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Did Your Biggest Pet Peeves Make the List?

Vivian observes life and culture and offers truthful insights to introduce balance and normalcy to the crazed sectors of society.

When it comes to pet peeves, our irritation thresholds vary. What is mildly annoying to one person may be completely intolerable for another. If pet peeves had their own Richter Scale to measure vexation levels, a loud, push-vacuum epicenter might create Level 7 seismic waves for a husband while his wife never notices a tremor. A parent might turn a deaf ear to a wailing child in a grocery store, but a passing stranger grimaces with intense dismay.

Common annoyances occur every day along the tectonic plates of life and can be categorized. How does the magnitude of these pet peeves measure on your patience scale?


Inconsiderate People

You try to treat others like you want to be treated, but not everyone lives life according to the golden rule.

  • You affix a no soliciting sign above your doorbell, but overly aggressive salespeople and con artists ignore it.
  • You transact a sale on Craig’s List, but 75% of the time, the buyer doesn’t show.
  • People who are intimidated by the self-check at the grocery store have the nerve to ask if they can go in front of you, since they only have a few items and don’t want to wait for your massive load to be scanned.
  • After you courteously motion people to cross into the mall or the parking lot in front of your vehicle, they walk at an angle very slowly and make you wait an eternity.
  • Pedestrians see you are making a right turn, yet they amble on the crosswalk and refuse to movie briskly to get out of the way. The younger they are, the bigger their attitude.
  • People who can’t get their bearings at the end of the escalator and stand in the way, leaving you no room to escape the claw-like shredder.
  • You make it to church on time, but half the congregation doesn’t. Your worship time is interrupted by people elbowing by you with their coffee and muffin from the café, as if the chapel is for dining.
  • People who push their grocery carts down the middle of the aisle so no one can get by them should be rammed.
  • Annoying neighbors should know not to engage you in conversation when you are basking in the solitude of your backyard or obviously busy with an outdoor project. If they have obnoxious children who want to come over to play, or if they don’t maintain their property, the irritation is compounded.
  • Parents should know better than to pull items off store shelves to keep their kids entertained while shopping, only to thrust unwanted products on the cashier at the end—as if it’s the clerk’s job to clean up after them.
  • People who only talk about themselves and fail to take an interest in others are boring.
  • Those who only know how to communicate in vulgar epithets shouldn’t question why others avoid them.

Retail Failures

We hold businesses to a high standard. When we invest money in their products, we expect quality in return.

  • Your bacon wrapper advises you to “peel here,” and your cheese bag says “tear here,” but neither does it.
  • You buy a pack of socks, but the tags holding them together are so tight it’s nearly impossible to cut them apart without poking a hole in the socks.
  • You dash through the fast food drive-thru, only to arrive home and discover you were given the wrong order.
  • A bar code is affixed to an item you just bought, but it’s not an easy peel label and leaves a gooey mark or some paper behind when you try to remove it.
  • Hair accessories rarely work the way they are advertised to perform. No one ever gets that perfect bun.
  • Walmart only uses small plastic bags, so if you try to leave the store with big items that won’t fit in one, like toilet paper or paper towels, expect to be jumped by the feeble greeter who weakly demands to see your receipt. Do shoplifters stereotypically wear yoga pants, have a mountain of bagged groceries in their carts, and hang onto their young children as they exit the store? Profiling works, but Walmart is apparently caving to political correctness to avoid appearing discriminatory. Go back to profiling or expect your greeter to be mowed down by the carts of the innocent who have waited in line long enough.

