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Do You Find World a Happy Place

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In an estimation 97% people will favour negative answer, as, it seems foolish to call world a happy place where countless people die of poverty and hunger. Day after day, people are struggling with pains, calamities. boredom and gender dissimilarity. Children face sexually abuse, girls are abducted, smuggled and raped, mercilessly. People kill themselves for bread, love, hate, justice, being joked, losing power, be deprived of money, gender equality and left alone as well.

“We must understand that sadness is an ocean, and sometimes we drown, while other days we are forced to swim.”– R.M. Drake

A number of reasons work for this unhappiness in our World, some of them are.....

1. Hunger or Starvation

The most vital thing for living is food what if we don’t get enough of it in our Advanced World; it terrifies us even if we never faced it. Hunger is not only the shortage of food, but it’s a curse on human beings.

To more dismay, children suffered greatly with this intolerable period. They get less food and consequently become short of their actual bringing. Our community is fighting against hunger from the day our forefather committed sin against the true Law of God. We must not forget that 8.9% people around the world go without food, that’s 690 million people, globally.

Many organizations have contributed to its decrease since it plump back to increase from 2015. Thousands of lives have been wasted for not getting sufficient food for them. With daily growing up of population, chances of its decrease are not significant.

What we should do to end hunger?

2. Gender Discrimination

Women face terribly insane situations in their whole life, abused at early age, massacred in schools, called servants at houses and considered powerless against Men. This type of trend has made girls off their potential, particularly in the Developing countries.

A women works in office must face gender differences, though she proves herself equivalent to her colleagues or even more professional, yet the boss makes a sorrowful comment for her.

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In the same way, transgender keep their emotions silent before this World. They are killed usually in their childhood, and even if they find a chance of living, they feel themselves unlucky at a time, not being killed. People mock them arrogantly as if they have no conscience and consent. Newspaper are coloured with the blood of Transgender and women, those picked suicide as their sole solution in world’s life.

3. Terror Diseases

Diseases also contributes in waving the glee of earth. We have been living in this world with number of scornful diseases that plays as pains, paralysis our limbs, cuts our body parts and divide us from beloveds. Human beings have fought against several fatal diseases at several times, and still its going on.

Recent spread of Corona Virus have shattered our lives completely. People are horrified with its invisible assault that results in death. More than 127.8 million people suffered deathly virus and 2.7 million lives met their end. Other sicknesses of heart attack, liver failure, AIDs, Gout, Haemophilia and Cancer etc all these increase sadness and regret being living in this perishable World.


4. Natural Disasters

If we analyse ruin of our world since it is created, part of natural disasters isn't insignificant. In the past, several societies of human beings and even of other living creatures diminished from natural marvels. Every year number of earthquakes are recorded that dismantle thousands of houses and lives, with leaving heavy economic losses to people and governments. Whenever Tsunami crosses sea brink, it sinks thousand of lives, damages valuables of people, bewilders daily routine of life and packs people with long term panic.

Floods also contribute in disturbance of human life, particularly villagers and farmers, all their hard work result in dismay and pain.

All these calamities have massively took part in earth's dreary destruction and spiral uninterest in living world.

At Natural Disaster



Since the world began expanding, different communities start fighting. These fights bore the name of war between two or more countries. History explains us scores of wars encamped on this earth, where young blood watered, number of men buried in single well, children mercilessly murdered, women lose their honour and old men shew hard end time.

In past times, nations keep struggling to hold other nation belongings by hook or crook. WWI was one of the major war in our world that eliminated one race of human beings from the earth surface. WWII proved more trialing to humanity with nearly 75 million killings without any reason. So, such happenings show that the condition of our world is no more happy as did our God created it in Eden where everything was in Adam's hand.

What do you think about world tell in comment?

War is not easy


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