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Linda is the author of Advent Calendar for the Salvation of Planet Earth, a channelled book published by Gateway books in 1995

Earth Changes


I have begun the summary of the channelled book "Advent Calendar for the Salvation of the Planet Earth" given to me from Higher Multi dimensional beings during the early 90's and published in 1995. The book was taken out of print very quickly and because of the important detailed information given on the cleansing of the earth planet and what earth changes would occur I am including part of that summary here and will add subsequent hubs until it is finished. This has been a very difficult task to do because of the explicit material involved and I am remembering again how I felt when I first channelled this material some 20 yrs ago. I knew then that the info was true in content and I resonated with it at a very deep level but felt much happier when the second book was given which gives us advice on how to raise ourselves up and become who we truly are which ultimately enables us to deal with the changes which will and are occuring. The second book is available if you go to my profile page and see the links to my network. Namaste

From the script given as the book “Advent Calendar for the Salvation of the Planet Earth” given originally around 1993 – published 1995 .

"It is easy for us to release pockets of energy, but in doing so we are at liberty to say that much damage will occur. Our master plan will be presented in a way that clears the energy despite human beings, but as our love goes out to you, we will forewarn you and your fellow man. It has become apparent that many of the inlets in Japan are jeopardised by traumatic happenings. We can adjust the energy towards the ocean, but only when this is appropriate. It must be understood that many of the inlets are holding high negative energy levels. The energy will begin to resurface along the eastern coast and thereafter will dissipate along the edges of the north-eastern coastal areas.

Apart from this information there will be much to write about on the calculations of tidal waves and earth trauma. This information will be very much needed for your scientists to readjust their machinery to become in tune with Mother Earth. They are not so much in tune as trying to understand her patterns: this will ultimately lead to much inaccuracy and miscalculation. It is not because of their lack of awareness, but because of their lack of sensibility: to sense is to understand. You will find that if they are aware of the information, their minds will begin to readjust to the sensory devices which are available within your world now.

By the end of the year the onslaught of clearance will be complete; the aftermath will not be clear. As with any prolonged action the energies become vibrant, they become almost active on a level of explosion. These energies will become more subdued, but not deadened, as time goes by. The energies will prevent the escape of power along the lines of depravity. It is not enough to prevent the negative from controlling, but we must also complete the patterns so that the new grid system does not become decadent again. Our process is one of depth and breadth. It must protect the planet in time to come.

Before too long the energy buildup around the eastern coast of France will become explosive. This energy has been holding tight for many months. The release will be a very long one, one which will become very explosive to the regions around the Dordogne. The areas most affected will be around Montpellier and Marseilles, but after a period of about three months, this energy will release much of the energy already stored with the Dordogne valley. Around the Dordogne area are many underwater streams and springs. Much of the energy held into these water caverns will become very explosive when exposed to more extreme sources of magnetic energy. After a while the springs themselves will erupt, causing much flooding and, of course, much chaos amongst the people. This area will be very nearly lost under water for as long as six months. We cannot estimate exactly, but would not wish to restrict this to less time at this point in time.

It is now time to discuss the oncoming events within the area known to you as Khartoum. This area has many energies that are not now required for the Earth in her newly acquired state. Within the next six months the area will become a monsoon; by this we mean that much rainfall will appear as if by magic. This area does not have this sort of rainfall of which we are speaking. The people will become very shocked and also very morose. This will happen because of their somewhat narrow view of life. They will believe that it has happened as a punishment. This may be so, but not the punishment which they understand. It is because of the outpouring negative energy flow that this area must be cleansed, not because of the negativity of the people as a whole. Some of the people are well and truly aligned to the earth spirits, but others are somewhat decadent.

Soon the energy will be holding sufficient condensed particles of higher vibration to cause much releasing. This releasing will occur in the areas of Scotland, Nova Scotia, Sweden and Norway. The areas of Majorca, Italy and Tunisia will begin to cleanse very shortly afterwards. It is because of the main energy line activation that this release will be felt. This main line begins in Nova Scotia and ends in the far western regions of Mesopotamia. It is because of this line that Scotland will be affected, and also the areas of Sweden and Norway. Many peoples will also be affected.

We cannot protect every person on every piece of mainland - it is impossible. Those that feel the energies will leave these places before the release. In many places, just before the releasing takes place, many will feel high heavenly host energies. This is connected with the energy with which we will be activating the lines. This energy can be felt along the lines as they are activated. It will not be there for very long, but as soon as this is felt, the releasing will have started. It will build from a slow beginning to a vast crescendo. This feeling of activation can be used as a marker to assist you with what is happening around the globe.

We will be activating many lines at different times. There will be intervals in between, but as soon as one line has completed, we will activate the next. You will have a succession of buildups and explosive releases. As soon as one completes the next begins, as if we were choreographing a show. We do not expect you to applaud, but be aware of the sequence of events.

The main energy line activation will precipitate the enormous changes that will occur. These changes will begin with the earth-masses being disturbed. This disturbance will activate the energy of the oceans to distort and violently respond. After the earth-mass activation then will come the responses from the volcanic structures. We cannot be responsible if you do not respond with the full force of spiritual activation. It is only through the activation of spiritual forces that you will survive. The energies that will be rampant upon the planet are not all negative. There are ones that are there to activate the spiritual energies. If you are involved with the third dimension, then you will be drastically affected when these changes begin.

