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Did The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Sabotage President Donald J. Trump’s Reelection Efforts?

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

*Note - This Article Of Mine Here Was Initially Published On November 21, 2020.

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TheDigitalArtist is the creator of this image.

Before you read through this article here of mine, allow me to inform you that I am not a registered Republican. In fact, I am a moderate Independent, and, therefore, I would be in an impartial position to report the facts here as they are without either a conservative or liberal bias. I’m also an American who voted in our 2020 presidential election.

November 3, 2020 has come and gone, but the decision on who is going to be our next president remains to be decided. The mainstream news networks are going berserk, congratulating former Vice President Joe Biden left and right as being our president-elect, when fact has it that he cannot officially call himself the president-elect until all the states certify their election results and President Donald J. Trump officially concedes the presidency; and it does not appear that President Trump will do so any time soon. Former Vice President Biden has even taken his circus act a step further by opening up what he calls the Office of the President-Elect. What a laugh!

Both the HubPages writing platform and the Internet in general have become inundated with discussion threads of Trump supporters and Biden supporters going at one another’s throats about who should be the next president of the United States of America. What really annoys me is that Biden supporters on those same discussion threads have been accusing President Trump of being a racist, when nothing could be any further from the truth. President Trump has done many good things for African Americans and other minorities. Below you will find a YouTube video in which an African-American gentleman summarizes the contributions that President Trump has made to African-American communities throughout our nation.

President Donald J. Trump Has Helped African Americans In Their War Against Racial Oppression

There is circumstantial evidence that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) sabotaged President Trump’s reelection efforts, and it surprises me that none of the news networks are talking about it to the extent that they should be. The fact that former Vice President Biden became ultimately nominated as the Democratic candidate for the presidential race and he is now offering a position to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in his administration, if successfully inaugurated into the Oval Office, adds more suspicion to the outcome of this election than before. Therefore, President Trump has every right to challenge the election results.

1. President Donald J. Trump Is Alleging That There Was Voter Fraud In The 2020 American Presidential Election

Back in 2000, former Vice President Al Gore fell into similar circumstances as President Trump. He, therefore, challenged the presidential election and demanded a recount in the state of Florida, because he clearly did not believe that former President George W. Bush had won that presidential race. The major tragedy of that whole situation was that former Vice President Al Gore did not carry through his challenge of the election results to the very end and he eventually conceded the presidency to former President Bush, because I believe that former Vice President Gore could have successfully prevailed in his challenge of the election results if he had refused to back down and we would not have been stuck with eight years of President Bush.

If former Vice President Gore had prevailed in his challenge of the 2000 election results and became our president back then, our nation could have been spared the tragedy and expense of the war in Iraq inasmuch as former Vice President Gore would have been unlikely to get us involved in that conflict. It is also likely that former Vice President Gore would have been reelected for a second term in 2004. Joe Lieberman would have been our vice president during those years, and he would have likely run against former President Barack Obama in 2008 in the Democratic primaries and caucuses in that event.

Mr. Lieberman probably would have won the 2008 presidential election too inasmuch as he had more experience as an elected official than former President Obama had back then. Then our nation would likely not have been subjected to two torturous terms of former President Obama, and our nation would have been in better shape than it is now inasmuch as the 2008 stock market crash would likely have never happened. It was former President Bush’s decision to send American troops to the Middle East that put our nation into debt.

If all of these above-described events had occurred, President Trump would not be going through all the unjust difficulties that he is now confronting to get a second term in office; and our nation would have definitely steered clear of the possibility of being stuck with a Biden presidential administration for the next four years. It is interesting how one single event in history can cause an adverse domino effect on subsequent events.

What grabs my attention in this whole chain of events is that former Vice President Gore would have kept us out of a war with Iraq if he had become president back in 2000, and President Trump has decided to pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is as though elected officials who practice any form of pacifism in the executive branch of our Federal government easily fall prey to voter fraud.

At the end of the day, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas and the Bidens are political extremists that our nation could do without altogether, and, in figurative words, they are all in bed with one another. Some of you may argue that because the Bushes are Republicans and the Clintons, the Obamas and the Bidens are Democrats, that same logic cannot be cogent. However, let’s not forget that most of the Bushes voted for former Secretary of State Clinton back in 2016, and former Vice President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, announced on television that they would not vote for Donald J. Trump back in that same election.

