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Donald and I in This Pandemic

Michael is a 2006 Graduate of Collins College and has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design branching into IT/Coding Fields.

Life has us going in different directions, yet there will be times our paths will cross. This is one of those moments.

Life has us going in different directions, yet there will be times our paths will cross. This is one of those moments.

We Meet Again, Donald . . .

It's strange how often our paths cross; one would think we're related in some way, beyond being human beings. That said, the coronavirus pandemic has brought us together again on these same crossroads.

Donald and I are once again facing fears and struggles in our lives, but there is a significant difference between us. Therefore, it's important to discuss how our own fears and doubts can have consequences, both personal and in our nation.

How My Own Fears Prevent Progress . . .

There were times when I would just freeze, or tense up in my head (that tingly feeling) and not realize the problem and how it can prevent any path forward.

Mixed Messaging

The common problem I have when I'm caught up in my fear and having to deal with it is that sometimes I mix what I say to others. This puts me in a mental corner and I try to say things that may be pleasing to others while being as truthful as I can. However, if pressed on them, I choke every time and just shut down. To the knowledgeable, this is what it means to "freeze" which is one of the three most common responses to stimuli; fight, flight, or freeze.

To freeze isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does have its own set of consequences. First, it tests the patience of those around you in that instance. Unlike flight which seeks to remove themselves from the problem, or fight which seeks to take on the situation in a confrontational manner, freezing does just that; remain in place while unable to act.

So what does this have to do with mixed messaging? Simple. I say something that just pops in my head, and then try to say something else, only to be reminded of the first thing and how it contradicts what was said earlier. So now, if I say anything further, it will just make the situation worse. So I freeze and do nothing. This is a very bad habit, to say the least, as the consequence boils down to "damned if you do, damned if you don't." This also brings distrust and disgust to those that care about you. It is remediable, but the process to do it will take time, and I hope that time will come while I'm still living. That may not be the same for Donald . . .

How Donald's Fear Brought Us Here . . .

The one thing a leader must never do, is freeze from their own fear; in fact, they were warned:

"The only thing we have to fear is, Fear Itself."

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Donald did not heed this advice. If there's one thing I see in him, it's that he is not honest with himself nor is he responsible in times of challenges.

How He Handled The Information

If it's not already said enough, there is audio evidence from renowned journalist Bob Woodward but ultimately, he didn't know what to do, but he did not want to give the impression of either not knowing or unable to do anything. So he defaults to his usual bluster as a means to stall for time. Time was against him in this regard, and stalling has caused (as of this article) over Two-Hundred Fifteen Thousand Americans.

Also, his frozen state affected any potential job building towards services that could manufacture Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), which would help with some jobs, if not temporarily, and with the Defense Production Act as a means to help reinforce these manufacturing jobs, states could give incentive to these companies to cover medical expenses. Donald did not think along those lines.

The Consequences

The consequences of Donald's freeze from acting are felt even as of this article's release. Millions out of work, filing for unemployment; thousands dead and possibly more will die due to Flu Season coming up. This also takes place during civil unrest as people of color are standing against police brutality and white supremacy terrorists. Though these events are independent of the Coronavirus Pandemic, they still illustrate the same consequences, varying in the degree of protest and civil unrest that is being experienced now. A leader would understand the challenges and would do what they can to face them. In Donald's case, he stood frozen in place, believing they would simply disappear; perhaps this is his understanding of a Biblical truth of "Stand Still, and know that I am God; for the battle is not yours, but mine, saith the Lord." Here's the problem with that; it does not excuse Donald to act, as that would save lives, it's just that he (Donald) should Trust in Him as Donald continues to lead and accept the consequences as they are a part of His Purpose for Donald as the President. Had he read his Bible a little more, he would know this, but I've got a bit off track (not really).

Let's Wrap This Up

In conclusion, Donald and I have reached yet another new path of crossroads in our lives. Where we go from here not only affects us, but also those around us. Family, friends, our nation, all are affected. So while that is an intimidating outlook, action must still be taken.

I will need to be more forthright with my own views and set boundaries of action that are clear and to have the faith and trust in God that my actions are still in His Purpose.

Donald has to take ownership of all of his actions, not just when they are convenient and free from any liability. Not taking this up as a leader prevents others to trust his ability to lead; it also shows him to be unsympathetic, meaning he cannot only take credit without taking responsibility.

And with that, our paths divert once more into our own lives again. Hopefully, when next our paths meet, it will be under better circumstances. Until then, dear Readers!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Michael Rivers

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