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Dominic Raab: "Boris Will Come Out Fighting!"

Deputy Prime Minister: Dominic Raab.


Dominic Raab may well be gearing up to be Acting Prime Minister very soon. Why, a report soon to be released this week by Ms Gray, will make or break Boris, as the current Prime Minister. Boris' one time advisor another Dominic, as in Cummings, will be giving evidence to Sue Gray, as she compiles evidence about parties held at Downing Street. In his apology, at Prime Minster's Questions, Boris said he did not know he was at a party to which Sir Keir responded challenging the Prime Minister's knowledge of reality.

Speaking to 'The Sun' Dominic Raab admitted that Boris had taken "a few hits" but that he would "come out fighting". On top of all this, Nurat Ghani, a former minister in Boris' cabinet alleges she was sacked because of her Muslim faith, in a cabinet reshuffle. Apparently, her colleagues were not happy about her 'Muslimness'. Education Minister, Nadim Zahawi, said, "Islamophobia or any form racism, must be investigated".

As regards the culture at 10 Downing Street, Mr Raab, said this indeed, needs to change. Going back to Nusrat Ghani's allegations, Chief Whip Mark Spencer, admitted he spoke to Nusrat Ghani at length, but never once according to Mr Spencer, did he bring up her faith.

Mr Raab, mean while, writing in 'The Sun' wrote that Boris in his three years in office had overseen two of the biggest challenges in British history. That of Brexit and that of the COVID pandemic. Raab said Boris had got us through the process of leaving the EU and had rolled out, the vaccination successfully, against the pandemic.

There will be many in the Tory party both MPs and grassroots members, who will want to see Boris gone. Indeed, new Labour MP who defected from the Conservatives, Christian Wakeford, said Boris has damaged the Conservative party, from "top to bottom". Pictures were seen at Prime Minister's Questions where Christian Wakeford crossed the floor from the Conservatives to join Labour, on the opposition benches. Later on, scenes were shown on the news of Christian Wakeford writing bank details on a form, so he could get paid as a Labour MP. This was all done in the presence of Sir Keir Starmer. Obviously, for Sir Keir, this will be a triumph and he maybe hoping, that more Tories, will fall away and defect to Labour.

Some say, Boris will have to be dragged from No 10 kicking and screaming, if the report finds against him. Boris has not voluntarily gone either because he feels his apology is enough or he simply loves the job, he is doing. Seeing as Boris, has ignored other things concerning him or those around him, it could also be this notion, that he is above the law, not unlike Prince Andrew. It seems Boris if the report finds against him or not, may face a vote of no confidence, in his abiltiies as Prime Minister.

Certainly, Boris' possible replacements, Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss, etc, already have support to launch a leadership campaign. If Boris is forced from power and replaced, this will mean Sunak, Truss, or an unknown, will be the UK's 4th Tory Prime Minister in this government's 11 year time in power. We have had a wave of completely out of touch, inept and out of their depth Tory Prime Ministers. Starting with David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and likely, (if Boris falls), Sunak, Truss, or whoever. Either way, it doesn't matter what happens, whether Boris survives or is replaced, it will still be this out of touch, good for nothing, Tory administration.

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Sir Keir Starmer is right perhaps, to call for Boris' resignation. And, it maybe this time, the electorate, are feeling this government has got to go. And if Boris goes, it maybe seen as a significant victory for Labour and the other opposition parties. However, with Boris gone, a new leader, (whoever that is), could give the Tories a bounce in the polls and threaten Labour's lead. On the other hand, if people who voted Tory last time, (particularly in the Red Wall areas of the north and the midlands), are feeling angry with this governments antics, a new leader may not cut it. Which means the fortunes of this Tory government could be on the way down. If this is the case, it bides well for Sir Keir.

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