None of you reading my article have to like President Trump. I would agree that he is rough around the edges and can be as hard as nails. Then again, our nation would not be better off if a coward were in the Oval Office. Presidential decisions do require a certain degree of backbone on the part of our Commander-in-Chief, and President Trump fits that mold. Former Vice President Biden has serious health problems that already make him unfit to lead this nation, and Senator Kamala Harris would be way too inexperienced to serve as our nation’s president if she were ever to become president in the near future by means of automatic succession in the event of former Vice President Biden’s untimely demise.

In any event, while mainstream news networks are prematurely praising former former Vice President Biden as our newly elected president and Senator Harris as our vice president-elect, other news networks are sharply questioning the results of our 2020 presidential election and rightfully so. Numerous irregularities and anomalies have been discovered in the electoral process since November 3, 2020, and an entire legal team for President Trump has initiated legal proceedings to ensure that justice prevails in this entire mess that we have entered as Americans. The COVID-19 pandemic has been no asset to this situation either. Below is a YouTube video of news commentator Jesse Watters describing how former Vice President Biden may have stolen this election from President Trump.

News Commentator Jesse Watters Describes Prospective Voter Fraud And Conducts Interviews Regarding It

Biden supporters are insistent that there is no evidence of voter fraud. According to Sidney Powell, 2.7 million votes may have been lost in this presidential election because of the Dominion Voting Systems software that was used in numerous state jurisdictions of our nation; and if that is the case, then the harm that has been done to the electoral process could be irreparable insofar as the entire 2020 election stands the possibility of being thrown out altogether. The Smartmatic's voting technology system was also used in the 2020 presidential election here in the United States of America, which could easily be manipulated for voter fraud. It should be noted that the Smartmatic voting machines were fraudulently used in the presidential elections in Venezuela to keep dictators like the late Hugo Chávez-Frias and Nicolás Maduro-Moros in power illegally.

Sidney Powell posted a YouTube video that explained these findings. Unfortunately, the video is no longer available on YouTube to the general public. However, these facts are explained in detail in a separate news clip below.

Dominion Voting Systems Software Fraud Is Explained In Detail

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A highly educated novelist and filmmaker Gonzalo Lira has come up with much of the same determinations that Sidney Powell has. He laid them all out in seven of his YouTube videos. Unfortunately, those videos are no longer available on YouTube.

Gonzalo Lira and Sidney Powell both agree with each other that President Trump would have won this election in a landslide victory if no voter fraud had occurred. After viewing both videos of theirs regarding the matter, I am inclined to believe their contention that the presidential election was stolen. Unfortunately, Mr. Lira's video is no longer available, but you can still view Ms. Powell's video below.

Rudolph Giuliani and Sidney Powell Describe Their Findings Of Voter Fraud In The 2020 American Presidential Election

A journalist named Simone Gao interviewed Michigan public sector officials who handled the voting process in that state, and she was able to identify instances in which voting laws were clearly violated in Wayne County. Below is a video of Ms. Gao’s one-on-one interviews.

Michigan Reeked With Voter Fraud In The 2020 American Presidential Election

2. If President Donald J. Trump Refuses To Concede The Presidency, A Constitutional Process To Select Our Next President Could Come Into Play

Now, many of you may be asking the million-dollar question, which is this. What is going to happen if it turns out that voter fraud caused so much irreparable harm to the 2020 American presidential election results that no conclusion can be reached on who really won the election? Well, the United States Constitution does provide a process by which a presidential election can ultimately be decided if the entire November election results have been compromised to the extent that no accurate conclusion can be reached on who actually won the presidential race.

The decision on what to do with the presidential election could go to the Supreme Court of the United States (“SCOTUS”), and they would decide on what measures would need to be taken either to reach an accurate result; or if the SCOTUS found that no accurate result could be reached to conclude who won the election, then they could rule that the entire election be thrown out as though it never happened. In that event, the SCOTUS would remand the matter to the United States House of Representatives for what is called a contingent election which entails an anointment process that decides who will become our next president. In that event, the United States Senate would decide on who would become our next vice president. The United States Electoral College also has the power and authority to remand the matter to the Congress for a decision on who will be our next president and vice president.

The United States House of Representatives would delegate the authority to each and every state legislature throughout our nation to appoint one elector per state. Each elector would cast a vote on who they would want to be our next president. Each state would only get one vote in that process; and because there are more states with Republican-controlled legislatures than there are states with Democratic-controlled legislatures here in our nation, the odds would tip in President Trump’s favor and he could possibly be anointed for a second term in the Oval Office. Vice President Mike Pence would have an active role in this contingent election.

Now, before any of you Biden supporters throw a temper tantrum and vent your rage against me, allow me to inform you that I researched this process that kicks in whenever a presidential election is challenged and I found out about it from a video that Van Jones posted on YouTube. For your information, Van Jones is not a conservative Republican but rather a liberal Democrat. He also has a law degree, and he knows what he’s talking about. Therefore, nobody has any reason to question his findings or his research of this process. Here is that same video below.

