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Bexar County Commissioner Rodriguez: Elected Officials Under a Microscope

Sylvia Ruiz M. Mendelsohn, ESD#6 President and Campaign manager for Chico Rodriguez

Sylvia Ruiz M. Mendelsohn, ESD#6 President and Campaign manager for Chico Rodriguez

What Creates a Conspiracy...

When someone hides or continues to distort facts, people become more and more suspicious and quickly you have a conspiracy of sorts.

What makes a great conspiracy?

A lot of twists and turns makes a great conspiracy and usually there is someone doing something they shouldn't be doing and they get caught. Taking all the facts from documentation, audio and video that has been made available, I began to think of the possibilities for the mess that Ms. Mendelsohn has created for the Volunteer Fire Departments; greed, power and corruption quickly came to mind as a good conspiracy usually has them all. Then I sat back and looked at the bigger picture. Does it change the facts? No it doesn't it just kind of puts into perspective what may have been the motivation behind the act.

Bexar County Commissioners Court. Adkinson, Rodriguez, Wolf, Elizondo,Wolf,Jr.

Bexar County Commissioners Court. Adkinson, Rodriguez, Wolf, Elizondo,Wolf,Jr.

What happens when you count on politicians to do the right thing?

They show the voters that they don't care about their concerns, they just care about their own political agendas.


Approval of a request by Commissioner Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez, to reappoint the individuals listed below to the Emergency Services District No. 6 Board of Commissioners, for a term to begin upon appointment and expire on the following dates:

  • Sylvia Mendelson------------January 25, 2010----------------December 31, 2012
  • Norberto Chavez-------------January 25, 2010----------------December 31, 2012
  • Luisa Vargas-----------------January 25, 2010-----------------December 31, 2012
  • John Wood-------------------January 25, 2010------------------December 31, 2011

No, it's not a typo on my part. It's what was written on the agenda.

CONFIRMED! APPROVAL WAS GRANTED BY THE COUNTY COMMISSIONER"S". While Mr. Rodriguez asked for the appointments, it was up to the entire board to vote on it's approval. The county commissioners failed as a whole to support the needs of the South Bexar County Community.

Commissioner Rodriguez's Office..

Veronica Gonzalez, Chief of Staff for Chico Rodriguez responded (see comments) to a member of a volunteer fire department. The disturbing reply mentioned that the District Attorney's office, the Commissioner's Court and the Fire Marshall's office are aware what's going on. How much credibility do they have now, knowing that nothing is being done except allowing Ms. Mendelsohn and the board to continue as if they didn't create such a mess of the ESD#6, that they had to appoint a "monitor"? Basically, Ms. Gonzalez makes it seem from her reply that the three government entities that are to oversee and prevent things from getting to this point, have known and done nothing, but condone it.

How it all began....

Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez appointed all the members, close friends and politicallyconnected to each other on the same day in June 2009 with 3 seats expiring in 2010 and 2 expiring in 2009. However, the expired seats were allowed to hold over, there by creating a solid board of friends and political allies, who granted all the board power to Ms. Mendelsohn and allowed her to make decisions without the board approval or usually getting it after the fact.

