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The Common Good In 2023 And Beyond


There were predictable deaths in 2022, and there were unpredictable deaths in 2022. The latter included deaths from Russia's invasion of Ukraine, terrorists' murders and assassinations, civil unrest in Iran and other countries,

Here is a link to the predictable deaths: .

What is even more disturbing are those senseless unpredictable deaths which are continuing on a possibly even larger scale in 2023

By all means let us pray for World Peace, but when will mankind acknowledge that this world's resources, used correctly, are sufficient for all human needs; acknowledge that medical care, adequate nutrition, and education are the rights of every man, woman, and child, and be content?

Greed has no legitimate place in the modern world. We know it is the evil source of mankind's worst problems since the Biblical story of Cain. If we are to pray for world peace, we must also pray for a solution for blatant greed by groups and individuals whose selfish and misguided motives prevent world peace.

We need a United Nations that actually functions as it must. We need to punish and suppress aggressive wars, terrorists, and those whose self-serving goals ignore the common good. Existing prosperity says we can achieve such goals, if we have a willingness to truly sacrifice for the common good.

What stands in the way of the United States of America promoting that common good? America must first find a way of dealing with the folowing problems facing the USA, problems which have lingered for more than a decade.

What is on my mind that should still bother all Americans?

These are! And they are largely unchanged since 2014! How to cope with Putin's adventurism, Syrian tyranny versus. democracy, religious killings in Africa and the Middle East, North Korean saber rattling and growing nuclear ambitions,, ISIS and the world's ongoing "War On Terrorism," China versus Japan/Vietnam/Philippines, the balance o fpower in the Pacific, worldwide military spending, cyber-spying and hacking,

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Then there are the U. S. National Debt, weaknesses in the world economy, America's partisan leadership struggles, western unity, the palestinian question, domestic and international drug lords, gangs and crime, the failed Arab Spring and turmoil in Egypt. tensions between nuclear powers India and Pakistan over Kashmir,

Of added concern to the USA is the ineffectiveness of the United Nations in handling international disputes such as Russia's seizure of Crimea and its fostering of separatism and its war crimes from its invasion of Ukraine.

Ebola, AIDS, COVID and its variants are continuing threats to Americans and the world at large.

These following challenges were also already challenges in 2014.Illegal Immigration, security of the the USA's borders, Income Inequalities, its ailing Social Security System, needed tax reforms, backlogged Courts and judicial inequities, Crammed jails and prisons, the high cost of higher education, unequal political influence and power between richer and poorer Americans, personal debt, military and veterans budgets, neglected infrastructure, competitive research and the development of 21st Century products to create a better Import/Export balance of trade.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to dealing effectively with all the problems facing the United States of America in 2023 (and beyond) can be summed up in one word: disunity.

The USA cannot lead out against international problems, or meet its domestic challenges, until its leadership draws together a larger majority of Americans ready to sacrifice for their own common good and to learn the lessons that can serve it well in sponsoring steps toward the international common good the world lacks.


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