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Do Not Be Careful What You Wish For, You Already Have It

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My Wish List

My Wish List

There’s an old saying that goes

“Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

And although people cannot agree who to attribute this proverb too, it is nonetheless terrifyingly true.

My thing is nowadays, we should not be careful wishing for most things anymore, for we (for the most part) may already have it.

Okay if you don’t believe me, let’s go through a Roll of Possible Wish List Candidates shall we? And let’s see if we really wanted it in the first place (along with its value-added consequences).

You wish is my command!

You wish is my command!

1. I wish for a good looking, sexy, gregarious and what have you boyfriend (or girlfriend or whatever is applicable).

Now for some reason or another, a Magical Genie showed up and granted that wish (okay just imagine in case you are still wishing for one or the right one).

Six months, one year, two years a few years down the road, you found out that all this time this all-around charming great person has been having an affair left and right. What do you expect, how can you stop those of the opposite sex (or persuasion) to not be enamored with such an Adonis or an Aphrodite? Yes, especially if you weren’t one yourself.

Don’t worry, nowadays you can also do some nip and tuck and other cosmetic procedures and your wish is granted. Well, okay sometimes not. And more often-times, you just can’t get enough and you just get under the knife, over and over and over again. But that’s another story altogether.

2. Okay, I wish for a great high-paying, high-profile, high-flying, high-stakes, high-falutin, high-everything 24/7 career.


Yes your wish is your Genie’s command. Five, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty or so years down the road, you might find yourself having no real friends, no real partner in life, let alone a real spouse, no family, no kids, no grandkids, no in-laws (at least this could be a plus) or multiple ex-in-laws and ex-spouses and no-nothing else (what a life huh?), except what you wished for. In the end you probably will be wondering what happened to your youth and to all the time and the special moments of your life that you should have spent with your loved ones.

And yes, you might have some money to burn but in your last years, you might just want to end your life trying to decide if you want to give all your money to charity or to which charitable organization or to give it to that obnoxious nephew of yours who is probably the last person on earth you would want to give your hard-earned money to.

What else is new, it’s not like you can bring all your worldly possessions with you to your grave.

3. Thirdly, you might wish for credit cards and loans left and right with unbelievably sky-high (credit) limits and short-term deals to sweeten your first few months of charge it, charge it and more charge it.

This was not a hard wish to fulfill for quite some time now. And although, there has been some slowing down, it still is out there to be had, that is if you want it.

And then again if you do, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 or decades of work to pay them off could be ready to greet you in just a few years down the road which could lead to bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession and many other things they did not tell you or read about in the fine print, while you were busy signing your name on the dotted lines.

4. I wish I do not have to go to school, and tell the truth, and listen to my folks and old people, and follow the law or otherwise do as I am told.

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Poof! Yup, we have seen this wish come true to so many of our contemporaries.

And what do we have to show for it?

Look around and you will see them. And it is not hard to spot them. They could be those who are in and out of the penitentiary, be it juvenile halls, prisons, jails or boot-camps. They are the ones who no sane person will hire or if they were, they couldn’t hold on to one.

They can’t get a line of credit, a decent apartment or a valid driver’s license or afford a car or anything in the first place. They are the ones who curse the system, and the government, and the upright, law-abiding citizens for their long-term predicament and situation which they had no idea was part and parcel of what they wished for in the first place. Yes, as the saying says, “be careful what you wish for”.

5. I wish to not believe in God (of course that is your prerogative) or not to listen to anything that can sway me into a belief or even slightly consider believing in one. I wish that we do not have to pray to one or listen to anybody praying, or read a holy book or a bible verse, or be reminded of any symbol or name pertaining to a God. I wish I can believe what I want to believe or not believe, yes all on my own, thank you.

I agree this is drawing a fine line into our civil liberties and our unalienable right and our fundamental freedoms and all that is nice. But then again, that wish has been granted to some individuals and some societies now. And some of its consequences are immediate and some are unseen and some are yet to come. So I wish not to talk about this one, as of now, as I do not wish to offend any morally upright atheist (or anti-organized-religion person). Like who likes organized-religion or hypocritical preachers anyway, right?