Road Rage

Do you ever wonder how so many idiot drivers manage to snag a license? You better remove your Jesus license plate cover if you have one because you might not be the best witness when you’re dealing with this moronic display:

  • The parent pick-up and drop-off lines at school are meant for efficiency, not for parents to park there to sign papers or give extra-long hugs. If your child is school age, they should also be adept at buckling and unbuckling themselves to keep the line moving. If they aren’t, make them practice at home until they get it.
  • Speaking of idiot parents at school, U-turns in a school zone aren’t safe, and entering the exit only (designated by the large sign) is not okay.
  • If you are making a left turn and the light is green, pull into the intersection. Don’t stay behind the white line because you prevent anyone else from getting through besides you.
  • If you pull out in front of someone, give it the gas!
  • It’s nice to be courteous and motion a waiting car to whip out into your clogged and sluggish lane, but you don’t need to hold up traffic behind you to let in an entire string.
  • When hopping onto an entrance ramp to the highway, the goal is to accelerate to the allowable speed—not crawl onto the interstate and create a major road hazard.
  • Exiting the highway does not mean you should significantly reduce your speed two miles before the exit.
  • The geese will move. Keep going. If you run over one, there are plenty more. They aren’t endangered. Maybe they will tell their friends what to expect when they don’t wait until the coast is clear to cross the road.
  • Are handicap stickers meant to warn others of an inability to drive and park or indicative of a physical impairment? Sometimes, it’s difficult to know.
  • When backing out of a parking space, give it some gas. Stop the inchworm approach. If no one is coming, are you expecting heavy traffic to materialize out of thin air?
  • The left lanes of highways are for passing, not parking there and sticking faster drivers behind you indefinitely or forcing them to pass on the right.
  • If you honk and give someone the finger while they honk and give you the finger, how do you know which person is wrong?

Pet Worship

Your dog might seem like another member of the family, but people have crossed the line and are humanizing pets at unprecedented levels.

  • Dog walkers are taking over public parks. If aliens ever invade our planet, they will think dogs are our masters due to the number of pet owners following along to pick up poo. Trying to exercise with so many dogs in the way ruins time outdoors.
  • Too many people are pretending to have service dogs in order to smuggle them into stores. When you line a shopping cart with a blanket for your dog, put one in a stroller, hide one in your purse, or it pees in the middle of Walmart, such animals clearly do not belong and should be left at home.
  • Mega pet stores are on every corner while veterans remain homeless on our streets.

The Doctor’s Office

Medical offices have strict guidelines for patients when they have room for improvement themselves.

  • Punctuality is required by doctor’s offices, and if you miss an appointment without a 24-hour notice, your insurance may be charged. Yet, doctors can keep you waiting 45 minutes to two hours in the lobby before you’re seen.
  • Your doctor orders tests for you, but neglects to mention they aren’t covered by your insurance.
  • Something is seriously wrong with that requires immediate attention, yet your doctor refers you to a specialist who can’t see you for a month.
  • No matter how many times you’ve been to the doctor during the current calendar year, they always ask you to complete the same pile of paperwork before each appointment. Isn’t this information already in their system?
  • The nurse spends an inordinate amount of time talking with you about your health issue and types it all into the computer, only for the doctor to enter the room and ask you to repeat the same information from the top.

Home Improvement

Have you ever noticed that homeowners who take pride in their property are penalized, but those who live in dumps aren’t?

  • You make improvements to your home, and your reward is higher taxes. People who let their properties fall into disrepair should be the ones who are taxed, and those who maintain their homes should pay less. It’s backwards.
  • Why should you need a permit to remodel something INSIDE your house?
  • Your neighbors are having work done on their home, but the contractors are blocking YOUR driveway.
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At School

The school faculty are often the ones who need to learn a thing or two themselves.

  • Your kids are given a mile-long supply list of items to bring to class at the outset of the new school year. You learn half the items go to “community supply” bins to cover the deadbeats who don’t contribute—this is socialist indoctrination!
  • Your elementary-aged kids are part of a required one-night performance orchestrated by the music teacher. The teacher requires specific attire from head-to-toe, which you don’t have on hand, as if these kids are performing on Broadway or will even remember they were in a third grade play.
  • It’s a disgrace how schools downplay Christmas or designate the time off between Christmas and New Year’s as “winter break” instead of “Christmas break” for fear of offending Americans from other cultures or religions by our national holiday.
  • Teachers create too many projects requiring parental involvement to force disengaged parents into interacting with their kids at home. This punishes good parents who already spend time with their kids and discourages neglected children whose parents will never rise to the occasion.

