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Did God Propel William Ruto into Kenya’s Presidency After Politicians Mocked His Strong Belief in Deity?

Nyamweya is an award winning journalist attached with a leading media firm in Kenya

Kenya's President Dr William Ruto Reading a Bible

Kenya's President Dr William Ruto Reading a Bible

If a man is a political animal, then William Samoei Ruto is a political Lion. He has made headlines as the first politician to win all elections on the first attempt. This after Kenyans exercised their democratic rights by going to the polls in the just concluded elections in order to choose a new government.

The president-elect’s love for the scripture and habit of quoting the bible in his political speeches and media posts have faced a lot of criticism from his competitors and Kenyans at large. This has had mixed reactions since some believe this is a sign of hypocrisy while on the other hand, this has made him gain political mileage. Some Kenyans have been wowed by his belief in God

Sources say Ruto’s love for God was instrumented when he was at the University of Nairobi where he was the chairman of the institution’s Christian union group where he met his dear wife Rachael Ruto who is also a staunch Christian. She is a prayer warrior and a God-fearing woman. The truth is behind every successful man is a smart woman and Rachael Ruto has stood to be one.

At one time, Ruto was spotted in total surrender and crying in church. Some people were impressed and some displeased and they criticized him on social media. He has been giving donations to churches and sponsoring church projects, some leaders ridicule him that he was in the wrong since they cited that he was using stolen money to fund those projects. He seems to have ignored his naysayers since he still supports these projects.

At most times, Ruto has accused his opponents Raila Odinga and Matha Karua of not believing in God’s existence. On June 17th 2022 in Martha Karua, Railas running mate prompted Ruto that not all who call Jesus by his name will go to heaven. She also reminded him that Christianity is not measured by going to churches but through actions hence urging her supporters to elect leaders by their virtual actions and not claiming to be Godly. Even though Ruto supported Raila Odinga to become the prime minister, at one time Ruto revealed that he stopped supporting the former prime minister when he realized he does not believe in God.

If there was someone who has proved to be a cheerful giver is Ruto. At one time he donated 60million on different occasions in a span of six months which is eight times his salary. He has passionately defended this move by saying “Unlike God, who gave his son as a sacrifice, none of us being asked to give more than we can “. William Ruto is a lover of the word of God this has been proved from gracing various church functions and giving handsomely to great causes in churches. If not a deputy president, I would be an evangelist this were Ruto’s words at Karatina Stadium

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At one time Martha Karua said “I laugh when I see Ruto praying, what kind of God listens to a thief who thinks he is deputy Jesus. What kind of God Listens to a thief’s teary prayers? Any God that answers Ruto prayers, I Martha will not believe in Him”.

We should not be quick to judge someone’s faith since no one knows the relationship he/she has with God.

By playing his religious faith and humble beginnings he has risen to power at the age of 55 years. He is ambitious and is one of the Kenyan wealthiest men who has shown himself as a hustler chief driven by his narrative of bottom-up which is a champion of the poor and downtrodden. He described in his campaign that the battle is between normal hustlers who are trying to put food on their tables and the elite dynasties who have dominated Kenyan politics for decades. He described his win as a reprieve to the hustlers that they will have money in their pockets and not just a few at the top through his bottom-up economic plan.

The politician has risen from shadowy rags to riches businessman run. He fell out with Uhuru Kenyatta after he backed Odinga for the top job. Ruto’s race to the state house has been mudslinging however he has vowed not to seek vengeance adding that he is focused on moving forward and will not look backward since he is determined to keep the promises he made during his campaign.

Ruto supported Uhuru for two terms with a promise of being supported by Uhuru for the next two terms however this changed after Uhuru had a handshake with his opponent Odinga. He was left out in the cold and his duties were delegated to other cabinet secretaries. He bounced back with a campaign where he ensured he trans versed every corner of this country in order to sell his ideologies through his manifest. He won many hearts through this manifest and mostly prayed in his rallies, this gave hope to people as they envisioned him to be a good leader who fears God.

He picked a perfect storm through his clad of bright yellow of his United Democratic Alliance with a humble symbol of a wheelbarrow. He sorted to reach out to people from those suffering from Covid and Russia – the war-induced cost of living crises. People related their way of living to him since at one time he said he sold chicken at a railway crossing near his home during his tender age and all the good things that have happened to him owed to God since he has been kind to him.

In conclusion, Kenyans are eager to see what kind of leader he will turn out to be since he promised to deliver them from the harsh economy they are undergoing through his hustler fund and also create employment for the many youths who are jobless.

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