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Dreams, Premonitions and the New World Order

Post Apocalyptic Scenario

My dream of a post apocalyptic scenario showed anarchy in the streets and complete chaos in society.

My dream of a post apocalyptic scenario showed anarchy in the streets and complete chaos in society.

Dreams and Premonitions

The Never Ending Dream

I woke up tonight after having a dream but it was really a nightmare, except I wasn't scared just saddened. I realized I was dreaming and at first everything was dark and I saw a scene out of a post apocalyptic sci-fi movie in front of me, burned out cars, broken highway overpasses and people wandering the streets with a dazed look in their eyes.

At first I thought I heard a voice but it was really just a thought in my head, that said "Bit-coins are going to replace all money" and I kinda said "what . . . Huh?

There will be no more credit cards, no more debit cards, no checks, no cash, everything will be replaced by bit-coins and at first most people don't get it and kind of ignore the whole thing but some get on board right away.

Only the ones that get all their money replaced legally with bit-coins realized that they got ripped off when the bit coins aren't worth much. They are assured by the Government this will all change but when the price of a loaf of bread is forty bit coin dollars they get angry.

The ones that don't get their money replaced go along just like normal for a while but then, almost overnight everything changes and rich people, poor people and even the middle class are instantly broke, become homeless, desperate and very angry.

When people begin to riot in the streets, loot and pillage stores and commit senseless criminal acts, the police can't handle it and Marshall Law is instituted.

My dream starts after Martial Law has been in affect for only about six months but already most big cities are just lawless concrete jungles with people just scrounging for what ever they can get. People start dying right away, just giving up, committing suicide, fighting, it becomes instant chaos almost overnight.

It reminded me of the original Terminator movie and the vision of the future Michael Beihn has when he is dreaming about tank treads rolling over bleached white human skulls.

Immediately after Martial Law is enacted, the army but it is not regular US Army but more like thugs with uniforms go from house to house confiscating guns, in armored personnel carriers. At first everything is orderly but more and more incidents begin to happen where citizens don't want to give up their guns. This leads to skirmishes and then all out gun battles, with the 'army' winning every time.

A law is instituted where anyone caught with a gun can be shot on site no questions asked, this leads the thug army to begin to commit all kinds of atrocities on the civilian population, rape, murder, executions of whole families whether or not they are found with guns. The thug army then becomes the looters, almost like a heavily armed gang and disregard all human decency.

This changes when people get savvy and start ganging up on these patrols, ambushing them with road blocks and then taking their assault rifles and ammunition, after killing the patrols. Cities across America become war zones with block to block fighting. After six months of this the army's begin to spread out into the rural country side but the army has now changed players and most of the troops are 'foreign nationals' or U.N. soldiers (peacekeepers), regular US Army and National Guard.

The cities become wastelands of human carnage and despair and the remaining citizens are left to fend for themselves, almost like zombies, no hope, no food, no water at the mercy of roving gangs and looters with no police or troops to defend them.

This happens all over the world not just in America and millions of people die horrible deaths, mostly from starvation and fighting but because the power grid goes down and sanitation becomes a major issue, diseases break out and spread like wild fire.

Bows Become Weapon of Choice

In my dream bows become the weapon of choice because they are silent, easy to use, lightweight and can be repaired or made easily also.

In my dream bows become the weapon of choice because they are silent, easy to use, lightweight and can be repaired or made easily also.

Fending For Yourself

At this point I wake up and realize that it really was a dream, although it was so real. I toss and turn for a few minutes and then drift back to sleep. A thought in my head says " Ready for some more?" and I say "Why am I seeing this?"

The thought in my head says "This is just one possible future for your world but at this point in time it is a very real possibility, so pay attention, please!"

The same thing begins to happen in the country side that happened in the big cities, with more door to door searches. However the difference is that most country folk having seen on TV and the internet the events that took place in the cities, hide their weapons.

Even though the same instant poverty is occurring everywhere, from the switch to bit-coins, folks in rural communities are closer and more tightly knit and help each other out to survive. They also begin to move away from their homes and into the woods taking everything worth having or that can help them to survive with them.

Then small militia groups begin to be organized and begin guerrilla like warfare with the regular army and National Guard troops. Most of the police in the smaller communities join sides with the locals and do not help the Guard troops at all. The militia groups use clandestine tactics and most of the weapons used are crossbows, re-curve bows and arrows and the fighting is done by ambush in close quarters.

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The National Guard and regular Army troops begin to experience heavy losses in manpower and many begin to desert, crossing over to help the militia's. Basically a nasty civil war begins in rural America with the majority of the civilian population caught in the middle.

To disable the militias ability to fight the power grids in most rural communities is shut down but this tactic backfires as it motivates more and more civilians to join in the fight. The regular army and National Guard troops begin to actually retreat and more and more of these fighting units become isolated and cutoff from supplies and backup.

