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Destroy Feminism, Save Humanity


The purpose of the feminist philosophy that emerged in the nineteenth century was to eliminate gender inequality and establish equal rights and freedoms for women, I know. The first wave of feminism in the nineteenth century and the second wave of feminism in the middle of the twentieth century have succeeded in eliminating all forms of gender inequality and inequality. Now the gender inequality is towards men, not women. If a female worker is paid less than a male worker, it is because she spends less time in the office raising children. It is not discrimination. And now women have more rights and power than men. Therefore, we need to focus on men's rights and men's empowerment. The former purpose of feminism is no more. The third tide of feminism came in the nineties to take revenge on men.

A country will be a good country only when the neglected communities of that country (transgender, homosexual, minority indigenous and male) are not neglected. You may not want to believe that the male community is neglected. Everyone still has the 50 years old ideas - "Women are neglected, backward in education, women are oppressed by men in a patriarchal society, no one wants to marry a raped woman… .. blah blah blah."

First of all, how did the society become male-dominated where the Prime Minister of Bangladesh is a woman? Let me know. In today's society, men are rather oppressed by women. In Bangladesh, men do not get justice even if they are abused by women. But women are sending innocent men to jail on false charges of rape and torture. Nowadays, women think, "Torturing men is their women's freedom." The laws are in their favor. Women do not understand the difference between freedom and arbitrariness. The feminist law of our country has become a tool of male exploitation in society. Feminism is the greatest enemy of mankind. The second biggest enemy is religion. Feminism and masculinity are on opposite sides of the same coin. The source of almost all evil in the world is masculinity. At the south Asian universities, ragging is done, juniors are made fun of, why? Because when giving rags, senior boys think, "I am a man, I can do whatever I want." Yes, girls also do ragging but they have learnt it from boys. If one of the friends does not smoke, everyone says, "are you a girl? Eat cigarettes, be a man.'' Even the bloodshed due to the religious fundamentalism & terrorism of student politicians is somehow responsible for it. Feminism incites masculinity, how? Feminists say, "No matter how women treat men, men will never be able to disrespect women. Even if a man slaps a woman, a man will not be able to slap a woman or touch a woman. A man who disrespects a woman is not a real man.” Thus, feminism incites masculinity. Protecting thyself by stabbing men’s masculinity is a very old technique.

After birth, a boy is taught - "You can't cry when you are in pain, no matter how much a girl disrespects you, you will always respect her; because you are a boy. ” Society does not understand that boys & men are also human beings. Men also have pain, suffering. There is no need to be a real man by enduring pain or digesting the humiliation of a woman, it is much more honorable to be a half-man by humiliating a woman. Ragging, bullying, fights between student politicians, fires on buses, communal riots, religious riots, police baton charges etc. behind all the evils there is masculinity. In order to eradicate evil from society and to destroy the poisonous tree of feminism, first of all, the idea of masculinity must be removed from the brain of people. Isn't it more important to be a good person than to be a real man? Now many may say, "If men are not real men, then they are not good people." Absolutely nonsense. In which book is it written that if you are not a real man, you cannot be a good person? All the bullshit talk. Why should women always be respected?

Women are called mothers, that is why? Men are also called fathers too. Why should the dignity of the mother be more than the father's? When a girl is raped, everyone's pity rises, and everybody curses men. And when a boy is raped, no one feels sorry for him, but everyone is a little happy by remembering the abuse of women in a patriarchal society for thousands of years. Girls and even boys laugh at that raped man. Men also do not feel sympathy for the abuse of men. Men think, "To show sympathy for a man who has been raped or abused by a woman is to show sympathy for the lack of masculinity. We are men. We have masculinity. If we show sympathy for a man without masculinity who has been abused by that woman, then it is an insult to our masculinity. " Also it is easy to seduce women if you are a feminist. That is why many boys are feminists.

Men's honor is no less than women's honor. Hey women, if your father was raped! If your brother had been raped, if your boyfriend or husband had been raped, your son would have been raped! How would it feel then? Earlier girls used to say, "Is there no mother or sister in your house?" Now we boys are saying, "Is there no father or brother in your house?" The job of feminists is to be happy to see the plight of men. For thousands of years men have been dominating or exploiting women, which has given rise to anger and resentment towards men, now feminists are happy to see the plight of men. Forget what men have been doing for thousands of years. Leave the feminist attitude. Everyone is human. If a man has been raped. Empathize as a person, not as a woman. Above all, people are true, not women.

If a woman complains against a man, even if she cannot prove the guilt of the man, the establishment of respect for the man in society is over. Accused men will never be able to walk in society with their heads held high. Seventy to eighty thousand men commit suicide every year in India on false charges of dowry and rape. The honor of boys is in the hands of women. Men are respected only if women respect them, and men have no respect if women are disrespected. ...

This situation needs to be changed. When a girl slaps a boy in public, no one says anything, everyone thinks it is the boy's fault (even if he is innocent). But if the boy and girl hit back, the massacre is certain. .... Most of the time when a girl beats a boy, others protect her and frighten the boy, "If the girl beats you, you will digest. If you retaliate, we will all beat you together. '' The boy digested the beating silently in fear. How is it equal? Equality will happen when men and women are allowed to fight alone without melting their noses. Then see who wins? But no one will do that. Because, he knows that if this happens, the boy will kick the girl’s ass. I am against any kind of fight. The court will decide who is guilty and who is not. Not the police or the people. But I also know why the court is in favor of girls. Everyone is happy to see men being abused by women. But so be it. No love is needed, no child will be produced. Let mankind be destroyed by men and women fighting.

