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Don't Write off Trump: He Lives in the Canadian Truckers Strike

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Truckers in Canada are relatively affluent. On average, most of them make about $40,000 per year. They do not belong to the dregs of society like some of the blacks who have been rioting very often in the United States. So when a relatively affluent section of society, goes berserk, obviously it means that deeper issues are involved. The truckers are supposed to be protesting against Covid regulations but this is simplifying matters. The problem is much deeper and signifies a disgust of the present political and social conditions.

The movement has taken the Canadian government and the state by the scruff of the neck and a panicked Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister has brought in a state of emergency and I won't be surprised if he brings in martial law. Some of the demands of the truckers are pretty vague; calling for an end to all Covid regulations and some at Ottawa the Canadian capital asking for the resignation of the Prime Minister as well. Trudeau has rejected both the demands, but even if he can ride out this agitation, it is not going to be the end, and the western world starting with Canada is on its way to an internal implosion for reasons which cannot be pinpointed easily.

The vaccine issue which triggered the agitation is not the problem, it is just a symptom of deep decay in western society. We suddenly find that Ottawa has become the center of a global populist backlash against vaccine mandates and, more broadly, elitist liberal governments.


Deciphering the movement

If we have a look at world history, we will see that generally the human being likes to be dictated or I will say ruled by a man who creates an aura of invincibility and strength. Despite material affluence, this does not go away and many sociologists had a feeling, that once the west has reached prosperity, things will lead to a utopia of peace. This has not happened and the United States, the number one economy in the world is wrecked by gun violence and massive rioting. What is happening in Canada can easily spill over into the United States.

A fact to be noted is that the truckers have been reinforced by thousands of other protesters, some waving Trump banners, swastika flags, and placards with decidedly impolite epithets aimed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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Donald Trump is an enigmatic figure but he has created an aura that he is strong. Trump has himself come out in support of the truckers in Canada and has warned that such a situation could happen in America. It is not necessary that in America the truckers will be in the vanguard but could be some other strata of society. One cannot deny that the trucker's agitation is a manifestation of discontent and it is not just complying with the simple issue of vaccines, it is a buildup over the years of grievances some imaginary some real. To my way of thinking it is the classical Marxist theory in practice and vogue where Marx had predicted that the capitalist society will ultimately decay. He has given a historical analysis of this which is beyond the scope of this article.

Canada will never be the same again after this agitation and people should watch out that society will again be in ferment. Next time it will be some other issue and America cannot be insulated from this. There is a lot of disaffection in America with the way Trump was removed from office via a dubious election. Worse the man who replaced him has practically done nothing in half a century of public life and now all he can think of is to revive the old Cold War doctrine of which he was a part for many decades.

Therefore we can say that the movement is a manifestation of general discontent in society and I see no reason how it will not come to America at some stage.

Last word

Trump may win or go away but one point remains that Trumpism is going to outlive him. Many historians are of the view that out of disorder, order emerges; that is the doctrine of necessity. Trump is part of this doctrine. Trump had a sense of the way history moves and he wanted to break away from the past. He had clearly stated that NATO is an obsolete organization. He was the man who brought about the Abraham Accord. The wheel of history marches forward and as Lord Krishna said not a leaf moves without my will. Maybe this chaos brought about by the truckers strike will bring order to North America.

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