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Democracy is in Jeopardy


Our Democracy is in Jeopardy.

Authoritarian mob boss trump is destroying our democracy.

We never imagined a POTUS wielding such power over his party, which he has reduced to cowed mobsters. The GOP House and Senate operatives are intimated by their mob boss, and would do anything to avoid his wrath, which he can demonstrated by a vengeful tweet, or by calling for a primary opponent to be issued against a defiant mobster.

Their behavior during the impeachment trial was repugnant. The GOP House members completely destroyed the investigation into trump’s crimes with shameful, theatric behavior. Jordan, Collins, Meadows and Gaetz et al acted not as honorable representatives of the US populace, but as mob boss stooges. The GOP Senate voting that trials didn’t require witnesses and evidence, even though it was done in a somewhat more dignified manner, equally tore at our confidence in the mob boss’ power over our legislative branch of government.

The mob boss’ defense in both chambers was corrupt. In the House, the ranking GOP member on the Intelligence Committee, Nunes, was dealing with Lev Parnas to get dirt on Biden. In the Senate trial, trump’s lead defender, White House counsel Pat Cipollone was accused of concealing crucial information from senators, and was in meetings—with his client trump, regarding the Ukrainian shakedown.

Now, the retribution is beginning.

First, we learn that the Treasury Department is releasing Hunter Biden’s financial information. This is the same Treasury Department that won’t release trump’s taxes even though the law says they shall do so to authorized panels.

The Roy Cohn-like AG, who is investigating the origins of the Russian investigation—for the purpose of aiding trump, issued an edict that no investigation of the 2020 presidential election can be started without his approval. That is giving trump carte-blanche authority to commit crimes in his reelection bid. Barr will initiate investigations of Bolton for violating security laws in his book.

Many lawmakers appeared to take it as a given that trump, who fired an FBI director during a federal investigation into his campaign and who attacked the religious sincerity of his perceived enemies during a prayer breakfast this week would set out for revenge in the wake of an effort to end his presidency. These are the same GOP goons who want us to believe their allegation that trump learned his lesson.

We knew they were lying as is trump! trump lies he was right to remove 'insubordinate' NSC aide’ AlexanderVindman. They could have reduced Vindman's detail—and no one would have complained, but forcing him to be escorted out of the White House is just more corrupt trump activity. There are Civil Service rights which apply to Vindman; who should sue trump, but won’t, because heroes honor the chain of command even if trump doesn’t.

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trump didn’t like the look of him because his twin brother, Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman—who didn’t testify and consequentially didn’t deserve any retaliation from trump, was also removed from his job at the National Security Council.

trump recalled U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Sondland. He paid a $1 million to get his post because his friends were Ambassadors, and he wanted to brag about it. He got what he paid for. He repeatedly altered his testimony to both aid trump, and reduce his legal jeopardy.

trump has also discussed removing Michael Atkinson, the inspector general of the intelligence community. trump has expressed frustration that Atkinson allowed a whistleblower report documenting trump’s alleged misconduct toward Ukraine to be transmitted to Congress.

trump is considering removing Victoria Coates, the deputy national security adviser. Current national security adviser Robert C. O’Brien is pledging to purge his staff at trump’s orders.

trump is also said to be plotting to punish Romney and Schiff as well as FBI agents.

trump’s base is full of souls as lost as he is. His divisiveness appeals to their hate-filled base instincts. They believe he can return us to the 1950s and that his wall will rid us of the ‘others’, who they blame for ruining their dreams.

Authoritarian mob boss trump is destroying our democracy. He has a compliant Congressional GOP and minions in the government acceding to his despotic demands. Our government requires checks and balances to combat a thug such as trump, but we now have toadies. trump has a low-information base who believe his daily ‘2 minute hate’ propaganda.

Our democracy is in jeopardy.


Bob Connors (author) from Burtonsville Maryland on February 09, 2020:

Tax cuts for the rich, and 'trickle down' 'voodoo economics is 1/2 century old.

Eddie Fisher from New England on February 09, 2020:

While lefties are still digesting "Socialism for Dummies " Trump is transforming the very economy they walk on , Say "Thank You Donald " for putting all your kids to work !

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