Social Media

Social media has emboldened people to be bothersome in new and inventive ways.

  • Social media spawns trolls who will attack strangers with vitriol they would never have the balls to express face-to-face.
  • No one has the perfect life they try to convince everyone they have with unrealistic imagery showcased in idyllic posts.
  • Social media is producing a bumper crop of narcissists who thrive on their number of likes and followers.
  • People post stupid pictures no one cares about, like plates of food, their inappropriately dressed daughters, or the same scenery on a different day.
  • Sometimes, selfies are cute and silly, but most of the time, they are taken by people who think they look pretty hot and want everyone to tell them so.
  • When you are in the company of another person, your eyes should maintain contact. It’s not the time to play games on your cell phone or talk to and message others.
  • Most people who say you’re in their thoughts and prayers forget about you the moment they read the next post.


Since moderate Democrats have ceased to exist and have been replaced with socialists, anyone with this political affiliation should be dismissed.

  • Socialists don’t work to uphold our Constitution—they create policies to destroy it and replace it with communism. Only patriots belong in America. If don’t like it here, leave. Don’t try to undermine how this country has successfully operated for over 240 years.
  • Socialists put illegal immigrants ahead of citizens and support the burning of the American flag.
  • Liberals demonstrate mock outrage over illegal children being separated from their illegal parents, but they don’t blink an eye at the massive slaughtering of the unborn under the guise of women’s reproductive rights.
  • Anyone who doesn’t agree with the Left’s radical agenda are silenced in fascist fashion and called one of these names from the playbook: racist, homophobe, xenophobe, misogynist, or Islamophobe. Since radicals can’t use fact or logic to support their positions, name-calling is their only recourse.
  • Socialists don’t want people to have freedom and choice, and they want all of your money to redistribute so everyone ends up with nothing.
  • For Democrats, the environment is a pawn used like a Trojan Horse to seize power.


Here are a few random pet peeves that don’t fit neatly in a particular category:

  • Man buns are gross.
  • Tattoos are ugly.
  • You can enjoy a healthy lifestyle without being part of the wellness cult.
  • Never talk when your mouth is full of food.
  • Whenever you write and speak, try to use correct grammar.
  • Fat people should not wear bikinis.

Don’t See Your Pet Peeve on the List?

If you are guilty of committing any of the above sins, it’s not too late to redeem yourself. Do your part to be a positive force in the world.

Do you have any pet peeves that didn’t make the list? Please post and share them in the comment section.

© 2019 Vivian Coblentz


Vivian Coblentz (author) on August 21, 2019:

R Talloni,

I totally agree with you about this. We are fortunate that there are no sidewalks on our side of the street, so we don't have to deal with all the doggie-doo in our yard; however, I see this happen all the time, just as you described. We walk often for exercise, and we get disgusted by all the dog walkers at the parks doing the same thing as the ones through the neighborhoods. Sidewalks and nature trails aren't dog outhouses. If you want a dog, fence in your yard, let your dog run around your own yard for exercise, and let it do all its "business" in your own yard! Here's another thought--don't get a dog if you have no place for it to roam on your own property.

RTalloni on August 20, 2019:

Respect, both for self and for others, is the solution to a lot of these, isn't it? So I'll add dog-walkers. Not all, some are wonderful people, but those that stand by other's yards letting their dog go while they fiddle on their cell or stare into space or carefully watch the spectacle are a real puzzle.

It is like taking my child to their house to use the bathroom because I do not want to have to clean mine. I always want to ask them why they think their neighbors want them to let their dog use their yards as bathrooms.

Neighbors with children and grandchildren who play in their yards have nearly come to blows even if the dog walker picks the animal waste up because that area is nastily contaminated. One neighbor challenged a dog walker on the street because she saw her pick the waste up and walk back to throw it in one of my flower beds.