  • It is well documented that Ms. Mendelsohn and the board were after the creation of the "community center"; which she had been promised in 2003, under then County Commissioner Robert Tejeda. Then it fell through. And what did she stand to gain from it? Ms. Mendelsohn and Mr. Jimmy Lopez were co-founders of the Thelma Area Neighborhood Association. The same group that would be managing the community center.Thereby, using her relationship with County Commissioner Chico Rodriguez to help her get a grant for the purchase of the property that had already been allocated for a community center in 2003 and already purchased from Mr. Antonio Rodriguez and now owned by the county for said purpose. 1) They, by all documentation were after the community center being built; starting as early as the July 2009 agenda. 2) They applied for funding for the center only or at least that is what was shown in documentation. It wasn't until later that they said they had applied for two separate loans. 3) They couldn't get a grant without calling it an "evacuation center", purely semantics on the federal governments part according to Ms. Mendelsohn at an ESD#6 board meeting.
  1. The money for the Volunteer Fire Departments was used by the ESD#6 to further their project and thereby jeopardizing the funding for the Volunteer Fire Departments. When it was clear that the funding had run out to pay the VFD's, Ms. Mendelsohn created a red-herring. 1st. It was that the fire departments had quit making calls (that was disproven). 2nd. It became about not being in compliance with the audits. (that was also disproven). 3rd. It became about missing "paperwork", but when the VFD's tried over and over again to give her the documentation, she then said she needed- background checks and certifications. Ms. Mendelsohn refused to meet them. It was made clear in December by the ESD#6 attorney that the background checks and certifications were done. Yet days later, County Commissioner Rodriguez held a public meeting in the Southside community to inform them about the use of a CDBG grant for the purpose of purchasing the land for the community center and continued with the same line of reasoning "no- background checks or certifications" for not funding the fire departments.
  2. The ESD#6 has all but bankrupted itself because they are using funds for this new budget year to pay debt from the last budget year, thereby creating another financial mess for the remainder of this budget year unless new people are appointed to this board and can get a handle on the spending. This was not a part of the plan, I'm sure, but Ms. Mendelsohn's history of financial dealings in her neighborhood have long been known and documented as such, that Ms. Mendelsohn has created many businesses that have failed. Doesn't pay vendors, people who do work for her personally, they usually have to lien her property to get payment and had not paid property taxes in the ESD6 district in years until she became a board member and it came to light.
  3. Ms. Vargas (ESD#6-board secretary/treasurer) mentioned that they had checked into the ownership of the Sandy Oaks VFD and that they didn't own it, it seems to have been donated to them with the stipulation that the property would revert to the heirs of the original owners should the fire department seize to exist. She also alluded to the fact that she didn't like the Metzger's at Sandy Oaks VFD and she had nothing but disdain for the Farinacci's at AtaBexar and that "contracts were not going to be". At this point, I believe, it was when greed and power and arrogance took over. Such as the power and arrogance displayed by Ms. Vargas at board meetings; knowing they could do what they wanted and being protected from reprisal; the greed out of necessity. They ran out of money and needed more to keep the "community center" project moving forward. Sadly, the county had already given them $750,000 dollars and the land to build a nice community center, but it was their visions of grandeur that put them in the predicament that they are in. If they had used the funding and land they had in hand, it could have easily created a very nice "community center" for the Thelma Area Neighborhood Association.Of course one of this caliber could not create the $155,000, yearly revenue that Ms. Mendelsohn was hoping to make from the elaborate community center.


So I asked myself, why would someone go to the lengths that they have gone to for a "community center" and keep South Bexar Fire and Rescue as their fire department of choice. Why the community center? Possibly, payment for a bigger accomplishment. If I get my center, I'll see that you get your fire department? Why, South Bexar Fire and Rescue? They were small and ill equipped compared to the other fire departments. I was baffled.

  1. Then I looked at South Bexar Fire and Rescue and found that the land they sit on is adjoining to more land owned by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez, who sold the land for the "community center." Only this land has no access because it sits behind and enclosed by South Bexar Fire and Rescue and other businesses. Might explain why the fire department was not included in the funding, as of yet. Could be that project #2 is going to be a "new" fire department on land they could purchase from Mr. Rodriguez and gain access through land owned by the South Bexar Fire and Rescue. Giving the community a brand new - centrally located fire department.
  2. It's a win-win situation for ESD#6, they can have their own fire district- ESD#6 Fire & Rescue (which they already voted on in October of 2010), Mr. Rodriguez could finally sell the landlocked property and South Bexar Fire & Rescue would gain a new fire station and inherit equipment from Sandy Oaks VFD and AtaBexar Fire Department. (Catch 22:They didn't think that the two VFD's would fight them with legal counsel and thereby, get new contracts with a "monitor" put in place by a judge. Ms. Mendelsohn found a way eventually to strip Sandy Oaks VFD from fighting fires and medical calls in the area. Ata-Bexar VFD will no longer service the area after October 2013, when she canceled their contract. She got what she wanted out of South Bexar and threw them to the dogs, shut them down. The only department left that she can take from? Not so quickly, Ms. Mendelsohn underestimated Mr. Crowley and the South Bexar Fire Department, they sold off all their equipment, as Ms. Mendelsohn was to busy trying to lie and cheat her way into equipment, she overlooked getting liens on South Bexar equipment and therefore, lost valuable equipment for her ESD6 Fire & Rescue.)
  3. Another theory washed up. This one mainly because in more recent meetings, Ms. Mendelsohn would not commit when asked by the fire departments if the building of a new fire station could be given to South Bexar Fire & Rescue because of their need for a new facility and the fact that they are proposing and planning on building a facility on land across from J. L.Matthey Middle School. In the last month or so, construction has begun all up and down the 37S access roads due to Eagle Ford Shale. Huge companies like Halliburton, Baker and Hughes, Weatherford Petroleum as well as smaller companies like Oil Patch Petroleum and Dillon Petroleum are establishing business in the area and would require more advanced fire protection. After looking into Commissioner Rodriguez's finance records, he has been shown to have received campaign funding from PAC's and companies from out of state as well as from the Houston area. This leads one to believe that there is more to this than a small town politics.


