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Victor Suvorov About the Wall in Donbas

Nicolas searches the common point between historical facts and social psychology. He is fond of holistic moments in this processus

Genetic, Social Factors: Connections and Interconnections

Heredity or experience?

  • Genetic factors are very interesting and original in the history of residents in Donbas. The former Soviet intelligence officer Victor Suvorov, a modern historian, absolutes the role of genetic factors in the further development of Donbas's personality and further decision of Donbas conflict. In one word he poses the question “heredity or experience?”.


  • You will not reeducate anybody in Dpr-Lpr (Donetsk people's republic / Luhansk people's republic). If the people went so easy on the so-called referendum about so-called independence, it is necessary to construct the wall just now. The matter is in genetics, more precisely, in negative selection. In the same Northern Korea three generations of leaders changed, the negative selection was continuing, nothings were fighting their way to the top; all positives were sent to camps, prisons and the firing undergrounds. Through this strainer several generations passed. The same were happening on the territory of the former Russian Empire. There was the First World War, the civil war, the revolution of 1917.

The Negative Filtering in Donbas History

  • Those who didn’t accept the revolution perished or emigrated. As a result, the first generation of the USSR, children of those who were battling for ideas of Bolsheviks or were sitting hiding their tail. Then, at the times of the Second World War the most heroic and active part of the people perished on fronts, emigrated again, and disappear in camps. A new generation was born, from those who never were against.
  • There is almost 100 years of the negative filtering out. Precisely the same, even worse was happening in Ukraine. Those, that now in the circumstances of the war continue to steal and build corruption schemes, are descendants of who passed this active strainer. Their parents and grandfathers were conducting themselves in 1917 and 1941. It’s terrible and scary. Moreover, it’s pleasant for me that no matter how many times Ukraine wasn’t passing through the strainer of negative selection, she was finding new forces for the first and the second Maidan.

If Putin Doesn't Want to Take Donbas...

"Pacific" Historical Programme as the Powerful Tool of Propaganda

  • No doubt, Victor Suvorov, a former intelligence officer, knows how to work with documents. He knows not only about Russian tanks on Donbas but about the powerful ideological propaganda at all levels of Dpr-Lpr functioning. It will be very meaningful to consider the program on the history in the secondary school of these new formations. For example, it says about Ukraine in the modern time of Donbas history in such a way:
  1. War of people republics Novorossia for independence .
  2. The beginning of anti-terroristic operation in Donbas.
  3. The spreading of military conflict.
  4. The people militia of Donbas.
  5. The punitive battalion of I. Kolomoyskiy.
  6. The main stages and key events of the civil war in Donbas (defense of Sloviansk, struggle for Mariupol, battles for Shahtiorsk, entourages, kotyol in military slang, of Ilovaisk, Amvrosiievo, Debaltsevo, Saur tomb, Donetsk airport.
  7. The military confrontation on the territory of Lpr. The Minsk agreements and “cease-fires” in Donbas. The blockade of Republics.
  8. Policy of Kyiv government on the occupied territories Dpr and Lpr. Russophobia and neo-nazism as elements of the social and political life of modern Ukraine. (Odessa “Khatyn”).
  • Yes, this excerpt is taken from the Educational Program on History for senior pupils of the Secondary school, (Program of the subject Defense of Motherland, 2019, p.44)
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Victor Suvorov,(Pseudonym of Victor Rezun), Bestselling Writer, Idea of Wall, 2016 Year

Victor Suvorov

Victor Suvorov

The Original Statements of Victor Suvorov about Donbas

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What question does Victor Suvorov pose in one word?
    • Heredity
    • Experience
  2. How many years of negative filtering out are there in Donbas?
    • Almost 200 years
    • 300 years
    • Almost 100 years
  3. Does the power of state depend on its territory according to Victor Suvorov?
    • Yes, it does
    • No, it doesn't
    • Some does, some not

Answer Key

  1. Heredity
  2. Almost 100 years
  3. No, it doesn't

President V. Zelenskiy, Idea of Wall, 2021 Year


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The wall in Israel

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