Good dog walkers should unite to police their own and not allow their own to let dogs use mailbox areas, flower beds, or homeowner kept roadsides as animal waste areas. The waste and its residue can cause diseases in people, is bad for the environment, damages homeowners' plantings/investment, and creates levels of rage in some that anyone in their right mind would want to avoid.

Cell phone cameras are being used to shame the offenders, ordinances and even laws have been created, but nothing seems to make a difference to these selfish people. Um...sorry for the rant, sort of. ;-)

Vivian Coblentz (author) on August 20, 2019:


Entering through the exit annoys me too!

I also hate when someone is leaving the store and they stop in front of the exit doors to check their phone or something and prevent anyone from going around them!

Yes, someone always seems to be positioned right in front of the item I want too! I thought that only happened to me, lol!

Truly, the list could be endless.

I just dropped my kids off at school today. Parents are supposed to use the drop off line, but many insist on parking along the street. Most days, people ignore the orange cones and park right beside them, thus blocking the main roadway! Other parents PARK their cars in the ever-moving drop-off lane and clog it up for parents who are following protocol. It's sad there are so many ignorant, self-centered people!

Happy some humor could be added to your day!

Betty A F from Florida on August 19, 2019:

Hi Vivian,

I laughed as I read though this article! I needed a good laugh, thank you!

You covered just about everything.

I'd add:

People entering into a grocery store through the exit.

When I grocery shop I always know what it is that I'm shopping for. I can shop and have it paid for in ten minutes flat. No matter what isle I go into there's always someone standing right in front of the item I want, and the person is usually reading all of the ingredients on the package while I stand there waiting to just grab what I already know I'm buying.

You nailed it with the liberal's and I laughed at the social media part because people really do post silly, cute pictures of themselves and you know they're fishing for

That was really a great article. I'm still smiling.

Vivian Coblentz (author) on August 04, 2019:

I know what you mean! I see people "sampling" fruit from the produce section all the time! Not only is it stealing, but it's dirty! How can people eat something several other people have touched, not to mention all the pesticides that need washed off?!! Gross!

Do people have no common sense any more? I always feed my kids BEFORE we leave and then pack snacks in the car in case they get hungry between stops. It's not that hard, people!

I feel sorry for people in the bakery departments where free cookies are handed out to kids. When my kids were small, I never let them ask for a cookie unless someone from the bakery saw them and offered one. Yet, some moms bring an enormous posse of kids to the bakery counter and demand everyone gets a cookie. I hate entitlement attitudes!

Shannon Henry from Texas on August 04, 2019:

Ewww! Why would anyone be offended by someone telling their kid not to do that? Maybe she's really just offended by the fact that someone else saw her kid doing it before she did.

But speaking of things kids do in the store.....I can't stand it when people let their children eat fruit (or anything else, for that matter) before it's paid for. Actually, it's even worse when adults do it. When I was a cashier, it especially bugged me. They ask to just weigh a banana twice because their kid ate one. Or weigh the bag of grapes twice because they ate half of them. Or empty boxes and wrappers that I was asked to scan with slobber all over them. Gross! Puls, as far as I'm concerned that's freaking stealing! Is it really so hard to explain to a child, crying or not, that it isn't theirs until it's paid for? As a parent, I'd rather find some other means of quieting a screaming child or just leave the store than allow them to eat something I haven't paid for. ....Or, you know, they could just turn a deaf ear and let that be someone else's pet peeve. ;)

Vivian Coblentz (author) on August 04, 2019:


I always say that everyone should HAVE to work in retail early in life to learn how NOT to act as customers! I was at the grocery store one day, and some woman decided she didn't want a bag of lettuce, so she threw it in the bing cherry bin. I wanted to make a snide remark to her but bit my tongue! I had one clerk tell me they have found live lobsters in the fitting rooms! Another stocker told me kids go through the meat department sticking their fingers through the meat coverings, and when she told the kid to stop because she didn't want him picking up e Coli, the mom threw a fit for the stocker "correcting" her kid. Then stop your kid from acting like a heathen in public, lady!

