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Disney Claims to Be Woke Might Be Asleep at the Wheel

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Evidence of ability is the ripples in time produced from its inception. Effects are measured by people touched throughout eternity.

The world we live in is changing rapidly and the average individuals (because most of us believe that things will work out in the end) do not step out on a ledge and demand special treatment or demand others accept our interpretation of our God-given rights. We do not march down the middle of the street with a t-shirt with our desire for opposite sex preference posted to make sure people accept us for our choice.

The truth is, God never promised us anything on this earth and our constitution only offered the right to pursue happiness, not ensure it is acquired. But lately 2% of the world’s population are demanding we not only accept but offer special privilege for their choice of same-sex relationships. Having many friends who are of that lifestyle, are happily married and unless you knew, are no different in appearance and mannerisms than the rest of society.

But where is the real issue? I have observed no ill treatment or biasedness towards self-identified LBGT. In my opinion, the issue is with self-acceptance and a need to be seen as equal for choices made. But personal acceptance should not constitute demands on others for validation

For the most part, society makes little differentiations about sexual preferences with the exception of those who have crossed the lines into moral turpitude. Governor DeSantis lately signed into law the discussion of any elements of sex with children in the third grade and below. Personality, I applaud his actions; Why would any sane individual even consider discussion of sex with a child? These actions could be seen as verging on Pedophilia.

Yet certain members of the Disney administration with very little understanding of the law or what the verbiage included, have attacked him and the political elements of our state, calling it a “Don’t Say Gay law”. Interestingly enough that verbiage was never in the law as it was presented.

Walt Disney himself, stayed out of politics focusing his efforts on family fun and relaxation. He believed his creation would stand the test of time and made allowances for re-imagining and re-creating his attraction to change with the times, and entertainment for the new generations of visitors.

“Asleep at the wheel, would definitely fit what’s happening in the Disney administration, resulting in lost revenues, reduction in visitation, cancellation of the Disney channel and reduction of sales in Disney merchandise, to amount in or around 40% in less than one month, all because of a little thing called family values.

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Disney Executive Producer Sandra Batt stated that “she is not sure why people are so upset about making modern characters reflect a modern world” She elaborated to say, “Pedophiles are people too, are we only to cater to children?” Batt further stated that pedophiles and Democrats can live side by side while Trump supporters (meaning Republicans) Hide their childhood abuse behind hatred for things they don’t understand.” Are we now supposed to accept Pedophilia as another alternative lifestyle?

Perhaps the CEO of Walt Disney Corporation, David Goeckeler, might consider re-evaluating his position. Politics and Business have never been successfully integrated, and now his inability to stand up to the 2% and explaining to the Board of Directors the loss of 9.1 million Disney channel subscribers and 2.4 billion in NYSE revenue, if this course is not changed, might spell ruin of everything Walt Disney created.

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