So, taking a look back at all the information. Who stands to gain from this.

  1. Ms. Mendelsohn and the Thelma Area Neighborhood Association, because they will finally get their center and they will also be running it.
  2. The City of San Antonio, possibly. It has been discussed among the ESD#6 and the Fire Departments that there remains a possibility of annexation by the city. Ms. Mendelsohn knows this very well, being that she own property within the San Antonio City limits since they annexed a larger portion of Southern Bexar County and is privy to insider information, through her relationship with Commissioner Chico Rodriguez. And while making people believe that she was a member of the community with business ventures, Ms. Mendelsohn lived in the city in an elaborate estate, where she could hob nob with her political friends and gain influence and information.

Worst-case scenario, Ms. Mendelsohn and the ESD6 board have taken the fire security that the community has had for over thirty years and destroyed it. Those living in the rural area of south Bexar County are left with under qualified fire protection .

Only time will tell if there is a conspiracy to deceive the community or just old fashioned power grabbing and greed. Either way, it's the community that has already lost, because people in Southeast Bexar County couldn't be bothered to get involved.

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Mad as Hell on March 30, 2011:

And now for the latest! ESD6 had their meeting on the 24th of March wherein the Board voted to place themselves on the new Volunteer Fire Dept.'s board. Let's see - the Board that distributes money to the VFDs is sitting on the Board that receives said money. Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this scenario?

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on February 01, 2011:

Well put, Mad as Hell. However, it would be incredibly hard to squeeze money from a turnip, after all atleast a couple of the board members have thousands of dollars in tax debt, so if they aren't paying their taxes, it's highly unlikely that they'd pay the fire fighters back for the money they spent on their pet project.

Mad as Hell on February 01, 2011:

Well I stand corrected. It is my understanding that yes, indeed, Commissioner Rodriquez did reappoint the same Board members to the ESD #6. And now I'm even madder that I was before. I am appalled that these same people (Sylvia, Norberto, Luisa and John) have a loose rein to run roughshod over the top of this community for another term. And I am incredibly upset over the fact that Commissioner Rodriguez apparently never gave even one glance at the numerous applications for this board that his office received. Several of these applicants were well qualified to serve and all of them, to my knowledge, were quite willing to serve, even though stepping onto that board at this point in time is a lot like stepping into a hornet's nest. Shame on you, Chico! You take your constituancy way too lightly. We are intelligent, inquisitive and community-active people. So please don't piss on our leg and tell us it's raining! You seem to be taking this community for granted. Don't.

Without a doubt, a lot of us are angry over this and upset isn't even the word. But I agree with Abecedarian in that it will take cool heads to prevail. We are smarter than the average bear and we will get this whole fiasco investigated by the proper authorities. Blatant flaunting of the laws and regs cannot be ignored forever. As I have already said, when the time comes for the reimbursement of these misused tax revenues, payment should come directly out of the pockets of the current board members. I think that would definitely send a message to anyone else out there trying to do anything similar to this boondoggle.

In the meantime, yes I'm STILL mad as hell, and I'm still going to do whatever I can to fight this mess. It's going to take all of us pulling together in a show of force against the ESD #6 and Commissioner Rodriguez. Let's all get the same sheet of music and start singing!

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on January 27, 2011:

I can understand that everyone is very angry right now, but it is cool heads that will prevail.

JUST TIME on January 27, 2011:

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JUST TIME on January 27, 2011:

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JUST TIME on January 27, 2011:

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Page Last Reviewed or Updated: January 08, 2010

Jose Farinacci on January 27, 2011:

Here is my response to Chica's office:


Well as you can see based on my signature block, my email is addressed as a community member, not a department member, just as all the email I have sent his office. To answer your questions, yes I would like a meeting, but not just with Chico, I WANT THE DA there and another commissioner would be fine. Not the Fire Marshal, I don’t care much for his for hi is just another puppet, which he proved back in October. I have a wonderful idea. I want Chico and the above mentioned individuals to have an open form meeting with me and other community members. I will gladly lead the meeting but I want the community members to hear what I have to say and what he has to say. Actually I dare him to do so and I challenge him to this meeting. If he has nothing to hide, he should have no problem doing so. If he has the guts to do so, we can set up a time and place next month for this. Negative response to this meeting request will show admittance to wrong doings and fear to confront the truth.

