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Earth's Critical Condition

Meet the challenges. Make a new pathway. Be one with your destiny! Our earth needs us to be conscious of recycle and ecologic renewal.


Think about it!

A new study is showing the Earth's core is cooling down. Not to mention its being mostly molten liquid, partial ionic and gaseous matter. Question is, how do I reconcile that info with the global warming data involving the micro-biology? I mean, I do see the oceans rising, the glaciers melting and the higher atmospheric temperatures. Perhaps it is the heat that's purportedly escaping from the core? One question has to do with the sinkholes across the southern states where we have pumped out all the crude oil. Another has to do with ocean pollution, another with the stripping of mountain ores, not to mention loss of forests. Makes me think, knuckleheads!

The carbon and the pollution in the upper atmosphere is blocking the pure sunlight. The huge volume of micro-plastics covering the ocean floors destroys and blocks photosynthesis, including loss of plankton. That's what normally produces oxygen, and it's also why more parts of the oceans are dying, wet wastelands, where nothing can live.

Face it folks, we are dependent on the heat and light and life produced by the sun, by photosynthesis, and by the ecological combination of h2o, sunlight,dirt/earth elements and oxygen. Even the mountains and rocks are storage cells for heat, water, and plant life. They also are purification systems for every bit of our ecology. They are the gridiron for all wildlife, fowl, plant and minerals. Earth is a living ecology. God engineered it's process. Conclusion is, we are it's keepers and we must protect the micro-systems that sustain us.

Stay clean, go green, and try to replace the oxygen you use everyday. Stop the murdering of the planet with man made chemicals. At the least restrict the random dumping of human and by product waste. Be sensitive to help clean the ocean and the forests and the mountains both for God's sake and for human sake. You don't have to be "either, or"! Instead conserve, protect and promote earths health and be responsible with what you have or what you're given.

What can I do to replenish my eco-system?

The answer is mostly by making it a personal day to day operation of recycle, planting foliage (or trees), keeping nearby streams free of debris and waste products. Watch for illegal dumping of chemicals and other earth damaging elements. Help protect the good insects that work with nature to pollinate and that are critical to food chain issues.

Teach and encourage our young people to protect the environment and to be aware of natural composting and filtration through soils and swamps. Encourage the fish and wildlife biology efforts to preserve your native species. Each one of us doing a small daily act of earth conservation can combine to make a huge difference. Insisting that industry protect the wetlands and the wildlife are a big contribution to ecology.

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We all know what to do, and if not there is tons of information on the internet if you will only stay focused. I'm not saying this is the sole purpose of our existence, but we have proof that past civilizations disappeared through planetary changes and catastrophic events, some that mankind cannot perhaps do anything about. Yet knowledge and awareness and good daily ecology and conservation can go a long way to keeping the earth downy fresh!

step by step: awareness of our impact and power as individuals.

While astronauts and scientists are seeking new worlds, let's not forget the one that we live in. It needs to last us a long time. Every so often a new technology requires more earth minerals to be extricated and refined and utilized by industry. We need to do so with caution and care. Sometimes a chain reaction occurs, or chemical reaction, or requires encapsulation or caustic hazmat handling.

Sometimes the engineers and the manufacturers don't particularly consider the side effects. Someone needs to bring it to their attention. This whole matter rides on ownership of earth and proper management. What is your part? Do you see yourself as a critical link to the health of our Earth environment?

Ask yourself, is there some part of my life or my day that is focused on protecting and conserving my local water system, air quality, and proper trash removal or recycling? This is the beginning of it.

Awareness is the beginning of finding answers to difficult problems. As the earths population increases, so does the need for individual awareness. Thank you for reading this and making it your concern.



© 2022 Oscar Jones

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