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Don't Let Your Tongue Be Pulled

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In 'Ancient; days there were a number of publishing sites which paid. You would get, on Triond, for example 1c for every 6 views.

In those days, the average comment trolls had value. If you could provoke one to post a comment, then you were sitting on a gold mine. You would reply, the troll would attack again and again and other users would grab the pop corn and watch the 'Flame War.'

On Wikinut I was attacked mercilessly by an admin of another site which was born, lived, and died a rip. He and his Shills would attack me again and again. I'd make a response, and they'd go again and attack anyone who took my side.

These folks insured I got thousands of views.

Alas, the days of online publishing sites which pay has ended, (I'll deal with mylot later in this article). Further, there are no comment capsules, so that the opportunity to discuss the item is gone.

Mylot is the other side of a fake coin.

If you go to the site, you may be stunned by the rubbish published there. This one is showing images she took on the way to the supermarket. That one is reporting what his cat did. The other is describing her breakfast.

Each of these items has a slurry of comments beneath.
What is going on?

Those who write for Mylot have learned the Owner's trick. That is, when you are doing well, get his dual to attack you in such a way to get you to respond. Then kick you off the site and delete your account.

This is done near the time of payment.

Hence, those who post images en route to the supermarket, his cat's antics, and the food consumed this morning, know the trick and play it.

They post, their friends make positive comments, and the dual who tries to attack is left unanswered.

Further, what kind of 'attack' can one make on an image of a fence? The cat's climbing on top of the shower curtain? The eggs on the plate?

Social Networks

Most commentaries are now located on the various social networks.

Taking Facebook as an example, you'll see a number of groups in which people discuss whatever. There will always be some troll who wants attention who will attack.

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It isn't a debate, where you support Man U and I support Liverpool and we argue over quality and players. no. This is an unnecessary attack that if there is not an active moderator, will get the participants to respond. Responses often get heated, as the Troll is good at tongue pulling.

To put it simply, if you don't like Star Trek Discovery, (STD as I call it) why go near any group devoted to it? Why respond to any post which tries to provoke you?

Ignore. Ignore and go on.

Ignoring comments is a learned trait. Most of us think that this person is responding to the post we made and that it is a real opinion. It takes time to appreciate that the Troll is looking attention. To respond to anything is a 'win' for the troll.

As you aren't being paid for responses or comments, ignore.
Ignore or face the penalty.


Most people thought Facebook was liberal or open because there seemed virtually no moderation.

Many murderers describe what they are about to do on Facebook, then go out and do it. The reporters who get the name of the killer and check Facebook see that his plan was posted weeks ago. When they mention it, Facebook takes the page down.

When Trump was running in 2016, Facebook was the home of hoaxes created by Macedonian youths looking for coin.

Learning from Ulsterman; who invented the 'Whitehouse Insider' from his cottage in Belfast and earned thousands of dollars on his fraud, the Macedonians created all sorts of pro-Trump articles on their site which they would post to Facebook.

They earned enough to buy cars.

That is because Facebook was pro-Trump. If you had been on Facebook during the Trump years and dared to post; "Trump supporters are Stupid" you'd be banned for 2 days.

If you were to post filth about Hilary Clinton you'd be spotlighted.

Of course, when Facebook was exposed, the owner, pretending he was not a die hard Trumpanzee, 'banned' Trump. This is because the legal sanctions might have been more than he could handle.

The Point

The point is, when you are not being paid is why bother?

You belong to a group and post. Out of nowhere someone attacks. Shrug, move on. Don't respond. If everyone is attacking you, leave.

There's always another group or another site. Further, take the mylot example of how the Admin organised to get people kicked off.

Don't fall for it. If someone is trying to pull your tongue, shut your mouth.

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