I will anxiously await an answer

Jose Farinacci


Jose L. Farinacci on January 27, 2011:

Below is the response to my email I received from Chica's office. Following I will post here the response i sent them


Commissioner Rodriguez asked that I respond to your email.

If you are contacting our office as an individual and member of the community and would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your genuine concerns, we are happy to schedule a meeting with you, the Fire Marshal, the District Attorney's office, and another member of Commissioners Court as they are fully aware and briefed on the issues surrounding the ESD 6 and the VFDs.

If you are contacting our office as a member of the VFD, you are currently in a legal dispute with the School District and the ESD Board and your inquiries should be directed to the District Court Judge and Monitor. Bexar County is not a party to that law suit.

I have forwarded your email to the Court Assigned Monitor and the attorney for the School District so they may address your inquiries should they see appropriate.

Thank you and please advise if we need to schedule a meeting with you.

Have a great day.



Veronica M. Gonzalez

Chief of Staff

Commissioner Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez

Bexar County Commissioner, Precinct 1

Justice Center Tower

300 Dolorosa Street, Tenth Floor

Suite 1009

San Antonio, Texas 78205

Main (210) 335-2611

Direct (210) 335-2873

Cell (210) 259-9932

Facsimile (210) 335-2215

Mad as Hell on January 27, 2011:

In all fairness, hold up on accusing Big Wolff and Little Wolff. To my knowledge, the ESD Board was not actually reappointed yet, only their names thrown out there for consideration. Let's give the rest of the Commissioner's Court a chance, shall we? Who knows, they may surprise us all. Until the vote is cast, it's still up in the air, and I know for a fact there are a ton of applications from good HONEST citizens from S. Bexar County that Commissioner's Court can consider. When I checked the web site today, there were a lot of new appointees on other Boards, but the ESD #6 still had old dates on it. But if ever anybody believed in the power of prayer, now might be a good time to start - pray for God to give Wisdom to the other commissioners. I think Chico is too far gone to receive wisdom, even if it was wrapped up in a bow. He threw all hope of wisdom out the door when he let Sylvia sucker his butt! Or maybe he suckered hers! Either way, they both have their own agenda and it has nothing to do with assisting the VFDs in performing their jobs of fire protection.

I still think we need to set a specific date for a ton of people from our area to hit a Commissioner's Court meeting and voice loud and clear the fact that the citizens of ESD #6 are fed up with the current Board and demand a WHOLE new Board be appointed. Remind Chico and the rest of the commissioners that there are plenty of names to choose from and that we know it.

Also, as for the Texas Rangers, forget it. I was there when Sylvia made a big point out of someone making a motion to have "legal counsel contact the Texas Rangers" to investigate the VFDs of wrongdoing, and you're right. Nothing's happened. Then the VFDs have also checked into having Texas Rangers investigate the ESD. Nothing. I don't know what it takes. The fact that Sylvia is friends with someone else that likes to play fast and loose with tax dollars is no big surprise. What do they say about birds of a feather? Have you ever seen a buzzard nesting with a cardinal? No. Look at the Board - like a bunch of buzzards bent over a carcass picking every last piece of meat off the bones. We have to figure out a way to stop them - QUICK!

This is a multiple step process. First, convince the Commissioner's Court in no uncertain terms that these same people must NOT get reappointed to the ESD. Second, we need to let Chico know that without a shadow of doubt, he will not run unopposed and he will not win the next election. That means that a lot of you guys that would not normally throw your support behind someone need to commit to doing all you can to back the right person. That means time and MONEY. Yes, that's right. I said money. It's not cheap to campaign for a political office. And it takes a lot of time and energy to walk the neighborhoods and stage rallies and things like that. The only thing a politician like Chico cares about is kickbacks and votes. It's time to dig into his background a little and find out where he's been hiding the bodies. This community center mess is just what we caught onto because it was stuck up into our face. He's been in office long enough to get carried away with the power and the glory of it all. That means that he has been dabbling with more than a community center. His area is big. How about we take a look at which names keep coming up on his appointments. Want to bet he has his favorite few that keep popping up? Then let's see what the connection is between them. Sylvia was his campaign manager. Remember? I'd bet you he uses things like this to call in favors or to pay back favors. Either way, who and what he owes to someone or someone to him, he has no right to put all of us at risk by appointing his little trollop to ESD just so she can take the fall for misuse of tax revenues over a stupid community center. I bet Hell has a special place for him and Sylvia both.