Van Jones Describes What Happens Whenever An Incumbent President Refuses To Concede The Presidency

According to Mr. Jones, President Trump’s concession speech would constitute a legal proceeding; and so long as President Trump does not agree to give a concession speech, then the states across our nation would be less likely to certify their election results on an official basis and the SCOTUS or the United States Electoral College or both could be left with no other choice but to remand the matter to the Congress for what is called a contingent election. In the YouTube video below, additional detailed information is provided on what the anointment process entails if the election remains contested. In another YouTube video below, a journalist named Simone Gao interviews a gentleman named Brian Kennedy from the American Strategy Group to go into the nitty-gritty on what this whole process entails.

A Description Of The Procedures That Would Take Place If The Decision Regarding The 2020 American Presidential Election Ends Up In The Congress

Brian Kennedy Explains In Depth What A Contingent Election Entails

Now, what is so interesting about what the United States Constitution reads on how a contested election ultimately gets decided, if push comes to shove, is that if this matter ultimately goes to the United States House of Representatives in January of 2021 and no decision is reached before Inauguration Day, then the Speaker of the House would be temporarily sworn in to serve as our acting president on January 20, 2021 until this matter was resolved. In other words, there stands a chance that United States House Delegate Nancy Pelosi could be running our nation for a brief period of time. For that reason, among other things, it can be no secret why newly elected Democrats in the United States House of Representatives are working fiercely and ferociously to convince Democrats currently serving as United States House Delegates to remove Ms. Pelosi from her position as the Speaker of the House. They obviously believe that she would pose a major liability to not only her political party but also to the entire nation and possibly the entire world in that event.

Ms. Pelosi is simply not popular these days among anyone regardless of their political-party affiliation. Having her for our president in any capacity could cause irreparable harm to our nation and to the world, because she has been involved in criminal activities during her time in office. It was not that long ago that I watched an edition of 60 Minutes in which a news reporter from that television show attempted to approach Ms. Pelosi and question her about her involvement in insider trading, which would appear to be an impeachable offense for any elected official. She is not someone that we Americans would want to become our Commander-in-Chief for even one day, and most of us probably agree that she does not belong in the Oval Office at all. In figurative words, she’s not playing with a full deck.

3. The FBI Has Nefariously Been Causing President Donald J. Trump Problems Since The Beginning Of His Political Career

Below are a series of videos of Senator Josh Hawley, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Lindsey Graham questioning the unethical activities of both former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Director Andrew McCabe in light of both of these former FBI directors’ witch hunt against President Trump. All three senators exposed both fallen FBI directors for fraud and malfeasance in the Crossfire Hurricane hearing on Capitol Hill. What is so interesting is that in their interviews with former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Senator Cruz and Senator Graham tie both former Vice President Biden and former Secretary of State Clinton into the unethical activities that the FBI conducted against President Trump before and during his presidency.

Both Former FBI Director James Comey And Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe Were Put In The Hot Seat At the Crossfire Hurricane Hearing On Capitol Hill

Now, after watching all six of the videos above, keep in mind that President Trump was the one who fired Mr. Comey and Mr. McCabe from their respective positions as FBI Directors, because they were engaging in despicable and even fraudulent activities. To the best of my knowledge, the FBI has never directly and actively overseen the presidential elections until now.

President Trump blocked Robert S. Mueller, III from being reinstated as the FBI director afterwards, because President Trump knew that Mr. Mueller was a corrupt public sector official during his tenure in that same capacity and he did not feel that Mr. Mueller was suitable to lead the FBI because of it. President Trump’s observations of Mr. Mueller were not unfounded. Below is a video of Sidney Powell describing the unlawful activities by Andrew Weissmann for which Mr. Mueller was greatly to blame.

Sidney Powell Describes Prosecutorial Misconduct That Took Place On Robert S. Mueller, III’s Watch And With His Full Knowledge

It is beyond my comprehension how Mr. Mueller was chosen as the special prosecutor in the investigation of the allegations against President Trump of Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election, because there is no way that Mr. Mueller could ever be fair and impartial toward President Trump. Federal Judge T. S. Ellis III of the Alexandria Division of the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia even called Mr. Mueller a liar during a court proceeding that was connected to Mr. Mueller’s investigation of the allegations against President Trump of Russian collusion a while back.

