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Democracy Inaction


Democracy Inaction

They say a vote for a third party is just a waste of time
So on goes the vicious cycle of electing lying slime
Neither of the ”big two” has your best interest at heart
Slowly public freedoms sold to business a la carte

Democracy a term thrown around with little cause
Rarely does the public help with influencing laws
Best turnout for voting happens once every four years
Only half the country cares then, the rest rely on peers

Even when voters appear and choose to take a stance
Many visit local polls never giving thought a chance
Everyone should be informed in this country that we share
Taking part in voting, or of the consequence beware

Political Apathy

Elections happen every year...

It's easy for Americans to get caught up in the presidential elections that happen every 4 years. Whether they vote or not everyone seem to share their choice in public or online. Most choose one of the lessor of two evils because they feel that it is their only choice.

As important as this election is, there are elections every year. And it's not just candidates that are on the ballots. Many times there is a chance to vote on policy changes and new laws. These interim elections tend to pull less than 30% of the country to the polls. This is a sad state of affairs for a country that once reveled in being a "democracy". The truth of our political system is that it is more of a representative republic and even that is not a very accurate description. The candidates are rarely representative of their constituents, And the real power is in the well funded interest groups and their lobbyists.


The cost of Elections

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© 2014 Eric Niehoff

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