I'm sorry. I digress. Back to my train of thought. It's never too early to start thinking of the right person to put up against Chico. I suggest a few meetings in a central location with several of the concerned residents to throw some names and ideas around. If any of you guys that have been expressing your opinion are not registered to vote, well, get on the ball. Talk is cheap! It's the vote at the poll that actually means something. Another thing to remember is that Sylvia has always liked to push her people for school board and other elections. She's not going to stop doing that just because of this ESD thing. Pay attention to who pops up when it comes time for the school board election. Don't let her put her little minions in there, either. It's time to stomp her little political machine down. Be suspicious of anyone with connections to her, I don't care how they put themselves out there with comments of how they USED to help her, or USED to like her, but now they don't.

Finally, I stand by what I said before. This will be no grant to reimburse any of these needless expenses that the ESD has thrown away on a piece of property they don't even own. We need to do everything in our power to push for criminal convictions and for the Board members to make restitution on every damned dime, PLUS INTEREST. Don't forget that there was a substantial amount of money in reserve when Sylvia came on board. That money was invested and earning interest. If it had been left alone, it would be a lot more now than it was when she made it "disappear". That was $215,000 and we still don't know for sure where it went (although I'm sure we have a good idea). I would say a judge should make her sell her property to pay for what she has stolen and frittered away, but she owes so much in back taxes, there wouldn't be enough left over to do much with.

Which brings up another question! How can she sit on this Board when she's so delinquent on her property taxes? Aren't there rules about that? How can Chico expect her to handle our tax money when she can't even handle her money well enough to pay her own taxes!?! Maybe someone needs to mention that out loud at the commissioner's court meeting. I think it should become a part of the record that Chico places favoritism above the rules and regs. Let them both be embarrassed by their own stupidity.

JUST TIME on January 27, 2011:

Ok i left an a out of Abecedarian lol, also the word nad should be and... thats what happens when ur mad.. lol

JUST TIME on January 27, 2011:

Like i said county level will not work!!! It does not matter that Susan Reeds and Chico Rat-riguez are of different political sides, WHEN GREENBACKS ARE INVOLVED THEN POLITICS GO OUT THE DOOR!!! Im sorry to say this like this but to hell with these thieves in office around here. They have done nothing for us nad guess what!! "The forcast is the SAME" These people think that they are God!! "The same yesterday today and forever" Folks it will not get better until the State is involved.

Abecedarin you have a lot of documents on this to prove all of this, So I would like to find out if I could get some copys from you so I can file a complaint with the AG and SOS. I have everything I need except the proof that they want from me.. I have someone else but they have not got them for me yet.. I want to do this ASAP. and I want to say Thank you for all of your hard work.

Melissa Hammond from San Antonio on January 27, 2011:

Its nice to know the county is in safe hands with them on the board. Thank you Commissioners for all your hard work for looking into this problem and trying to get a handle it. Your hard work really shows. Thank you!

jose l farinacci on January 27, 2011:

Well It shows that ALL 5 county commissioners are as careless and stupid as Chica . Funny how a few weeks ago wolf said that he and his son would not let that happen. Guess they are liars too

jose l farinacci on January 27, 2011:

Well It shows that ALL 5 county commissioners are as careless and stupid as Chica . Funny how a few weeks ago wolf said that he and his son would not let that happen. Guess they are liars too

BALL&CHAIN on January 27, 2011:

"the straw has finally broken the camels back" is a under statement. People had seen how far the lies are being laid all the way to commissioners court. Makes you think who all is a part of this... I know a few people are already talking about going to the state level and even the Texas Rangers too. Please keep in mind Sylvia said the ESD would be calling the Rangers to come look into the problems with the fire depts. Where are they?? This was at the begining of December.