Vivian Coblentz (author) on August 04, 2019:


I wish I had your patience! I make the mistake of holding others to the same high standards I set for myself, and I'm always disappointed!

Vivian Coblentz (author) on August 04, 2019:

A B,

I'm sure some people would say receiving criticism of any kind from a mother-in-law qualifies as a pet peeve, but it sounds like you take it all in stride, lol!

Vivian Coblentz (author) on August 04, 2019:


I agree that it's the tip of the iceburg....there are so many more things we could say on the subject! Just last evening, I was at the grocery store, and a woman at the head of the line was pointing to items in the ad to the clerk and ringing up everything separately, holding up the busy line. I left the line and was checked out and leaving in my vehicle before the woman emerged from the store.

Whether I'm at a store or the bank, I'm in and out. YET, I seem to ALWAYS get behind someone who has a major problem that can't be resolved quickly. It makes me crazy!

I especially loved your pet peeve about anyone with an Obama sticker being a dumb ass. You sound like my husband! When we're driving and see a Hillary, Obama, or Sanders bumper sticker, he says the same thing.

Stay tuned....I'm sure the list will grow!

Shannon Henry from Texas on August 03, 2019:

I read this early this morning, but at that point, I'd been up nearly 24 hrs with only an occasional nap when I drifted off until someone rudely awakened me. Apparently, falling asleep in the car is a pet peeve to others. LOL. . .I left your article open on my cell phone screen, but I fell asleep for some decent sleep before I commented.

Your list of things that irritate people is amusing to me, mostly because that's the nature of pet peeves. What annoys one may not be worth the wasted emotion to another.

My biggest pet peeves include things involved in retail work. . .people on cell phones while checking out, for instance. Why is it that the cashier is supposed to be so pleasant and polite, but the customer gets to rudely ignore the cashier who is expected to give eye contact and conversation to begin with? It also bugs me when people don't put things back on the shelf where they got it when they change their minds about purchasing something. And these same people then show their irritation to store clerks about things not having the correct price tag under them.

On the subject of weird pet peeves, my husband gets mad when people put dirty dishes in the sink and it gets piled up. Why does this annoy him so much? Because you have to move them before you can wash them, of course. Personally, I'd rather keep my countertops clean and uncluttered with the dishes in the sink until they are washed. Plus, my counter space is limited as it is. Maybe we just need a dishwasher! It would solve both problems. LOL

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on August 03, 2019:

I guess everyone's annoyances are different. I do not like being tailgated when driving in the fast lane well above the posted speed limit. I will get over and let the idiot pass when I can! I try not to get too upset about little annoyances as I think it is healthier to live and let live, so there are just a few things I relate to in your list.

The grocery inconveniences can be annoying, but not too much. I guess driving inconveniences are a bigger problem for me. I try to listen to music I like and I do not get upset too often that way. This is a great list of possible things that irritate many people.

A B Williams from Central Florida, USA on August 03, 2019:

I am the first to admit that I have no patience whatsoever with bad drivers, but no worries ladies, this will be the only time that you'll see my name and road rage together in an article.

Brad on August 03, 2019:


I like the pictures that go along with this compendium of annoyances. I see this as the tip of the iceberg, just the top 10%.

I liked your political annoyances the best.

But here are some non political ones from me.

1. When waiting in a line with people in front and behind you. When you take one step forward and the person in back of you takes one and a half steps,

2. When in a supermarket, don't use your shopping cart as if you were trying to close the aisle.

3. When walking as group on a sidewalk don't take up the entire side.

4. Every vehicle on the road is required to have turn signals, don't make drivers or pedestrians guess which way you are going.

