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Domestic Terrorism At School Boards

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Local school board members, those elected to sit on the board to guide schools and their curriculum, have been on the front lines of a culture war as to what should be taught in school districts, Parents seem to think they can change what is taught to their kids by abusing and threatening duly elected school board members. When this threat becomes personal and hits at a school board members own home in some fashion, this is a type of domestic terrorism, as they try to intimidate the board members vote on various curriculum.

While it seems most of this is coming from the right wing political affiliation, some is also coming from those on the left side of a political spectrum. The hot topics that seem to ignite some are those associated with Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter, Unisex bathrooms, Gay students, American history, gender equality and so on. At the elementary level, K-6, some issues are what books portray in content, gender-free bathrooms, Covid-19 mandates for vaccination.

Any local school board of any school district within any state inside America is faced with juggling all these issues in a fair way. But what most parents do not know, that at the utmost priority, is complying with many state and federal mandates of public schools that they must meet in order to get federal school funding.

Schools that fail to meet the federal regulations that do direct what and how schools teach what will lose funding. This is serious support money that no school district will want to lose just to appease ranting, angry, parents. Money from the local county or state could also be jeopardized because often state and federal school money are linked. Without this support money, teachers would not get paid, school supplies would not be renewed, schools could not be maintained. It is as simple as that.

If the school board composition changes through voting, it is possible that these parents will get what they want and then find out, maybe it was better before. This is especially true should a school that was once highly rated in academics falls to a much lower rating.

The bottom line is that no matter what elementary or high schools teach, kids will form their own opinions about controversial issues as they become college students. Just because a subject matter that a parent wants to prevent their kids from knowing or learning about, does not mean it should not be in a classroom. This has been happening for so many decades and most of our kids that have gone through the public school system are fine adults now.

What is happening at local school board meetings is just how divided America is even down to the local levels on a variety of issue. Pathetic.

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