The Community doesn't even think Reeds office will help. They think DA is apart of this county coverup. It's funny how this borad was repointed, with all of these problems still going on. Also I heard that the ESD didn't get the grant they were hopping for the community center. If that is the case then kiss all that money good bye. Sylvia take saying we will get all the money we are using back when the grant gets approval. Now what Sylvia? You have blown over $150k on this center. The community is paying for more lies. What does Sylvia have over the commissioners is the question I would like to know... Has anyone seen the news the last few days, there been a lot of stories about city personal using taxes dollars. And from what I have heard Sylvia is friends with one of the ladys. I'll post more once I have the story in hand.

I think the news needs to look into the county, I have a feeling they will be surprised to what they will find.

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on January 27, 2011:

Just Time, you are so right. The community as a whole was being patient and hoping that the people that were elected to represent them as a whole, would do the right thing. After the actions of the County Commissioners as a whole, that is no longer possible. They have shown the South Bexar County Community exactly how they feel about them and is my understanding that the straw has finally broken the camels back.

JUST TIME on January 26, 2011:

Why don't people quit messing with this crap on a local level because it is doing no good and that has been proven overe and over again and start contacting the state. No matter what some may think the esd is a non-profit org. so that makes them subject to the Secretary of State and we can all begin to file complaints to the SOS and the Attorney General. This will stir up things for these theifs and that includes chico rat-riguez!!!

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on January 26, 2011:

Trust me, I am not in any way defending the actions of Chico Rodriguez, the balding & little man syndrome has apparently gotten to the county commissioner and he has become drunk with power and this plea for reappointment strokes his ego,however, back to my point. As of yesterday he was simply asking for approval. It was not clarified if the board approved it. I will try to get clarification on that.

Jose L. Farinacci on January 25, 2011:

Below is a copy I just sent Chico and the rest of the commissioners in the court,

Chico, wow. I cannot believe my ears. I am shocked. After all the issues that have taken place in the last few months with the idiots that you appointed to ESD 6, knowing that they are incompetent, so incompetent that a judge appointed a monitor to watch over them since they have no earthly idea on how to do their duties, YOU have to indecency to reappoint them for another term. Man, what is wrong with you. I have two theories: #1 that the acts they have performed to jeopardize the lives on the citizens, that the misuse of funds that they have and continue to do, that their actions and decision , are all product of what you want. Or #2 You are just careless. I think both are true statements. Today you have proven yourself. Today you showed us that you do not care. Today, you gave us what we needed to get you out of office on the next elections. I give you my word today that I will focus my attention not on the esd commissioners actions (I don’t need too since the entire community is doing so), but in making sure that the community knows that you are nothing but a careless individual that influences the decisions of commissioners to misuse fire protection funds for a ridiculous community center and in doing so jeopardizing their lives. I make you that promise today. You are truly an embarrassment to this county and to this state.

All the information that we have obtained in the last few months will soon be released to the entire community and the media.

To the rest, I cannot believe that the rest of the commissioners in commissioners court allowed this to happen.

Jose Farinacci

Jose Farinacci on January 25, 2011:

Well, I cannot believe what I just heard. That worthless piece of feces county commissioner Chico Rodrigues just reappointed those five idiots to the ESD. As you can see I am not covering my identity and I am openly stating in this forum that CHico and his click, meaning that idiots Sylvia, VArgas and the other three are nothing but corrupted and worthless individuals. Yes I am upset. I too am upset about the fact that Nelson Wolff allowed this happen. It upsets me that nobody like the DA, or other representatives are doing anything about it. They are using fire protection money for their own political agendas. I will write Chico an email and I will broadcast that email too all to let him know what a piece of crap he is. And Chico and Sylvia hope you are reading this and I make you both this promise, I will do anything I can to discredit both of you more than you already have on your own to make sure that this is Chicos last term in office.

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on January 25, 2011:

I don't think Chico Rodriguez will be fortunate to have another un-opposed election this time around. He's created so much turmoil in the South Bexar County community as well as his campaign manager, Ms. Mendelsohn. He's quickly forgotten what happened to Robert Tejeda when the South Bexar County community had had enough.

Mad as Hell on January 25, 2011:

I'm not the only one that feels this way. Lots of people, including you yourself, feel mad about this too! That has to be why you started this page and spent so much time looking into all this stuff. You and I both know there's a whole lot more to this boondoggle then what has been let out there. People are doing all they can to find out what's going on and the Board and their attorney is doing all they can to cover tracks. Sylvia lies and double talks so much no one can keep track of what she says unless they record her on tape and even then you can bet your bottom dollar she'll swear it wasn't her that said it. Just someone that sounds a little like her! Until she faces criminal charges or moves off this board and on to another that she can destroy, these problems will do nothing but multiply. Maybe the community should rise up as one against the Commissioner's Court and insist this Board be vacated completely and a whole new Board seated from scratch. And for God's sake, please! Somebody stand up and run against Chico for commissioner's court. I'd vote for the devil himself, just to get Chico out of there and this Board straightened up.

