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Diane Jenning's Powerful New Youtube Channel


Diane Jennings: to many, she is the irrepressibly happy, Irish internet-influencer, who has made several jaunts to the United States, sportively noting the cultural differences between Americans and Europeans in several of her videos. However, her blithesome demeanor belies the serious documentarian she also is, as evidenced by her other YouTube channel Diane Before Dawn.

Armed with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, many a cynical soul may be tempted to dismiss Diane as just a pretty face. However, this would be remiss, as Diane has some serious academic chops. Studying at no less than the prestigious Trinity College (one of Britain's most upper-echelon schools), she has a bachelor's degree in English Literature, Drama, Psychoanalysis, and Film Studies as well as master's degrees in Film Theory and History. This is one educated woman!

Like Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, and Keira Knightley, Diane too has parlayed both her name-status and intellectual prowess into doing something for the public good. Hence, we have the Diane Before Dawn channel. Too young and idealistic, she is not some cynical, middle-aged man, who is merely taking advantage of the public's titillation and interest in true crime. Diane erected Diane Before Dawn for more altruistic reasons: to educate the public about the dangers out there. On her channel, Diane shows that evil is not esoteric, but that a dangerous sociopath could be living right next door to you.

Shifting gears on her new channel, she delves into famously shocking incidents of true crime. Covering the notorious misdeeds of Jim Jones, Ariel Castro, the Reditt Killer and the like in a well-researched manner, she imbues each video's narrative with as much thoughtfulness and seriousness as her other videos are mirthful. Long story short, for fans of YouTube channels such as Mr. Nightmare and Let's Read, the videos on Diane Before Dawn are just as engrossing and binge-worthy.

Edifying us about evil, Diane Jennings is worthy of our support. Below is a link to her channel; please subscribe thereto!

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