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Do You Lack Intelligence if You Believe in God?

Mr. Intelligence Counts Change

A sophisticated chimpanzee

A sophisticated chimpanzee

Evolved Animals Lack Morals

The problem with being "evolved" is that a moral standard does not evolve. God has laid out a moral and absolute law. But one that believes he is evolved is above the law and makes his own moral law.

You Are What You Eat?

Have you ever heard the saying, "You are what you eat."

Is it a true statement?

No. Eating Moonpies does not make you a Moonpie.

What about this: If I were to say it is not raining outside, does that make it true?

No. It could be raining outside, despite what I say I believe.

God exists despite what anyone says. There is plenty of evidence that a Creator made this beautiful creation.

If someone believes they "evolved" to their current state, then how do they know if a certain intelligence evolved with them?

There is no guarantee that you evolved with your brain attached.

Let's take this one step further, because there is an ideology that has been around for quite some time. People that ascribe to the theory of evolution believe that humans are just an evolved form of an animal in a multi-million year process of evolution.

If by definition, science can be observed and tested and repeated and verified by others, then how come evolution does not fit this standard?

Excellent question. That is because it is regarded as "bad science." It is and always will be a theory, held by those that are unwilling to accept that God that created everything.

Evolution is one man's theory that I simply don't ascribe to. I have been through college and taken Evolution and Ecology, because I had to take all of that course. It is a shame that general education requirements in public universities force us to learn bad science, yet don't teach the truth of the creation.

So that begs the question: Does a person that believes in God lack intelligence?

The common atheist would answer "Yes" without hesitation, but is that really true?

One that believes we share a common ancestor with apes cannot comment on intelligence since there is no standard of intelligence, according to the theory of evolution. Some people have simply evolved to be smart, while others have evolved to lack intelligence. Right?


Humans are intelligent and were created with brains when God spoke Adam into existence.

You don't have to believe in the Bible or Genesis, but that doesn't make it any less true than saying "It is not raining outside" on a rainy day. Absolute truth exists even though some try to deny it. No one is forced to believe in God or has to believe in God. Every person makes his own decision on where he will spend eternity based on what he or she believes.

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Some people may have less common sense than others, but a human is far more intelligent than any animal on this planet. Don't be a monkey! We did not evolve to our current state. You don't have to leave your intelligence at the door to believe God created you.

Evolutionists believe that life came into existence when it rained upon liquid hot magma billions of years ago. It takes an incredible amount of faith to believe that hypothesis. (Read about that in my Hub here.)

We were created to manage the animals on Earth, not to act like them.

Hi Nancy, How Are You? I Am Swell

An intelligent chimp answers the phone politely.

An intelligent chimp answers the phone politely.

Don't Believe the Nonsense

If you are told that you simply shut off your intelligence when you are doing something of faith, do you actually believe it?

You shouldn't.

If you hear a lie repeated over and over, you may start to actually believe it.

That's what Hitler did (repeated lies and propaganda), and people believed him. He was also one of the biggest proponents of evolution in history. (Read my Hub on Hitler here.)

Don't think for a second that you turn your intelligence on and off because you believe in God.

God actually gave you your intelligence to seek Him. He created us and wants a relationship with you. Keep your intelligence, and don't waste your time with the unfounded "bad science."

If you want to turn off your brain, go to an amusement park. After all, God tells us to muse on the things of God. Muse means to think, and a-muse means to not think. Isn't that amusing? Whaa....?

You are much more important to God than to the person that thinks you are just a waste of resources in an evolved chain of random processes.

Read About Scientific Facts in the Bible

Now What?

If you have a different opinion and want to share your counter-point, sign up at Hubpages for free, here. Then write your own Hub on the subject.

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Zack Love (author) on August 04, 2012:

Thanks, Arshad. Americanidle7, Don't give up, you are a minority in that field, and will have a lot of people that will try to treat you like you aren't on the same level, but I'm sure God will use you as a witness to many.

americanidle7 on August 04, 2012:

as a biology major, i am well accustomed to the scorn that many scientists feel towards anyone who believes in God. but like you said, their contempt and disbelief doesn't change the truth. being a Christian biologist doesn't come without opposition but I'm up to the challenge. thanks for the encouraging hub!

ARSHAD MAJID on August 04, 2012:

I agree with lifegate-- evolution is hard to believe unless you are desperate to find a way to follow the pleasure drive. And thanks for posting such beautiful article-- Zeke.

Zack Love (author) on August 04, 2012:

Very true, lifegate. We are in agreement.

William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on August 04, 2012:


Well put! I believe evolution is a (false) religion of faith. I believe it takes far more faith to believe in evolution than it does to just trust in the simple Truth. Thanks for sharing.

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