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on January 25, 2011:

Mad as Hell, you certainly are, the sad thing is that from the comments, many people in the South Bexar county community feel that way. There has eventually got to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Mad as Hell on January 25, 2011:

Just caught up to this page! I don't know about a conspiracy theory, but I do know there's a very famous quote - "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely!" Sylvia Mendolsohn has been given absolute power of this ESD Board and it shows. If all of the Board members' seats have expired as of 2010 then all of them need to be replaced NOW. While we're on the subject of replacing people, Chico needs to be replaced, too. Criminal charges need to be brought against these Board members for endangering the lives and livelihood of the people living out here in South Bexar County because of their actions in non-funding and under-funding the 2 VFDs.

Every penny spent on anything to do with that 5 acres owned by the COUNTY (it's not owned by the ESD) needs to be reimbursed into the ESD's account out of the Board members' own pockets. Every penny spent on legal counsel that had to do with the Grant application process or Mr. Crowley's personal problems, i.e. law suits and/or criminal charges also needs to be reimbursed by both Sylvia and Mrs. Vargas personally. All other legal fees paid for anything other than genuine legal counsel - NOT acting as secretary at the meetings, drafting the meeting agendas and other frivolous actions - should come directly out of Sylvia's pocket. Anything paid out of the ESD bank accounts that was not specifically for fire protection, vehicle and building maintenance, insurance or other reasonable expenses, to include rent and utilities for the ESD itself, should be paid back out of Sylvia's own personal money. If she wants a damned community center for her TANCO to profit from, let her take out the construction loans and get her happy little ass to building! I have no doubt TANCO will gladly take over all the payments for those loans. Surely they would do that for her. And if she doesn't qualify for the loans on her own merit, surely all those good and wonderful TANCO folks will co-sign for her. But in the meantime, Sylvia and Vargas need to quit dipping their fingers into the ESD money that was rightfully intended to fund the VFDs so the residents within this coverage area could be protected. Honestly! Some people just don't deserve to be president of anything, let alone ESD Board President over such large sums of tax revenues. It's a wonder she's not personally bankrupt when you look at how she handles money. Who knows, maybe she is facing personal bankruptcy and we just don't know it.

By now, you may caught on that I am mad as hell at all this mess. I have sent in an application to sit on this board even though I doubt that I'm smart enough to know what in the world to do if I get appointed. But I do know this - if I am appointed, I know I can vote no to anything having to do with that god forsaken community center and argue on behalf of the VFDs for as long as I have breath in my body to argue with.

I've had it up to my eyeballs with these people on this ESD Board. Sylvia has absolutely no knowledge of how a meeting is supposed to be held, she is totally ignorant of the laws concerning the Open Meetings Act and the Open Information Act, and no clue as to what's the ESD's purpose. I believe she and the rest of the Board (at least the ones that bother to show up regularly which would be Mrs. Vargas and Mr. Wood) should face criminal charges of fraud and theft, at the very least.

BALL&CHAIN on January 20, 2011:


unknown on January 20, 2011:

South bexar property line ends just five feet in front of the bays the trucks would have to parked in back of the station. South bexars property really won't have access if it wasn't for that private road. I can't remember the man's name but he was the owner of the road. I am a former member of south bexar and remember the situation. I left south bexar to much conflict of interest between family members and moneys.

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on January 20, 2011:

So, what you are saying is that there is a 5 ft. clearance in front of the bay doors that could easily become a road if the buidlings were removed? According to county records, he couldn't close off the "private" road because he doesn't own it. It's owned by someone else. And if that were the case, then how does Ms. Mendelsohn justify keeping a fire department that as right now stores its vehicles on property that doesn't belong to the fire department. Where will they be parked if he does fence in the property? And how will the fire department meet the 15 minute response time, if they are having to gather their vehicles from an area other than the fire station?

unknown on January 20, 2011:

its funny cause south bexar does not own the road leading to there station they only own 5 feet in front of the bay doors. Awhile back the property owner said he was going to fence in his property including the private road and south bexar would have to move the vehicles of his property line

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