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Donald J. Trump, an Unwelcomed Interruption, the Corrupt Washington D.C. Swamp Did Not See Coming and Wanted No Part Of

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

President Donald J.Trump - 45th President of the United States

President Donald J.Trump - 45th President of the United States

Operation Warped Speed

As Donald Trump’s term was nearing an end, the very first COVID-19 vaccines were being loaded up for delivery, for distribution throughout the country.
Millions of doses made available for those most vulnerable, to the menacing Corona virus.

President Donald John Trump, spearheaded it, got the ball rolling, chewed up and spit out the red tape that drags and delays each and every priority and he, personally, saw it through!

We the people need the wheels to spin much quicker than they do, but D.C. establishment-types need it stalled. Otherwise, how can they make us promises they never intend to keep, keeping us beholden to them and under their thumb, if the people see that things can actually get done?

Because President Trump was not a fan of generational, passed down gridlock, which does the people great harm, he would push, push, push, to make things happen and to get things done at warped speeds.

As a result, vaccines were readied, loaded up, delivered and distributed...five years ahead of schedule!

Of course, credit where credit is due; the doctors, the scientists, the lab techs, the assembly workers, the human guinea pigs, there are so many to applaud!

Thank you all!

Senior citizens in nursing homes, in assisted living, the immune deficient, healthcare workers and first other words, all those most susceptible to the virus, among the first to receive the vaccine

Establishment-type career politicians, such as Joe Biden, do not recognize the concept of warped speed and an outsider, a dynamo getting many things done in record time, anywhere near Washington D.C., made them very anxious and nervous no doubt and forced them into the business of, collusion!

I have no plans to get in line for the vaccine, but I am so looking forward to the day when we can have a mask-burning bonfire in our backyard.

We will make a party out of it.

Can’t wait!

Can’t wait for clueless, easily controlled, whiny people, who have sought me out to tap on my shoulder, who have made hand gestures for me to put my mask in place, who have gotten in my face minding my business, to be back to the business...of minding their own!

Those who have used guilt and when that doesn't work, have said ridiculous things, such as, “the Corona virus is in the air and it’s all around us, we have to wear our masks all of the time”...

True story!

We were told that by a young employee at a park we visited.
We were also followed and told we would be closely monitored while moving throughout the outdoor park, where a handful of people were scattered out over many acres!

Yes, I made complaints.

Yes it got back to the boss.

Yes he was upset, had no idea guests were being treated in this manner and made apologies.

Never hesitate to speak out, you can make a difference!

What will the controlling-type members of the Democratic Party, leftist, so-called leaders in cities, towns, counties, states, whom have used the guise of a virus to further control their constituency, do, once mask burning parties, {may not be breaking out all over .but could be?

I think we all know by now what they are capable of!

They will stop at nothing.

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They will even rig an election, if they think the people aren’t falling in line with their transformation, their mission, their end game.

But, enough about that!

What will their next excuse be, who or what will they use next to insure they keep this current power, they feel they hold, over the people?

How can they keep the people, including children, in lock down indefinitely?

How can they destroy more small businesses and discourage start-ups?

How can they continue to fan the flames of imagined racism.....

How can they further deny the people, their God-given rights?

COVID-19 Vaccine On It's Way


Peace; Making Amends

Also toward the end of the Trump Administration, Bhutan, would become the latest Country to mend ties with Israel.
They followed a growing trend in the practice of mending relations with Israel, following Morocco, Sudan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

It is wonderful, positive, settling, news, but I wonder, how many ever even heard about any of this!
It was never covered as it deserved to be, simply because, U.S. President Donald Trump, might be given an ounce of credit.

For you see, the 45th President of the United States of America, spearheaded it all, just as he did in getting the U.S. Embassy moved to its rightful place, in Jerusalem.

Just as he did in getting the vaccine out way ahead of schedule.

Just as he did in seeing to it that our borders would be secured and that the U.S., would become energy independent, no longer indebted to foreign Nations.

Donald J.Trump didn’t go to Washington D.C. to make promises that he never intended to keep.

He took from career politicians, yet one more piece of their perdurable stump speech; you know it, the one about how they are going to be the one to make it happen, get it done, if only you’ll give them your vote, put all of your faith and trust in them, but,they never follow through, as we all know!

The only thing they all do expertly, is kick the can down the road.

United States mediation, with Donald J.Trump at the helm, led to this; a promise of peace, a mending, an historic coming together

Although it did cross my mind at the time that the more coming together we would see in troubled areas, the more we seemed to be coming apart at the seams...

Incoming Biden-Harris Administration

The stories all finally began to come out, post-election, stories of corruption and multi-million dollar deals and of selling out to our enemies.

The same old, same old establishment-type career politicians all muddied up, deep in the D.C. swamp, happy as hogs once more.

