in our nation. She resumed her meddlesome mission to have the minimum age floor for marriage raised this time from 16 years old to 18 years old in her state jurisdiction, and she continues with it to this very day.

Now, here is someone who got elected on mainly ONE ISSUE, and anyone who has seen her on camera in terms of how much difficulty she has in putting her sentences together knows that she is not legislative material at all. Joe Biden is even able to articulate words and sentences better than she does so in her whiny voice, which is not saying much for her.

The average age of the New Hampshire state legislature was 66 years old up until that point in time when Ms. Levesque got elected last year. She claims to be the voice of the youth in her state jurisdiction, and she boasts about how she is such a child advocate. However, everything that she says in that respect is a load of malarkey, because she has done absolutely nothing to reform the inheritance laws there in her state jurisdiction. She is definitely no Alyssa Carson, to say the least.

Ms. Levesque does not truly care about the residents of New Hampshire, because if she did, she would not have sought to shove her marriage bill down everyone’s throat the way she did. Instead, she would have sought to have a measure placed on the November ballot to leave such a decision up to the voters of New Hampshire. However, she absolutely had to have her own way about it, and I cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would have wanted to vote for her when she ran for office.

I do not disagree with Ms. Levesque and other societal fundamentalists and social justice warriors like her that the lower marriageable ages that previously existed in her state jurisdiction and in other state jurisdictions like hers often ended up being the only thing that had stood between the adult father of a teenage girl’s baby and prison. However, I am very skeptical to believe that the resulting increase of incarceration of adult fathers who fit this same description is going to be a positive asset to the lives of teenage girls whom these young men would have been able to marry and to their offspring that these young men would have been able to help these teenage girls raise if Ms. Levesque’s marriage bill and similar marriage bills throughout the nation had never passed. After all, our nation does not have the fairest statutory-age-of-consent laws in comparison with those of other nations.

Because more young adult men than before are likely being incarcerated for convictions pertaining to frivolous and malicious carnal-knowledge cases that have ensued because of these new laws in New Hampshire and elsewhere in our nation, it could probably explain why the movement to defund the police here in our nation is gaining such popularity and momentum these days. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it could also explain why human-rights organizations continue to pressure elected officials to release inmates from penal facilities throughout our nation before they have served their sentences.

Going to the crux of the topic of this article here of mine, I must point out that Ms. Levesque has admitted that she does not believe that a young person’s brain is fully developed until he or she is 25 years of age. I do not agree with that school of thought, but she undoubtedly views it to be the gospel truth. Interestingly enough, the minimum age for someone to get elected to office in the United States House of Representatives is currently 25 years old. Perhaps it should be that way everywhere for candidates who wish to serve in a legislative capacity.

Ms. Levesque is mainly working with male legislators who are 66 years of age and older; and like many girls and women who applauded YouTuber Tori Assise for describing this one man whom she accused of stalking her as though he were no different from some lunatic who grabbed toddlers off of playgrounds, Ms. Levesque obviously doesn’t have a very high opinion of older men either. Therefore, in essence, Ms. Levesque is hypocritically doing a job that she has inadvertently admitted that she believes herself to be psychologically too immature and too incapable to handle, and her co-legislators likely view her to be a troublemaker among them.

At the end of the day, Ms. Levesque either needs to resign from her elected position or she needs to be impeached from it. I do not live in New Hampshire. Therefore, I would have no say in what happens to her in that regard. In any event, she is going to do more harm than good to her state jurisdiction.

I am not denying that there have been women Ms. Levesque’s age who can and have done a good job at governing a state or even an entire nation. Both Queen Victoria and Queen Marie Antoinette put their positive marks on the world during their respective reigns in previous centuries. They both came into power as rulers of their respective nations at the age of eighteen. However, Ms. Levesque is not truly a leader of any kind. She is merely a product of a fundamentalist movement gone corrupt, and she has too many people fooled. She must be stopped.

"natureaddict" is the author of this photograph.

"natureaddict" is the author of this photograph.

4. My Conclusion To This Topic

Because of biased and ageist individuals like YouTuber Tori Assise and dangerous individuals like New Hampshire State House Representative Cassandra Levesque, our nation is looking less and less like the land of the free and the home of the brave and more and more like a cross between the movies titled Logan’s Run and THX 1138. We can no longer allow for societal fundamentalists and social justice warriors like these two women to tear our nation apart with their hate and their rhetoric.

We are already feeling the impact of the decay that is ensuing from allowing the judgment of people in the younger generations to be poisoned in this manner. The United States of America is now becoming a very undesirable place to get married and raise a family because of it.

I’m not a Republican, but I can understand the concerns that many of these conservatives set forth whenever I see what is currently going on around me. Let’s stop this hostile, femi-nonsensical influence from corroding our society. Let’s put people like Cassandra Levesque out of commission for good and keep them away from politics.

A Poll For American Voters Nationwide

Another Poll For American Voters Nationwide

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jason B Truth


Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on September 19, 2020:

Ladies and gentlemen? I know that it has been a while since I have published anything here on the platform, but I am back and I plan on publishing as many quality articles as I can in the near future. My article above identifies a problem with a faction of female public figures in Generation Z promoting hate toward "older men" for unfounded reasons. One of them who is particularly dangerous is Cassandra Levesque, who is currently a 20-year-old state house representative who believes that the quality of life in New Hampshire will be so much better if she succeeds in getting a bill passed that would make it illegal for anyone to get married before the age of 18 in her state jurisdiction. (Teenagers will just go to other state jurisdictions or even other nations to tie the knot. That woman needs to get a life.) Let me know what you think about this same article here in the comments section. :-)

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