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Doug Band, President Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein Connection

All Politicians embellish, but those that flat out lie to deceive can never truly be trusted.

Doug Band and President Clinton, the early years.

Doug Band and President Clinton, the early years.

Who is Doug Band?

Doug Band (Douglas Jay Band) was born in 1972, Sarasota, Florida. He earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Florida. Majored in English, minor in Ethics.

At the age of 22, Doug Band had the break of a lifetime, he got a job as an unpaid intern under President Clinton; at the White House. He accomplished much during those years.

  • He started night school and earned his Masters degree in Liberal Arts from Georgetown University graduate school.
  • Followed by a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center
  • He was promoted to White House Office Council Staff
  • Promoted to Special Assistant to the President
  • Ending his White House career as the President's aide.
  • Continuing as Counselor and Chief Advisor to Bill Clinton until 2012
  • Worked on the release of American Journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee
  • Worked on the release of American Alan Gross

Doug Band helped set up Bill Clinton's personal office, Clinton Global Initiative where they are on record to have raised $69 Billion for projects around the world and the William J. Clinton Foundation.

During this time, Doug Band also expanded his own finances by becoming Co-Founder and President of Teneo, a management consulting firm which today employs approximately 700 people.

Clinton and Band

Clinton and Band

Power struggle

In 2011, Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky, accused Band of conflict of interest because of the work he was doing for the Clinton's and his cross involvement with Teneo. Band in response to Chelsea's interference wrote a memo alleging that Bill Clinton, Chelsea and her husband Marc Mezvinsky; mainly Mezvinsky was raising money for his hedge fund from Clinton Foundation donors and friends. This was a part of the Wikileaks release. Doug Band stated that "he (Clinton) wouldn't be where he is without me" showed that like Michael Cohen as Trump's fixer; Band was the money man and "fixer" for Bill Clinton. Arranging speaking engagements and fundraisers.
And Chelsea, like Ivanka Trump is daddy's girl and a protector of her father.

Nothing ever came of it, other than it was a dispute between Band & Chelsea Clinton and she got her way, in that Doug Band turned in his resignation. But he didn't go away completely. In 2012, Band worked with the Obama Administration to get then Senator Hillary Clinton to the position of Secretary of State and has remained in the Bill and Hillary Clinton friendship circle.

Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton. Since Clinton flew on his plane multiple times, a photo with Epstein is not uncommon

Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton. Since Clinton flew on his plane multiple times, a photo with Epstein is not uncommon

Guilty or not guilty?

Ask any GOP or Party of Trump supporter and they would probably say he is guilty. Ask any Dem or supporter of Bill Clinton, and they would probably say they hope not, but after the Monica Lewinsky trial, it's hard to say.

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One bit of information that has been released about Epstein's little black book, it's that those names that were circled were somehow involved in Epstein's years of sexual abuse of children, be it a witness, helper or another pedophile. Bill Clinton's name was not circled and the information on the log is under Doug Band, not Bill Clinton.

While Trump and his allies were trying to make a mountain out of molehill, it really doesn't appear to be anything other than business.

According to the black book the following information pertains to the hype about President Clinton.

  • Doug Band (office of Bill Clinton) Doug Band was his aid and a part of the office of counsel. Also the person that helped him establish his foundations to include the Clinton Global Initiative, where he raised funds from all over the world and approximate 90 countries.
  • David Slade (Senior Advisor to President Clinton)
  • Mike Lee (not sure, could not find any information) Clinton had a staff member, Bill Lee.
  • Sarah Latham (Public Relations) currently working for the royal family of Prince Harry.
  • Denise Diordo (Speaking Scheduler)
  • Joe Coshion (Assistant Director of Scheduling), could not find anything on this individual. Could be due to incorrect spelling of his name.
  • Uma (no other information listed)
  • Mark Galespie (Gillespie) either spelling turned up nothing
  • Jim Morrison
  • Hanna Richer (could not find anything on her, but there was an Anna Richter who was in Domestic Policy in Clinton's administration
  • Laura Graham(Clinton scheduler)
  • Jim Kennedy (Press), I found that Jim Kennedy was actually a member of the office of the counsel to the President.
  • Guy (Doug Friend)
  • #42 ( Do not use)

Most of these people worked directly under or with Doug Band. No smoking gun there.

The flights that were just flights

During most of Jeffrey Epstein's flights, it was him, GM (possibly Ghislaine Maxwell and SK (in one entry there is a name Sean K after that its always SK. maybe a pilot.

Trip #1; Feb.9, 2002: Bill Clinton, 4 secret service, 2 males, 1 female, JE, GM, SK, AP. It was trip from Miami to Westchester County, New York.

Trip #2; May 19-21, 2002: Bill Clinton, Doug Band, 3 secret service, JE, GM, SK., flew from JFK to EGGW (England) on the way back to JFK, he lists Bill Clinton, 10 Secret Service, JE, GM,SK, 1 male.

Trip #3; May 22- 25, 2002: President Bill Clinton, JE, GM, SK, Pete Rashgleb, MCKG, Doug Band, Jansli, Jessica. +6???? (could be secret service- hard to read). They flew from Japan, Naval Air Facility to Hong Kong. They left Hong Kong and flew to China, from China to Singapore, from Singapore to Thailand and from Singapore to Brunei.

Trip #4; Sept 21-29, 2002: President Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, JE, GM, SK. CL, Chauntag Davies, Andrea M?, G?? Nonaes, Rodney Swaser, Casey & Laura Wasserman, Ron Burkle, Gayle S???, Doug Band, Jim Kennedy, David Slade. Some of the passengers only traveled part of the trip. Many of the passengers were members of Clinton's staff for what appears to be a Global Initiative trip. They flew from JFK to Portugal, Portugal to Ghana, Ghana to Nigeria, Nigeria to Rwanda, Rwanda to Mozambique, Mozambique to South Africa, South Africa to another part of South Africa, South Africa to Ghana, Ghana to France.

Trip #5; November 4- 9, 2003; JE, AM, Doug Band, President Clinton, SK, 4 Secret Service. They flew from Belgium to Norway, Norway to Russia, Russia to China, China to another part of China.

Records show that a "DB" person flew regularly to other countries from April thru November of 2005 and nothing else shows up. Being that Doug Band was working with the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton flights as well as the DB flights were to other countries, it appears that Jeffrey Epstein was working in the capacity of financial contact.

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