Boys who have been abused by women cannot even cry. Because when boys cry, society teases and says, “Men don't cry. Are you crying as a man? Shame on you.” Crying seems to be the property of girls only. Boys have no right to cry.

Indian police have arrested a militant named Kashap after a militant attack on India's Taj Hotel. They didn't kill him immediately. He was asked - Why did you do this? He has been talked to even after being a terrorist. Everyone should listen to a criminal, whether he is a terrorist, a murderer, a rapist. When punishment is provided according to the law, it is forced, right? No one takes punishment voluntarily. If forcible imprisonment is not a crime, why would forcibly talking to women be a crime?

There are so many problems in the world because of not wanting to listen. Sometimes a girlfriend or female friend gets angry and says, "I don't want to hear anything from you." Speaking to someone forcefully should not be considered a crime, not wanting to hear should be considered a crime.

Only in one case, not wanting to listen is not a crime. That is bullying or ragging. When a person is a little different, the rest of the class bullies him, and so do the children in the neighborhood. New university student faces ragging when he/she comes to the university for the first time. In this case, it is a crime to try to talk forcefully. Because there is no reason behind their talking (except to make fun or make trouble). Terrorists also have a cause behind terrorism.

In a feminist society, men today are oppressed, tortured and humiliated. Guys, when you see a boy on the street bothering a girl, let the girl be upset. Don't go to save the girl. Maybe the girl is borrowing money from the boy and not repaying it, so the boy wants his money back or the boy is asking the girl to admit his guilt and return the lost respect honor as the girl's false accusation has tarnished the boy's honor in the society. It is not always a crime to bother, sometimes it is a crime to be bothered in certain cases.

It is not a crime to even bother a girl by claiming love. It is often seen that even if a girl does not respond to a boy's offer of love at first, the boy repeatedly propose to her and at some point, she falls in love. Once a girl falls in love, no one sees whether the boy has ever bothered her. That is important. It doesn't matter if the boy is upset or not. So, if a boy bothers a girl and fails to get love in the end, then there is no need to think of him as a bad boy. Why don’t we think of him bad? Because - if the boy had succeeded in gaining the love of the girl by teasing (many times), then we would not have thought the boy is bad. Now that the boy has failed to win love, to win the girl's heart, will you think him bad for that? Is it reasonable at all? No one can be blamed for failure. Now you might say - I'm thinking him a bad boy because of teasing. Then I would say, if he had succeeded in teasing, he would not have thought the boy bad. ... now what will you say? ...

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My suggestion is that such a law be enacted - a boy can request or bother a stranger or little known girl a maximum of 25 times, rather than love. Similarly, a girl can request (bother) a stranger or a lesser-known boy a maximum of 25 times rather than love. If the request is more than 25 times, only then it will be considered a crime. Up to 25 times will not be considered a crime. And if boys and girls are friends with each other, then anyone can request (bother) up to 100 times for love. Anyone can harass/annoy a woman or a man a maximum of 10 times by asking for help in studies or official work. If books, notebooks, files, salaries, loan money are withheld or the boy's respect in society is tarnished by making false allegations, he can disturb female classmates or female office colleagues as many times as he wants.

By the way, there is no reason behind bullying. So bullying is a crime once done.

Feminist activities are most seen on the bus. Why would there be a reserved seat for women in South Asia? Seats should not be reserved for anyone except the disabled. And if someone has a baby in his lap, a reserved seat can be kept for him/her. The baby is not only in the mother's lap but also in the father's lap.

Feminism does not say that men and women are equally strong, so their rights should be equal. Current feminism says that since women are relatively weak, they deserve more rights than men.

What does it mean to call a university girl who is standing far away from the sixth or seventh-grade schoolboy who was standing near the seat after I left the seat that day? This means that women are considered weak and given more benefits than boys.

It's unfair. Girls can't be given more rights than boys. For no reason other than sexual harassment, no girl can raise her hand or slap a boy for verbal abuse. You have to answer with words. And if a girl slaps a boy, then the boy should also be given a chance. Opportunity to slap the girl. Only then equal rights will be established.

If a woman accuses a man of abusing or sexually harassing or raping a woman, investigate to verify that woman's words. Let the accused man stay out of jail until the results of the investigation come out. He can be on house arrest if necessary but there is no need to handcuff him and take him to jail. Men's honor is like cotton. Easily flies away. Even if a woman is raped, there is no shortage of husbands for her. But once a man is accused (whether the allegation is true or false) he no longer gets the love of any woman.

In India, there is a women's movement for men.

90% of rape cases and women abuse cases are false. The Supreme Court of India has termed it as Legal Terrorism.

In India, one married man commits suicide every 9 minutes. Defendants do not protest male abuse. Feminist women don’t wake up when they hear about violence happening by mother-in-law. . They will only protest where there are men on the fence.

I oppose feminism for good reason. Women should also oppose feminism. Men should give up masculinity, women should give up femininity. Let's all be human together.

The Presidents of all countries, please take steps to enact the Male Torture Act. Don't forget that your father, the father of the nation, was also a man. If a girl slaps a boy on the street, legal action should be taken against that girl. Such advertisements for tea are shown on TV - when a corrupt man in the office suggests corruption, the female colleague becomes a defendant with a sip of fresh tea. The advertisement could have shown the opposite - when a corrupt woman in the office suggests corruption, her male colleague becomes a defendant with a sip of fresh tea. Why are men portrayed as villains? What is the problem with showing women as villains?

Order you to show ads like this -

When a woman misunderstands a man on the bus and accuses him of sexual harassment and displays obscene femininity, the man raises his voice in protest and silences the woman. Let the power of women be shown to be defeated by the power of men.

When the broken men of this country see such advertisements, they will find strength in their minds and will be inspired.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Adwit Kanti Routh

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