After the activation of the first main line there will be activation from other lines. The first line governs the areas of Scotland, Nova Scotia, Mesopotamia and Sweden and Norway. This line will begin the cleansing. After that the minor lines affecting Spain and Italy, the islands of Majorca, Greece and Corsica will begin to cleanse also. Through the cleansing, the oceans will become filled with debris. There will be a time when this water will cause many problems. It is not possible to cleanse at this point in time; we must warn you not to attempt to carry out any schemes or plans to do so. The waters will be cleansed at a later stage, but not by chemical means. Many areas will be affected following the activation of energy clearance.

The second line of activation will be commenced shortly afterwards. This line begins in Portugal and stretches out to the extremes of the states of the USSR. Within its field are the countries of Switzerland, Bulgaria, Tasmania.

We will return now to give you more details of changes within the earth-masses. Energy will be releasing from the coastline of India into the Indian Ocean. We have already approached the coastline of Calcutta. This area is fast becoming explosive; she has not as yet released. We cannot always accurately foretell the "timing" for you, but as always endeavour to warn you beforehand. Many areas of the Indian Ocean will experience mammoth tidal waves. These waves will spill onto the coastal mainland, necroaching into the urban areas and freeing up many of the restricted land energy lines. These lines will need to be freed from the dark, dank energies that they have contained for many years. After some time the energy will again release - this time into the ocean, from the landmass. This will enable much of the damaged mainland to become stable again.

Around the area of southern America much will alter. There have been many predictions for the salvation of the area of Los Angeles. It is a salvation plan. Part of this island of land will remain, but will be pushed inward towards the deserts of Nevada and Arizona. Much of the land will be lost, but you will be able to make contact with the many islands of small encrusted earth matter that are at present sunk below the ocean. This will be made possible by the energy of the releases, causing great landmasses to move and reassemble. It will be as if there has been a removing of all debris, but not of the earth structure. Because of the movement of the plates, some land will remain, but not in the shape that has been assembled before. Too much of the land has corroded for the same areas to remain. Much corrosion of land energy has caused the corrosion within the physical manifestation.

We must differentiat here between the energy lines within the stratosphere and atmosphere and the lines of the Earth's solid mass. The lines of activation from the strastosphere and atmosphere are the hologramic designs of which we have previously spoken "

The information above is all to do with the activation of these holographic grid mandalas within the stratosphere and atmosphere. They later give activation of the lines in the Earth's solid mass which will be continued here .............on another hub

Earth Changes Part One - including Japan

Message from Higher Beings 15th March 2011

  • Be at Peace, we are all together now
    (Message channelled from Higher Beings March 15th 2011 See my profile for more information, other messages and the two books that were channelled prior to their current contact with me) We will tell you now...


Beth J. Benson from Richmond, Va. on October 30, 2012:

Glad to have found you. I am starting to document the plant changes. Everything is connected,and one can feel and sense the changes, but somehow it feels good to put it into words. Love and Light, Beth

RussellLHuey on September 03, 2011:

Informative hub.

chamilj from Sri Lanka on May 01, 2011:

I am starting to believe you.

TheSloneGal on March 29, 2011:

Very interesting to me I have researched things of the such for a long time and I believe as well that mother earth try's to tell us allot of things but we don't listen and we continue to harm her. Thank you for this share.

Xavier Nathan from Isle of Man on March 29, 2011:

Very interesting read. I have read books and listened to tapes by Seth but this is the first time I have read anything like this in quite a while. Thank you.

Linda Joslin (author) from UNIVERSE on March 28, 2011:

The highest and most useful thing we can do, during this time of great cleansing and change is to remain centred and operate from our intuition, then we will know where to go and be and inform our families of relations and friends. If we are centred and coming from the highest then our ego will not encourage us to hold onto our possessions are old ambitions etc. Namaste

Ikeji Chinweuba from Nigeria on March 28, 2011:

nice hub...keep it up

rebekahELLE from Tampa Bay on March 25, 2011:

Your hubs are very interesting and I find them compelling.

I don't doubt that the earth's energies are operating in a way as to survive and revive. It's somewhat shocking to see the power and devestation of it's energies. I recall vividly sitting on my patio on Mother's Day, May 11, 2008, and feeling an urgency in the wind, it was kind of a sad feeling like mother earth was crying out for help. It amazed me at how real it was and I couldn't shake this foreboding awareness of something I didn't understand. The next morning the news was of the terrible earthquake in the Sichuan region of Western China in which many thousands of people died. It shook me to my core. I did write my feelings the day before in my journal, not knowing what it was, but sensing an awareness that was significant. I look forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing.

Linda Joslin (author) from UNIVERSE on March 22, 2011:

Yes there are many people who sense changes like this coming, we are all connected to the magnetic energy of the planet through our own field of energy. When this happens again make notes and ask questions of your higher self and this will then become very useful for you. Namaste

waever on March 21, 2011:

i experienced great left ways vertigo sensation 50 minutes before the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand and again the morning of the Japan earthquake. have you heard of this occuring and what it is all about?

Linda Joslin (author) from UNIVERSE on March 20, 2011:

The higher beings have answered questions on planet x/Nibiru (see other hubs on my profile series of 6 about Nibiru and 2012) but they do say that before Nibiru starts to have an effect on us we will already have major earth changes going on. check some of the other hubs - their 2nd manuscript is available free, check my profile page.

someonewhoknows from south and west of canada,north of ohio on March 20, 2011:

I have been aware such events would occur,through other sources.Zeta talk and Nancy Leader who mentioned Japan specifically in connection with what has been called Planet x or the tenth planet by some that was supposedly discovered in 1983 and reported by astronomers and quickly dismissed by government officials soon afterwards.Do these events have anything to do with this mysterious planet that is said to orbit our sun about every 3,600 years or so? The last time being during the Hebrews escape from Eygpt?

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