Back when President Trump had asked former FBI Director Comey to look into the government-classified e-mails that former Secretary of State Clinton stored illegally on her personal server at her residence four years ago, Mr. Comey deliberately conducted that investigation dishonestly in such a way that it would make it appear as though former Secretary of State Clinton were innocent of the charges despite that there was ample evidence that she did, in fact, breach national security; and he did so, because he was in complicity with her. A former FBI official named Lansing Woo was involved in that same investigation of former Secretary of State Clinton. A confidential source who used to work as a subordinate of Mr. Woo in the FBI so many years ago informed me that Mr. Woo was the most vicious and devious backstabber, liar, and master manipulator that he had ever met in his entire life. He also provided me with evidence in this regard. He added that this one attorney he had spoken with named David R. Fertig had once told him that the FBI higher-ups were professional liars. Therefore, the fact alone that Mr. Woo was involved in this investigation is enough to demonstrate that this same investigation was anything but fair and professional and that Mr. Comey had designed it to ensure that former Secretary of State Clinton would not be found culpable of any wrongdoing despite that the facts proved otherwise.

It is a hypocrisy that here in the United States of America there is actually a law against an average civilian lying to the FBI. There should also be a law against the FBI lying to people outside their agency. Then again, I would favor our president shutting down the FBI altogether because of all the problems that this government agency has caused the public. They don’t treat their lower level employees very well either, and their functions are wastefully redundant to those of other law-enforcement agencies such as the United States Marshal Service, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the United States Department of Homeland Security, the National Security Agency, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, just to name a few.

After President Trump fired Mr. Comey and later on fired Mr. McCabe from their positions as FBI directors, the FBI did not remove their security clearances. This is not a regular practice of the FBI, because normally an FBI employee loses his or her security clearance automatically after he or she is fired or resigns from that agency. However, the FBI higher-ups apparently thought highly of both Mr. Comey and Mr. McCabe and were willing to do anything out of loyalty toward them to alleviate the adverse effects of their involuntary separation from their agency despite their professional misconduct. It would only stand to reason that the FBI has been looking to get even with President Trump for punishing Mr. Comey, Mr. McCabe and Mr. Mueller the way he did, but it does not mean that their actions against President Trump are in any way justified. They are not.

Rudolph Giuliani even expressed his reservations about the FBI at a recent press conference that he and the other senior attorneys of the Trump legal team attended. In his response to a journalist, Mr. Giuliani described what he viewed to be the malfeasance and untrustworthiness of the FBI. There is a news clip of that same press conference below.

Rudolph Giuliani Sharply Criticizes The FBI Regarding Their Misdeeds Against President Donald J. Trump

4. The FBI Has Likely Sabotaged President Donald J. Trump’s Reelection Efforts

Now, here is where we connect the dots to evidence that the FBI did likely sabotage President Trump’s reelection efforts. President Trump recently denied former Vice President Biden nine million dollars for his transition team from a Federal fund to which only President Trump is currently and legally able to grant access. However, former Vice President Biden and Senator Harris don’t seem to be having any difficulty funding their transition team, because they could have just as easily gone to the Clintons afterwards to ask them for that nine million dollars they needed from the coffers of the Clinton Foundation for that same purpose. It should be noted that the Clinton Foundation has been the focus of great scandal in recent years. It would be interesting what an IRS audit of the Clinton Foundation could uncover, which would not be very pretty.

Some of you may be wondering why the FBI would have acted favorably toward former Secretary of State Clinton in their investigation of the classified e-mails on her personal server. You may also be curious to know how former Secretary of State Clinton and former Vice President Biden went into complicity with the FBI in their attempts to destroy President Trump’s political career. I do not wish to speculate about anything, but a Clinton aide was caught attempting to bribe the FBI in 2016. It is possible that this was not the only time that something like this happened so that the FBI would go along with whatever former Secretary of State Clinton wanted in order that she could protect her own skin and get them to go against President Trump instead. Former Secretary of State Clinton has a whole mint in her Clinton Foundation that she could easily access to bribe government officials. Recently former Vice President Biden has offered a position to former Secretary of State Clinton in his presidential administration in the event that his inauguration to office on January 20, 2021 does become a reality.

The dots fit together perfectly. Sidney Powell mentioned in the videos above in which she appeared that both the Clinton Foundation and George Soros have money tied into the Dominion Voting Systems that enabled former Vice President Biden to steal the presidential election from President Trump. Mr. Soros has close political ties with the Clintons. According to Ms. Powell, there is evidence that former Secretary of State Clinton used the Dominion Voting Systems software to steal the Democratic presidential candidacy from Senator Bernie Sanders during the primaries and caucuses in 2016. Therefore, what is not to say that former Vice President Biden did the same to Senator Sanders again in 2020? There are way too many smoking guns that point to former Vice President Biden stealing the presidential election from President Trump for the American people to ignore.

