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Dom Cummings and Substack.


Dom Cummings unleashed a devastating list of allegations, when he faced the all-party committee, on the pandemic. The allegations were dropped on Boris, like an atomic bomb, by atomic Dom.

The statement made by Mr. Cummings, to the all-party committee alleged that Boris thought the pandemic, was just a "scary story". Also, that Matt Hancock the current Health Secretary, was nothing but an out-and-out liar. Of course, before he appeared, and after he appeared at the all-party committee on the pandemic, Matt Hancock refuted this.

An opinion poll put out by the polling company, 'Opinium', said Boris and his government had gone down in many voters' expectations. Obviously, Mr. Cummings is out for revenge and wants to do maximum damage to Boris, for sacking him. As if the allegations made by Mr. Cummings, were not enough, Cummings is set to reveal more goings-on during his time at 10, Downing Street.

Mr.Cummings has set up an account, on the newsletter website, 'Substack'. Mr. Cummings will reveal the innermost secrets, during his time as Boris' right-hand man. As a subscriber, if you are prepared to part with £10.00, you will be allowed to question Dom Cummings at length. Obviously, about what he knows about the pandemic policy of the government and of course, Brexit.

One would think though, is Mr. Cummings breaking any official secrets? Perhaps, Mr. Cummings knows how much he is allowed, legally, to reveal and what according to the 'Official Secrets Act', (which he no doubt, signed), he cannot reveal.

Substack is a website containing newsletters and other postings. These newsletters and postings will be of interest, to those with different views, interests, hobbies, etc. Boris will have his eyes on his former employee, even though, in public Boris being Boris, he will brush it off. Boris is not always the clown, he is painted as. When Sir Keir Starmer, confronted Boris about the alleged cost of decorating his flat and who paid for what, Boris angrily reacted. It is possible, if Sir Keir, confronts Boris on the Cummings allegations, (that will be revealed on Mr.Cummings Substack account), the Prime Minister may lose his clown-like cool, again.

Mr. Cummings has said, those £10.00 subscribers, will also be allowed to know what projects the former Downing Street employee, will be doing.

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Mr. Cummings has called on both MPs and the public, to call out the government on its pandemic handling. To have a proper and independent inquiry on the pandemic, not just an all-party select committee.

Time will tell what damage and destruction, Mr. Cummings, has wrought on this government.


Nick Bishop (author) on June 11, 2021:

Thank you Hira.

hira from faisalabad on June 11, 2021:


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