And I agree it is a right (a wish granted) that people can have and I have no qualms about it.

My only problem is when they impose their own freedom-from-religion rights while impeding the right-to-religion of another, for it is like driving on a two lane road but you are straddling the middle dividing line in your wide-bodied SUV or Truck and you are going your way while stopping traffic coming from the other direction. This is not a one-way street you know.

Now, there are even those who have wished for even more than that and have gotten them (and a lot more than they bargained for, we included).

· I wish I do not have to take care of my kids when they are still young nor care for my parents in their old age as I just want to have some fun. Done.

· I wish I can just do reality TV or be obnoxious enough or do stuff such as to get teenage girls to flash themselves to earn a living and get filthy rich doing it. Done.

· I wish I do not have to work a day in my life, not pay any income tax and probably get some money back every tax time and still collect my monthly check, get free food, get money for things I may need, drive a car without registration, car insurance and a license, send my kids to school for free, school supplies free, they eat for free and they get free school bus rides, free daycare and free after-school care, while I go watch television or go out the whole day plus we all get free dental and medical insurance. For some reason, this too is surprisingly well done.

· I wish I can be easily offended by the slightest thing and that I can just sue just about anybody who dared to con me of a few dollars, smirk or look at me at me with one eyebrow raised. You tell me if this is done or not, but I am guessing this too is well done as well and we have all those Judge So-and-so on TV every day to prove it.

· I wish I can just eat only burger and fries or hotdog, pizza and chips all my life. I do not even want to drink anything, just soda.

· I wish I do not want to cook but just do take-out, drive-thru, dine-out, microwave and straight out of the can or jar or box. Done. (Pharmaceutical companies, Hospitals and Restaurants just love this).

· I wish I would only eat chocolates and liquor. Yes, unless you are Laura Linney in the Big C, you shouldn’t be doing this, but yes nobody’s probably gonna be able to stop you if you really want to. Done.

· I wish for Medical Marijuana or better yet Legalized Marijuana and everything nice like that. Yes, getting all there and more.

· I wish for uncensored rants, chants, poems, literature, songs, films, television shows, art and other media even if it offends or mock others. Pretty much done.

· I wish I can just change sexual partners like I change my clothes (every 24 hours to a week or so) and think nothing of it. Done.

· I wish I can do it with anybody and just have to worry about whose kid it is after I appear on The Maury Show when my free Paternity DNA Test comes out. Done.

· I wish I can just live-in with my boyfriend or girlfriend (or both/or at the same time) and then move on to somebody else after saying, “That’s it, thanks for the memories, for the good times and thank you for taking care of the kids after I’m gone.” Done.

· I wish I can say anything I want, show anything I want, any day, anytime, anywhere and in just the way I like it. Done. And that is the internet for you my friend. And you have just read all that I wanted to say for now. And at the same time, you can say all that you wanted to say below. Just click on the comment button below or create a Hub of your own (just like this one).

As I have said, you may not have to be careful what to wish for nowadays as you may already have it and more. And honestly, I think for the most part, we deserve what we do have.


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Date: 2010-September-10

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Oh no!

Oh no!


4x4 (author) from Los Angeles on September 11, 2010:

Hi singlmom,

Love your comments too, especially when you agree with me... hahaha

And okay, I grant you those wishes... except for the lottery thing, because I heard somewhere that about 75% of big money lottery winners became broke or worse-off a number of years after they won. Well okay, let's wish that you will be in the other 25%.

4x4 (author) from Los Angeles on September 11, 2010:

Hello creativeone,

Always appreciate your comments, have a blessed day!

singlmomat52 on September 11, 2010:

I agree with you totally!!! There are a few things I wish for but the things you have listed are not any of them. I wish to be healthy and wise, to continue to be kind and compassionate, to show as much love as I can while I am here and help those that I am able to help. I would like to win the lottery so I can help as many as I can. Great Hub!! Thank you for sharing and bringing up some great points!

Benny Faye Ashton Douglass from Gold Canyon, Arizona on September 11, 2010:

Thank you 4X4, for writing a very true hub for for our life's wish list. I appreciate you. Godspeed. creativeone59

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