Recently United States Attorney General William Barr has given directives to open up an investigation into voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election throughout our nation. Most unfortunately, he has assigned this investigation to the FBI. Therefore, President Trump should tell Mr. Barr to reassign it to the United States Marshal Service instead, because the FBI is only going to further the damage that they have apparently done to President Trump’s political career up to this point in time. In the YouTube video below, Michael Moore, who has the reputation of being a diehard liberal Democrat, even implied that President Trump would more likely have to rely on the Federal Marshals to investigate his allegations concerning the 2020 American presidential election rather than depending on the FBI to do so.

Before November 3, 2020, Michael Moore Provided Journalists His Prediction About The 2020 American Presidential Election

5. The FBI Has Likely Been Plotting Other Shenanigans Against President Donald J. Trump That Could Railroad Him Once He Leaves The Oval Office

The confidential source that I consulted with who used to be Lansing Woo’s subordinate informed me that the FBI has strong influence over state and local law-enforcement entities throughout the entire American criminal justice system. The FBI may also be the most powerful institution in the entire world. According to him, it is not unusual for the FBI to escalate a vendetta against someone by involving those other entities whenever the FBI is on a vicious warpath against that person and they feel they need to add heat to the fire.

The FBI has to know that once President Trump leaves office, the presidential immunities that currently protect him from prosecution of alleged criminal offenses will cease to exist. Then he will become as vulnerable to prosecutorial misconduct as any other everyday civilian here in the United States of America. Below is a YouTube video that describes criminal investigations that have been brought against President Trump.

President Trump May Be A Target For Collective Prosecutorial Misconduct That Awaits Him Subsequent To His Exit From The Presidency

President Trump has not yet been arrested or tried for any of these charges against him. Therefore, he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The timing upon which these charges have piled up against him is very suspicious and causes me to question the legitimacy of them or rather the lack thereof. It would be so easy for the FBI to have orchestrated all of them against President Trump, because they have all the necessary resources at their disposal to do so. For this reason, aside from the more-likely-than-not fact that former Vice President Biden stole the 2020 American presidential election, President Trump needs to fight with every inch of his strength to ensure that former Vice President Biden does not ultimately get into the White House on or after January 20, 2021. Otherwise, life will be over here in the United States of America as we know it, and it will mark the beginning of the end of the land of milk and honey as an industrialized nation.

Clker-Free-Vector-Images is the creator of this image.

Clker-Free-Vector-Images is the creator of this image.

6. My Conclusion To This Topic

Even though the 2020 presidential election in our nation is over, many Americans are not confident that former Vice President Biden won it fair and square. Former Vice President Biden has offered for former Secretary of State Clinton to work in his presidential administration if he does succeed in getting inaugurated as our nation’s new president on January 20, 2021. Because former Vice President Biden and former Secretary of State Clinton were both evidenced to have been in complicity with the FBI to destroy President Trump’s political career as far back as four years ago, the fact that former Vice President Biden won the nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate and mysteriously jumped way ahead of President Trump in votes in different states in an unusually short period of time during the 2020 American presidential election could only point to the probability that former Vice President Biden stole the election from President Trump.

The FBI has been plotting against President Trump since 2015 and have committed numerous transgressions in an effort to destroy his political career and ruin his life. Therefore, their involvement in the 2020 American presidential election is great cause for concern that they purposely colluded with both former Vice President Biden and former Secretary of State Clinton to steal the election from President Trump and get former Vice President Biden elected under fraudulent pretenses. All evidence points in that direction.

Now, you don’t have to like President Trump or support everything that he believes or has ever done. However, if he is the one who won the election fair and square, he should not be denied another four years in the Oval Office simply because former Vice President Biden found a way to snatch the election from him, especially with the help of the FBI. We Americans need to wake up and smell the coffee and take action to stop these injustices from destroying our democracy once and for all. Otherwise, we may never have a fair presidential election ever again if these reported incidents of voter fraud go unchecked. The presidential election was undoubtedly rigged, and the FBI most likely had an unethical role in it all.

A Poll For Concerned American Voters

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jason B Truth


Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on April 08, 2021:

Ladies and gentlemen? This is to inform you that I initially published the article above of mine on November 21, 2020. The reason that the date for it is currently reading as April 8, 2021 is because one of the videos that I embedded therein was deleted by YouTube and I had to edit the article accordingly. I apologize for any confusion that this may have caused you.

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