About that time I see in my dream a scene where everyone around me is looking up at the sky and there as big as day, is a huge red planet that takes up the whole sky.

Dreams, Premonitions and the New World Order for me was a dream that many might consider a nightmare but I found that it instilled in me hope.

Red Planet

The red planet in my dream is obviously Nibiru or Planet X and is the game changer and I suspect that is why my dream ended then.

The red planet in my dream is obviously Nibiru or Planet X and is the game changer and I suspect that is why my dream ended then.

Negative vs Positive

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I believe dreams are more like warning signs that are intended to instruct the individual as to future possibilities and scenarios in their life and should not be taken literally. While I'm convinced that Nibiru Planet X is real and does present a game changing event in our future, I'm not convinced it is necessarily a bad event.

Because I know in my heart that we are immortal beings living a third dimensional experience designed too enlighten our souls and help us to achieve the next level of human evolution, I also know that we have already experienced other levels of incarnations in higher dimensions. This firm belief allows me the peace of mind to know that whatever happens, occurs for a reason and is not the end all of our existence.

My belief is that the Polar Shift which will occur due to the presence of Nibiru Planet X is actually intended to allow the Earth to help reboot its present condition and wipe the slate clean, so to speak.

Without a doubt it will cause the destruction of civilization as we know it but let's face it, would that really be such a bad thing considering the evil that rules this world?

Now let me be clear here, the Polar Shift/Nibiru Planet X scenario is certainly one possibility of our imminent future, I do not believe it is inevitable. I believe that as we awaken to our true nature of existence, we as a society can consciously decide whether to allow our fears too rule our reality or we can shape a new paradigm of reality built on a foundation of giving, love and harmony with nature.

If more and more people awaken to the true nature of our existence and begin to make the connection to our god/selves it will raise the vibrational frequency of the planet to a point where outside intervention could help to lessen the affects of a Polar Shift.

To some degree I believe this is already happening as a means of allowing the majority of the population of this planet to awaken and achieve a critical mass consciousness in terms of our true nature. This intervention, if you will, has slowed the affects of the Polar Shift on Earth to such a degree, through the actual manipulation of Nibiru's orbit through our solar system, that it has allowed mankind to begin to question the reality of our conditioning and outright mind control by the nefarious rulers of this world.

You can see the effects of this all around you in your everyday life as more and more conservative people begin to question events around them. It also shows up as more and more people tune out to the evening newscast, don't buy into the many false flag events staged to instill fear and wars, civil strife and negativity diminish.

While I do not fear the Polar Shift scenario, not because I have a bunker or stocks of food supplies and survival gear but because I believe that what our society calls death is merely a transition to another plane of existence, what I do fear is how the common man will react to the truth when it begins to manifest itself in our daily lives.

I fear that many lives will be 'wasted' through panic and that Cognitive Dissonance will rule the day preventing many good people from recognizing that they can alter their reality through giving, love and peace.

I wrote this article Dreams, Premonitions and the New World Order to show that reality is what we choose to make it and that as long as we believe in hope that it does exist.


Pamela Jason, on August 02, 2017:

Great article Blue,

I had these discussions with my co worker's over two years ago and they all felt that Chaos would ensue too and it would be like Mad Max or Zombie Apocalypse.

Thank you I feel there were so many names for this Comet P57 by NASA (NEVER SAY ANYTHING) to confuse the masses and the Star Traveler is correct it is probably just a Hospital/Fighting Starship like the Athena Akashen and the Phoenix are only they are cloaked and we cant see them at all. Cheers love's it and your amazing articles too. Namaste'

I tried to vote and something might not be working unless it is on my end somehow and I will check back before I leave here to try it again other wise for the recorded I think people are creating realities with a more positive outlook for sure.. Especially these kid's they have nothing to look forward to but a pile of cleanup after what was done to our Earth Mother in the Industrial Revolution and even still now after what we know.. Poised on the brink of another Epoch and waiting for the Great Purification that my Hopi family wrote about years ago

Pablo on March 24, 2016:

I had a dream it was pretty disturbing people killing people and talking about realm and i was a football stadium and they were taking about being free then i saw boddies of them being shot and every where i go i see death i saw my older sister dying in her own home with face cam and they shot her and everyone in it and i tried to save a group of people that i saved it was creepy

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 21, 2014:

Oooops, good catch I will make the correction. I can't believe losers sign up to writing websites just to share their inane drivel with us, move out of Mom's basement already.

Of course I'm referring to the commenter on you Zero energy article.

Insane Mundane from Earth on September 21, 2014:

Cool Hub...

A scenario like that could happen in a whim, with the right circumstances and/or disasters at hand.

Side Note: I think you meant Martial Law in this Hub instead of Marshall Law. Marshall Law was an Australian television show, by what I read.

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