Stories of the Biden family, in deep, with Communist China!

Stories of Rep. Eric Swalwell’s close ties and relations with a woman who, it turned out, was in the United States as a spy for Communist China.

She found the perfect patsy, in one, Eric Swalwell (D). But, Speaker Pelosi (D) never seemed the least bit concerned about it.

After all, he is being groomed to dwell with all the other D.C. swamp creatures, they need young blood too!

Ironically, Swalwell was one of President Trump’s loudest and most obnoxious critics, pointing and wagging his finger in the President’s direction, in the endlessly crammed down our throats, bogus Russian collusion hoax!

But, he probably learned at a very young age how to send adults in the wrong direction, on a wild goose chase, with his switching of blame, targeting and setting up of a sibling or a classmate, to take the fall for his indiscretions -

He just strikes me that way!

The election, all that is going on, all that went down, in what has become known as the most corrupted, on such a wide scale, election in U.S. history -

let’s just say, I count myself among the millions that do not believe for a second that Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., (do a little research on the Robinette family) won fair and square!

I will not dive back into my thoughts on this past election again, I have covered them and my thoughts on Joe Biden, quite sufficiently, quite often.

But, I will say this, I have heard some say that they trust Joe Biden and feel as if he is a "safe bet"....


A safe bet...

He and his family are in bed with communist China....

I have to wonder if these folks are familiar at all with the plight of the Uighurs, (also spelled Uyghurs) predominantly Muslim, placed in Chinese concentration camps; stripped of all rights, abused, sterilized, starved, for the crime of, being Uighur?

Surely they are familiar with the plight of the Jewish people during the late 1930’s, early 1940’s in Nazi Germany, placed in concentration camps; stripped of all rights. abused, sterilized, starved and murdered, for the crime of being Jewish?

That same inhumane treatment is happening to the Uighurs in Communist China, right now, today, just as the Jewish people and other people considered racially inferior, were in decades past, in Nazi Germany’s concentration camps.

Are they too being murdered?

Is it just a matter of time?

One difference, between then and now, the newly-elected U.S. President, Joe Biden, has deep, undeniable ties, with the modern day monsters!

A safe bet?


Final thoughts

I will leave it here, with these thoughts, why did we begin hearing that we had race relation problems here in America, during the Obama years?

It was so puzzling, because it was just not true!

We had come so far, over many decades and were doing so well, until he came into office with his constant rhetoric!

There are many articles about the U.S. being the least racist, the most diverse, the land of opportunity for all!
People from all races and all ethnic backgrounds are doing better here financially, than they would do anywhere else. However, that will change if the Left have anything to say about it - and they do!

But, Obama played the race card and kept playing it, making everything racial and insisted upon, “fundamental transformation”, for reasons only he understands.

Hillary called those of us supporting her competition, “deplorable”, she has never let up reminding us that she chose the word, she meant to choose.

All while a truly deplorable person, Hillary Clinton, set up and pulled off, the great illusion of the 21st Century, the Russian collusion hoax. My oh my how Donald Trump paid for the bogus, made up dossier, but will she or her accomplices ever pay?


Over the summer and into the fall, we saw many orchestrated ‘movements’, hellbent on destroying cities, lives and livelihoods.

Heavily funded groups of anarchists intentionally sought to place wedges, fan flames, spew hate and do damage to people and to property.

All promoted and allowed to fester by the left, based on the falsehood of systemic racism, all designed to disunite and further divide.

Joe Biden referred to some of us, as “the dregs of society”, to clarify - those of us who are not: placing wedges, fanning flames, spreading hate, toppling statues, hurting people, damaging property, dishonoring our flag, our anthem, and this Nation

He considers some of us, inferior!

There is definitely a stated mission, a transformation taking place, which is not in the best interest of the U.S. citizen and Donald J. Trump interrupted it, for a time!

Donald J. Trump is the real deal; he had our backs, he had our Allies' backs and he had the back of our amazing Country, the United States of America!

Not what the destroyers of this Republic have in mind, therefore -

he had to be stopped and so, he was.

Godspeed President Trump!

Thank you.


Dedicated to Donald J.Trump, 45th President of the United States of America and - To Lighten the Mood

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on September 27, 2021:

Donald Trump is back doing the rallies, STILL doing it his way.

Love it!

Trump 2024, looks like, maybe!?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on December 14, 2020:

I appreciate comments so very much. I love the freedom we have (for now) to have back and forth agreement or back and forth be able to participate in healthy dialogue is a good thing!

Although I can appreciate the passion these days...(trust me!!!) I have had articles taken down in the past, for the comments section alone.

I look forward to additional comments, just be mindful of the editors and decisions which are being made, well beyond my control.

Much Respect!


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