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Donald Trump's Secret Smelly Problem

The 45th President of the United States is literally full of shit. President Donald J. Trump is a germaphobe, and the continuing Covid-19 epidemic has made him scared of using the bathroom. According to senior aids it was Melania Trump who grew annoyed constantly hearing about her husband’s fear of using the bathroom she recommended to him using adult diapers.

“I’m not a fucking baby!” Donald Trump yelled at his wife.

Melania reassured him they were not diapers but a special underwear for those too busy to use the bathroom. Donald Trump was initially skeptical but warmed to the idea after Vice President Mike Pence told him astronauts used special underwear. Trump’s fascination with space travel, and after receiving a 15 pack of Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear for Women XL by his wife Melania gave him the confidence to start wearing them.

The first couple of days the entire White House Staff thought it was a joke. No one wanted to say anything out of fear of being fired. Donald Trump immediately took a liking to the diapers but grew frustrated changing himself. Almost always the back of his suit would get soiled during changing his diaper. White Houses Aids pressed Melania Trump to change her husband’s diaper but she refused.

“Get Kellyanne Conway and Sean Hannity to do it,” Melania Trump yelled.

White House Staff frequently sprayed air freshener into the air whenever the President was in a room. Due to Trump’s limited interaction with the Press, no one in the media has been close enough to smell the President to suspect him wearing diapers.

Mark Meadows, Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff, eventually volunteered to change Trump’s diaper. It is his responsibility to change the President every 3 hours.

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Warning! The above article is SaTiRe ;) But could be true...?

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Mariah B from OR on August 10, 2020:

I hope this is true...this feels like it might be true. Thanks for the laugh!

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