5. If you chew gum, dispose of it properly or swallow it.

6. If you smoke while your driving keep your windows closed so you can enjoy every molecule.

7. When a car stops quickly at an intersection, don't immediately speed around it, there could be people and even children in the crosswalk. A neighbors 10 year old kid died when he was hit at high speed by a driver that did just that.

8. Take your money or your credit card out and ready to use when you get to the counter.

9. The Obama sticker on your vehicle show what a dumbass your are. I saw this on a big utility truck and just wanted to share.

There would be more, but this is your article. Pick 3 discard the rest:)

Suzie from Carson City on August 03, 2019:

Angie...LMAO!! OMG, that cracks me up that your MIL tells her friends..."her Daughter-in-law gets angry when she's driving!!" LOL

Ya gotta love the Mothers-in-law ladies!!

A B Williams from Central Florida, USA on August 03, 2019:

Hi Vivian, love this!

My pet peeves fall in the road rage and liberals categories....equally! The other day I was driving my mother-in-law out to lunch or somewhere and I thought I was on my best behavior (with her in the car with me and all), apparently not!! She turned to me and let me know that she was telling someone recently about how I always get angry while driving, That’s nice!

I better not even get started on liberals!

Nice job on this.

P.S. I just read Paula’s comment on liberals and willl add a ditto to that!

Suzie from Carson City on August 03, 2019:

Hey...thanks for the "pass," girlfriend! LOL......A few differences in opinion is healthy, don't ya think? You're pretty awesome yourself Mz Vivian!....Cheers!

Vivian Coblentz (author) on August 03, 2019:


Seriously, the list could have been so much longer! I used to be a super out-going person but if it were an option, I'm pretty sure I could be a happy hermit!

You don't have neighbors? Lucky YOU! My husband I both grew up in rural areas so living in the burbs with so many people isn't our idea of a good time.

You are right about the liberals being beyond simple pet peeves. They embody pure evil, but since they are a major source of angst, I included them.

I'll give you a pass on the fur baby treatment and acceptance of man buns and tattoos because your awesomeness eclipses our difference of opinions on the subjects, LOL!

You aren't missing anything on Facebook! I rarely hop on there, but far too many people are on there posting every move they make. Who cares!? I think wistfully back to the good old days when you got together with friends and chatted on the phone rather than communicating in short, abbreviated texts and emoticons!

Suzie from Carson City on August 02, 2019:

Vivian...Well girl, you must feel much better after putting out this long list of various possible pet peeves!! LOL

I got a giggle from some of them. So many simply don't apply to me. I mean, I have no neighbors, so I can't possibly have any complaints, now can I? It feels as though it's been a century since I had kids in school, so any pet peeves I may have had, are long forgotten! LOL

Liberals? Oh my my....they go well beyond being a simple "pet peeve" Vivian!! Let's get real. I can't even put to print what I think of those pathetic creatures! Perhaps another time, in private!!

The closest I come to anything even resembling social media is my interactions right here on HP with our fellow-writers. Other than that, I am not on Facebook, never have been and don't ever intend to be.

Don't hate me, my friend, but I'm actually one of those people who treats her fur babies like humans! Oops! I also think a neat "man-bun" is cute on young men (like the one in the photo) and if tattoos are well-done --not OVER-done,,,,,& under a man's clothing, they can be sort of sexy. (Note:....that would have been years ago also..since these days, "sexy" is just a memory! LOL)

The one serious Pet Peeve I can relate to is POOR GRAMMAR! I hate it. It runs ice cold up my spine and honestly, I avoid any sort of conversation with someone who speaks like a back-woods hillbilly!! I also do a lot of "correcting " people and let me tell you, people HATE that. and I don't care that they do!!

Never fear though...I have pet peeves that weren't listed here, If people are honest, we all have them. Different strokes for different folks! Love your article. Peace, Paula

Vivian Coblentz (author) on August 02, 2019:


I hoped this list would amuse others who feel the same way about humanity and help us all do better!

Liz Westwood from UK on August 02, 2019:

You have compiled a comprehensive and interesting list of pet peeves.

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